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The old version of Proaudience.com doesn’t exist anymore, but a number of its articles could still be accessed in their PDF avatars through the following links.

While ‘Kishore vs Rafi’ became a big reason for a large number of Rafi-ans to throng these pages, Praful Dave simply caused plenty of hits and comments from his fan base because of his unique place in the Gujarati folk and movie segments :

The Kishore Kumar vs Mohammed Rafi Saga

Kishore Kumar – The Undisputed King!

Kishore vs Rafi Debate – What Does It Say About You

Praful Dave – The Lord of Gujarati Cinema and Folk Music

Sad Rafi songs along with their romantic siblings were a major attraction for all kinds of Hindi music fans.

Sad Mohammed Rafi Songs

Romantic Mohammed Rafi Songs

Mohammed Rafi Songs This Month

And then Swarakokila Latadidi always led to a very healthy amount of traffic to this site as well.

Lata Mangeshkar Hindi Movie Songs (A-L)

Lata Mangeshkar Hindi Movie Songs (M-Z)

Kishore-Lata was among the most viewed pages on this website’s old peak years.

Lata Mangeshkar Kishore Kumar Duets

Lata Mangeshkar Mohammed Rafi Duets

More Lata Mangeshkar Duets

Lata Mangeshkar Songs This Month

Working on these two compilations of Mukesh songs made me realise how he sang fewer numbers, but also gave a greater percentage of hits as compared to his other peers, when you look at his body of work in much detail.

Mukesh Hindi Movie Songs (A-J)

Mukesh Hindi Movie Songs (K-Z)

Hindi Movie Songs by Asha Bhonsle (A-K)

Hindi Movie Songs by Asha Bhonsle (L-Z)

Asha Bhonsle Kishoreda Duets (A-K)

Asha Bhonsle Kishoreda Duets (L-Z)

Asha Bhonsle Mohammed Rafi Duets

More of Asha Bhonsle Duets

Interestingly, this website never attracted Kishore Kumar’s fans in the same fashion it did so from the Rafi’s core base for various reasons despite being managed by a fan of the former. And so I started experimenting by reposting some of the older Kishore Kumar song lists under new headlines, which incidently caused even more drop in the visitors to those articles as the time passed. They are priceless from a Kishore Kumar fan’s point of view, in any case!

Gum-Sum Kishoreda Numbers

Kishore Kumar in a Reflective Mood

Kishore Kumar Songs (Romantic Genre)

Sentimental Kishoreda Songs

Kishore Kumar Songs (Sad and Down)

Kishoreda Goes Top Gear

Kishore Kumar Songs (Miscellaneous-1)

Should We Call This Kishoreda’s Best Period

Celebrating 4th of August – Deewana Kishoreda Songs

Kishore Rafi Male Duets

All song compilations on my website were a result of some rigorous online digging, and therefore they could still be used as a great reference for listening to the works of the bygone era greats covered therein, as it also stands in the case of RD Burman’s following songs.

Hindi Movie Songs by RD Burman (A-G)

Hindi Movie Songs by RD Burman (H-M)

Hindi Movie Songs by RD Burman (N-S)

Hindi Movie Songs by RD Burman (T-Z)

Some Hindi song compilations on a variety of key topics.

Hindi Movie Songs About Life (Zindagi)

Hindi Movie Songs With Humor

Hindi Movie Songs by Shamshad Begum

Madan Mohan Songs by Lata Mangeshkar

Madan Mohan Songs by Others

Hindi Movie Ghazals by Jagjit Singh

Hindi Movie Disco Beats – The Western Influence

A few Gujarati song collections that used to draw in plenty of Gujarati song listeners.

Gujarati Folk and Movie Songs

GujaratiGujarati Movie Songs by Asha Bhonsle

Gujarati Movie Songs by Geeta Dutt

GujaratiGujarati Movie Songs by Lata Mangeshkar

GujaratiGujarati Movie Songs by Mukesh

GujaratiGujarati Movie Songs by Praful Dave

GujaratiGujarati Movie Songs (Praful Dave and Usha Mangeshkar)

GujaratiPankhioye Kal Shor Karyo (Manna Dey)

An in-depth look at the sections of music, which did not feature in my numerous collections of the past Hindi playback legends.

Hindi Movie Songs Compilation (1)

Hindi Movie Songs Compilation (2)

Hindi Movie Songs Compilation (3)

Hindi Movie Songs Compilation (4)

Hindi Movie Songs Compilation (5)

Hindi Movie Songs Compilation (6)

Hindi Movie Songs Compilation (7)

Hindi Movie Songs Compilation (8)

A few filmy articles without any song compilations that I thought were worth sharing in this archived section.

Did Studio Generated Sounds Make Kishoreda The Great Singer He Was

Asha Bhonsle Gave Kishoreda A Run For His Money.

All Kishoreda-Fans Check Out This Page

Some blog posts on Osho’s discourses also attracted a chunk of my website’s traffic in its older format.

Controversies Made Osho Rajneesh More Colorful

Continuing with the Debate on Osho’s Controversies

Osho Speaks About Ego-Less Minds

What Essence Does Osho Rajneesh Hold For You

Although science, technology and web-development were largely ignored, barring a few blog posts of the following kind, my main focus is going to be on space science in the new avatar of this website in the months ahead.

Creating Ubuntu Pen-Drives With Persistence

Installing Windows 10 On A Pen-Drive

Why PSLV Remains ISRO Workhorse Despite Failure

And finally some ideas in Hindi in the later years of this website, when it was lying idle and receiving very little traffic.

KL Saigal – The First Hindi Cine Star

Why Do Old Movie Dialogues and Songs Sound So Peculiar

RD Burman’s Reliance On Bass Guitar

Kishore Kumar Amitabh Bachchan Dispute – Different Opinions