Hindi Movie Songs By RD Burman (H-M)

And here is the second part of RD Burman compilation over the alphabets (H-M). Obviously this too shall be a work in progress.


7 thoughts on “Hindi Movie Songs By RD Burman (H-M)”

  1. Add 2 beautiful duets of Asha – Kishore from the film – Yeh vaada raha -1982 :-
    – Jeene ko to jeete hain sabhi
    – Tu , tu hai vahi.

  2. Add one Lata – Rafi duet , mujse bhala ye kajal tera…..ne soniye.. from – The Train [1970], add it to Lata – Rafi thread too.

  3. Thanks for sharing such memories.
    Kishore Kumar was fine-tuned with Pancham da (R.D. Burman). In fact, both understood each other so well that they could extract the best out of each other. He treated Panchamda as his younger brother.

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