Amitabh Bachchan Picking Up Mumbaiya Fights Yet Again!

The Return Of Angry Young (Or Not-So-Young These Days Whatever) Man!

Fans could watch Amitabh Bachchan picking up Filmy fights yet again. He could be seen resorting to no bars “Dhishum Dhishum” for yet one more round. The only difference being this time, he was not battling against any Amjad Khans or Danny Denzongpas. Neither were any Mumbaiya scripts, studio lights or cameras to follow up with nor was there any Man Mohan Desai to make curries out of every scene! These were the real life detractors Amitabh was punching on at. Detractors who would hide behind a free Indian press and its relative lack of accountability. Detractors who would go ga ga, since it was always lucrative to speak against the legendary Amitabh. These were highly educated and intellectual ganstas Lamboo was picking up one by one for his latest outbursts. And you may find he was winning this round as well, just like the celluloid ones. And why not, for the real life Amitabh is as talented as his movie characters, with some unparalleled humor, sarcasm, linguistic and intellectual fineness that he could put forth his arguments to counter his opponents with and keep his audiences spellbound and enthralled.

Just watch out him picking up a few media buffs for whipping here:

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