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14 thoughts on “Gujarati Movie Songs By Asha Bhonsle”

  1. @Mahesh
    I don’t have it right now. But, will try to get them, as well as the Gujarati movie songs by Kishore Kumar.

  2. admin,

    Do you have the song “Dhirey ray chhedo ray dholi dholka”
    by Asha Bhonsle, if so kindly upload it.

  3. Hi, i really appreciate your collection.

    Do you have songs of album – “Rajudi Ne Kantadi” – sung by Maniraj Barot. If so, kindly upload them.


  4. this site is really nice. it has great collection of gujarati songs. I am looking for gujarati songs by Kishore Kumar specially tu garam masale dar, hu amdavad no, and guj song by Mahendra kapoor. please provide them as early as possible


  5. hello people i have been finding the song, ghayal ne su thay che… from the movie”dikri parki thapan”. if you guys can help … thanx

  6. Hello.

    great collection. How I can download Asha Bhosle gujarati songs? I was able to do Lata and Mukesh but Asha.



  7. Hello,
    Thank you so much. Congratulations to your entire team for this website. I think this is the best community service to entire Gujarati Samaj all around the world. I am in America feel at home.
    Thanks again.


  8. જૈ શ્રી ક્રિશ્ન હિમાંશુભાઈ અને બીજા મિત્રો,

    I’ve stopped linking to the Gujarati movie songs fearing a violation of the copyrights. There are other alternatives, such as Tahuko.com that you can search for Gujarati songs and poetry. Hope this clearly states my position on this subject.

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