What Essence Does Osho Rajneesh Hold For You?


I recently asked a very close buddy of mine, who earlier used to follow Osho, not so much nowadays though, his priorities having been changed in life, and that was exactly the reason for putting across this query, anyway: What essence did Osho hold for him? I have spoken to many other Oshoites on this subject as well – they are well versed with Osho’s influence, his communes and his legacy – and tried to know their minds on this subject. The most they ever spoke of was Osho’s counseling and his ability to decondition you – but no one ever debated one key point, including my friend, that Osho emphasized on meditation, Dhyan, which according to this author is THE ESSENCE of Osho’s whole teaching. Yes, meditation is the key to understanding what Osho Rajneesh stands for.

Osho asked his own listeners and followers to meditate. All his spoken words and procedures ended with a request to meditate. It is another thing that very few take it seriously, may be since they are too overwhelmed to act initially. But, unless one sat to observe, or became a SAKSHI of their inner selves, they could not hope to follow Osho beyond his face value. Unless one saw a fusion of their body and mind and started understanding the unconscious part of the latter, even for a snip of a moment – Osho’s deconditioning being the first stage, and one’s own travels inside, the second and more significant one of this procedure – Osho’s discourses will have little value.

Initially you may try to justify the way you live by citing Osho’s words. Man/ womankind has lived with this fallacy since time immortal – that is by defining and bending the set of rules that might influence your life, as per the need of any hour. But, there is no other way round but to be the courageous self to start sitting quietly and be within, before making any significant inroads into the bation held by Osho and his well-wishers.  It may take you onto a different level, into an altogether different experience. It may take you to a totally unknown world hitherto, once following the exercise stated here. This experience may completely transform you over a period of time. It may show you ways of living life more vigorously and with a sense of contentment that you’d never experienced before.

And the unthinkable might then take place! Osho might cease to be your driving force thereafter, and your life-line for a transformation. You may start being your own master, your own guide once having realized even a bit of your own inner-self. Osho stated it bluntly on many occasions that he did not intend going beyond a certain degree, where his role as a Guru should end. And that stage is when you would have reached atop the cliff and possibly started backtracking and will need being pushed down. It is then Osho will do his bit, clean up his hands, and leave you to your own destiny. The journey thereafter will have to be taken care by yourself. Nobody can ever rescue or guide you from that free-fall – once you started smelling your own roots, your infinite self. You may have to find your own truth, be your own guide, be your own master and be your own BUDDHA once having begun that journey to the deepest and wildest of the unknowns in your life! This is what any true master, any true guru, should do anyway – lead you until you began realizing your own inner capabilities.

This won’t be easy to implement in action, no doubt. Meditation may lead you to a myriad of experiences. You may become overconfident and start carrying misconceptions about your own persona, just like a toddler would after learning to walk for the first time. He needs watchful eyes to stop from tripping; you, a GURU’s numerous words and warnings to sail through your inner upheavals. The very first sign of awareness might lead you into carrying far more hazy ideas than before, if not treading this path carefully. This author has been through some sharp downfalls, hence this caution.

And if you ever fell-down badly inside that gorge, please do not start with a tirade against Osho. For it wasn’t he who had asked you to do that in the very first place. You had come asking him for a transformation yourself. The conditions were clear from the very beginning. He cautioned you, trained you and warned in advance before finally doing his bit when you started trembling in the final moments…none of his faults after you dived! I have found people abusing Osho, once having had taken a bad fall. I have seen Oshites fighting amongst themselves (if not against Osho) and carrying a bad nuisance around. I have even found people who might have never listened to, read or experienced Osho’s teachings, denouncing him. The choice is yours. Start the journey now and be your own master, or keep fiddling with faults that you might perceive in life and with Osho, and here or there.

7 thoughts on “What Essence Does Osho Rajneesh Hold For You?”

  1. Dear Mr. Mohanji

    Your above statement about Osho and Oshoites is absolutely true. The collections of Osho’s discourses are so vast and you will find each any every saints, avataras, intellectuals, gods of each and every religion and every `isms’. You will find good and bad of every theology and people who read and listen to him is bound to lost in words of his discourses. He told no. of times that his words are useless and unncessary. As you said correctly said his emphasis was on Meditation. He takes away each and every isms, gods, beliefs from you and will leave you at cross roads and if you have guts to go ahead you have to start afresh and it is upto you to choose your own way. But many stop and stare at his finger but ignore his pointing towards the vast sky and dont dare to fly.

    Osho is the only person who denied even gurudom and called upon his listeners that he is also fellow traveller and asked to move on with freedom of his own. Really a person like osho is very rare and incomparable and utterly unique. Ordinary but extra ordinary i think.

    He is the most mis-understood person in the whole history of religion and mankind.

  2. Osho has become just like the oxygen I breathe to survive every single moment.
    Words become impotent to express my love and reverence for him.


  3. I expected some positive remarks on this subject. Thank you Mr Srinivas and Kuldeep for your insightful thoughts.

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