Hindi Movie Songs By RD Burman (T-Z)

We conclude the four part series of RD Burman songs compilation by listing the popular songs from the final alphabets (T-Z). As stated earlier, this work shall keep on improving with the inclusion of several other known movies by RDB, which were overlooked for the time being due to time constraints.


5 thoughts on “Hindi Movie Songs By RD Burman (T-Z)”

  1. Add Jawani Diwani songs – Yeh jawani hai diwani , Samne yeh kaun aaya, Agar saaz chheda tarane banege.

  2. Add duet songs sung by Asha & R.D.Burman –
    -Yeh din to aata hai – Mahaan (1983),
    -Na ja jaane ja – Joshilay (1989).
    Also add ” Zidhar dekhoon teri tasveer” from Mahaan sung by Kishore Kumar.

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