Hindi Movie Disco Beats – The Western Influence

Kishore Midas Kumar
It is the 83rd birth-anniversary of the Hindi playback legend Kishore Midas Kumar. His songs continue to enthrall millions. A tribute to the legends of the bygone era is on its way now – as we do so each year – through the following compilation of the Hindi movie songs consisting of a western tinge – i.e. having the traces of Pop, Disco, Jazz and Rock & Roll.
A tough job keeping in mind how RD Burman and Bappi Lahiri were ruling the roost since the late 1960s. The western popular music happened to be Lahiri’s major focus, as it later turned out through his works from his 1980s tenure. I decided to skip many songs recorded after the mid-1980s, since they hardly show any distinction between the ethnic Indian and the western music genres from that point on.
Did the likes of RD Burman steal from the Western markets to cater to his Indian interests? I like RDB’s improvisation (yes, that’s the right word for his caliber) more worthwhile in this example, notwithstanding whether he chose being influenced by the western tunes or not in the inherent and the similar other tracks.
Points to be noted: (1) The Goan folk music added among the western tunes. (2) A few songs included solely due to the overall western moods of the albums they belonged to. Individually they may not sound as west-oriented as one could expect them to be.

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