What Does Nano’s Gujarat Journey Indicate?


I asked the following to Prabhu Chawla, the Editorial Director of the India Today Group of publications, on his weblog. He may or may not reply it, but the issue holds much significance in the backdrop of Modi’s recent Nano coup:

Prabhuji, what does Nano’s Gujarat journey indicate? Is Ratan Tata going utterly communal and fascist or is the whole brouhaha regarding rule of law, secularism, Gandhian non-violence, democratic functioning etc – embedded so deeply in the rhetoric of the UP, Bihar and W Bengal politicians and missing in Gujjus so widely according to them – nothing more, but a shameless way of perusing minoritiesm, casteism, nepotism, inefficiency and corrupt practices in 2008? Why else would Nano flee away, had it not been for the latter scenario?

Outspoken Gujarati
Sitting and laughing at the secular brigade from a hat’s drop in Sanand, Ahmedabad…Nano’s new home…lol!

And it is not surprising that Nano had to flee away from a place and its people that, according to the so-called secular commentator, should be the hallmark of all around development in India. For it is not influenced by Modi, Gujaratis and communal elements (read resurgent Hinduism). For them anything that may not live up to their own lopsided visions of secular ethos should be deemed a disaster awaiting to take place. But, as it proved out in Nano’s case, the complete opposite occurs in the KALIYUG. The communal and murderer masses, as per the secularists, got away with the material gains they so strongly deserved. So where does Nano’s relocation into Gujarat leave this whole debate?

Though, my above quoted statement should say it, let me make it further obvious. Talks on secular polity, rule of law, Gandhian non-violence etc in today’s times is mostly done by those who are either weak-minded and escapist or who are unwilling to be examined for their own negative role in the Indian society and whose sole objective is to continue milking away from a divided and fragile nation.

A bulk of BJP’s support base comes not necessarily from the hard-line Hindutva, but due to the aforementioned deceitfulness of the so-called Indian secularists. I was never on the BJP’s side either during the Babri mosque demolition or the post-Godhra riots in 2002. However, the subsequent events only made me drift away to the other side of the fence. The BJP did not come out clean and upright. But, the secularist proved themselves a highly inept and dubious entity by stating whatever they stood for in both cases.

You never heard so much favoring the Indian secularism before 1992, as against what you may from Sharia-abiding Muslim clerics and Christian missionaries today. They are miles off from the kind of secularism, we are taught about, but they are the sole torch-bearers of Indian secularism in today’s times, along with their left-minded cohorts in the Indian society, i.e. caste NETAs, fake social activists and intellectual zealots. Things like Nano’s relocation into Gujarat should only further help unmask them!

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  1. Lol…Read the first salvo against Tata’s Gujarat move. The “sickularist” propaganda machinery, which was unable to come around the Singur failure and therefore was into mourning, is back into business now. It has started by targeting Tatas for their pro-Gujarat decision in a blatant move. Check out the given story and the severity of comments it receives. The BESHARAM, JHOOTHAA “sickularist” still keeps with their habit of churning out rubbish though. I’m getting worried about my own contempt now, but it simply is not possible to let these backstabbers go scot-free!


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