Heavy Rains Lash Ahmedabad, Cool Down Tempers!

Ahmedabad’s sky was heavily overcast since the early morning today. It rained uninterruptedly until late in the afternoon. While Modi government’s prime concern was a looming drought until the late Saturday afternoon, the focus sharply shifted towards the serial blasts by midnight. The terror strike left behind a trail of injuries and destruction. It rained heavily on Monday in several parts of the state though, thus lessening the burden of the state administration at least in one area – the lack of irrigation and a diverted power supply to farming to compensate it. Power cuts were taken back on Monday, sensing an improvement in the irrigation scenario around the state.

While Modi’s team regroups to strike back at blast perpetrators, it is more than evident that his plank of peace and security, that won him a landslide victory in the recently held Gujarat assembly polls, is tarnished for the time being. Whatever be the outcome of his skirmishes with the Jehadi elements, which began after 59 Hindus were torched in Godhra in 2002, the mood in Ahmedabad bore improvement at least on Monday afternoon. Some key moments from the same outpouring rain here.

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