A Compilation Of Rajesh Khanna Songs (A-K)

Kishore Kumar’s Best Screen Avatar No More. Rajesh Khanna passes away at the age of 69, leaving behind a massive void for the Hindi cine goers.

Rajesh Khanna – arguably the best screen face Kishore Kumar has had. In a BBC documentary from the early 1970s, when asked to comment about his dramatization of someone else’s playback, Rajesh Khanna had thus spoken …. “Oh, I’m absolutely fine with that. I greatly enjoy imitating this particular singer (Kishore Kumar), whose voice sounds remarkably similar to mine, and whose style allows me the liberty to believe that these were my own renditions, and not someone else’s,” a smiling Khanna had so asserted.

Proaudience.com comes up with the musical tribute it would usually do so for the bygone era legends. Following is a list of Rajesh Khanna songs,  which arguably carries not only the best chunk of the 1970s, but also some of the most popular Hindi movie songs having been sung and composed ever from the Mumbai alleys. It also defines Kishore Kumar’s best playback, and RD Burman’s best contribution to the Hindi cinema. Does Kaka/ Rajesh Khanna have a better collection of songs compared to the other successful stars of his generation? It would seem to be so, notwithstanding his shorter stay at the summit compared to, say, Amitabh bachchan’s. Take “Roti” for example, which had a profound socio-cultural impact in the years to follow. “Gore rang pe na itna gumaan kar”, “Yeh jo public hai ye sub jaanti hai”, “Naach meri bulbul”, “Jisne paap na kiya ho jo papi na ho” …. were the expressions often used by the generations, I grew up with. Similarly “Yeh kya hua kaise hua”, “Kuchh to log kahenge”, “Mere sapno ki rani”, `”Zindagi ke safar mein” and scores many other Rajesh Khanna tracks have been able to influence the Hindi cine-goers to an extent that no other actor, including the insurmountable Amitabh Bachchan, was through his own Hindi movie songs. And most of this contribution came during Rajesh Khanna’s early years, which is even more remarkable.

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