Kishore Midas Kumar

Kishore Kumar Songs (Sad And Down)

Kishore Midas Kumar

Continuing with the series on the best Kishore Kumar songs, here is a compilation I’d earlier posted under the title : Sad Kishoreda Songs. There is an amazing range in Kishore Kumar’s repertoire. The depth of emotions and the manner in which he could portray the same are unparalleled – whether melancholy, romantic or any other human trait.
Let us examine a list of Kishore Kumar songs from the sad genre now, which has, and will, continue to enthrall the millions, who love the bygone era music.

2 thoughts on “Kishore Kumar Songs (Sad And Down)”

  1. @ Amitabha,
    Great rendition from Kishoreda. RDB’s soothing presence as well. Thanks for suggesting the song, which has been added now.

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