Drop In AdSense Money – Could Champions League Be The Reason?

champions-leagueI recently noticed my AdSense revenue drop by several notches, without having altered either my blog’s layout or its content, neither was Googlebot prevented by robots.txt from surfing my pages. It would be worth mentioning that even on its best days, the AdSense money I earn is peanuts by usual standards. In fact, the Chitika ad that I run also along with AdSense gives me a much better CTR and eCPM with fewer clicks form its US market.

So, what could have been the reason for this steep decline in my ad money? Well, it sounds a hoard of Indian festivals and the subsequent Chmpion’s League T20 cricket were to be blamed here. The keywords I use are no big earners anyway…kishore kumar songs, rafi songs, rafi vs kishore, lata kishore songs, gujarati songs, praful dave, maniraj barot, sanedo, mihir bose and several variants of osho rajneesh are some of the major keywords used for hitting my pages. I’ve also tried writing about finance and travel, but without much headway, since I do not have the necessary expertise and material to manage it right now.

This sudden fall in ad revenue showed me the significance of right keywords and the trends going on in AdWords. Obviously, advertisers have decided to bet on sports blogs, sports websites and portals with cricket news for a while, and the fall in my CTR justifies their decision as well, since the surfing focus has obviously shifted towards the Champions League for the moment.

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