A Journey to the World of Music With Kishoreda

I could not post anything on Kishoreda’s birthday last year due to my poor health at that time (a list of Qawwali Songs from the Hindi cinema, dated 04/08/014, lies unfinished among my WordPress drafts). In fact, I’ve even contemplated dismantling this website in the last 12 months, since the exercise of posting the various song lists has taken it nowhere.

So what do we do now – simply wind up this eight-year long musical journey or try navigating a different route across the world of Hindi cinema and folk music, and the world music, in general? Let us give a chance to the second option as a fresh beginning, and hope to find better avenues for Proaudience.com through that effort.

I’ll, therefore, start a new series of my blog posts on why do I think of Kishoreda’s music as something very special, and also as to why did the golden era of Hindi cinema music simply started being obsolete since KK’s demise. There are some conclusions, which I’ve made about the Hindi cinema music in the last few years, which mainly source from my ideas about the socio-political transformations that have overwhelmed the Indian society in the last two generations.

So, I’ll continue to talk about the good old music, and the reason for its disappearance since the 1990s, while wading through my appreciation for Kishore  Kumar and the other greats from that era, and also while reexamining my socio-cultural and socio-political views about the Indian state from that time. Happy listening to the bygone era music, and my thoughts about my own world view.

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