Hindi Movie Songs About Life (Zindagi)

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This is 4th of August, 2010 – Kishoreda’s 81st birth anniversary! Time to be reflective, joyous and sentimental! And since I’ve not been able to write and publish about other stalwarts from Hindi cinema music in the recent months, I shall dedicate this particular day to all past playback greats by compiling a list of Hindi movie songs about life (Zindagi). This shall be a work in progress and open to more additions later. So here we go again…Aaj kee shaam, Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi tathaa sabhee anya diggajon ke naam!

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32 thoughts on “Hindi Movie Songs About Life (Zindagi)”

  1. Zindagi ke kuchh aur gaane…….Kishore Kumar ki awaaz mein…..
    Zindagi hasne gaane ke liye hai pal do pal – film – Zameer,
    Jeevan mein tu darna nahin -film – Khote Sikkay,
    Jeevan se na har o jeenewale – film – Door ka rahi,
    Yeh jeevan hai – film – Piya ka ghar.

  2. More songs about zindagi , sung by Lata Mangeshkar –
    Maine kaha phoolon se – Mili,
    Is duniya mein jeena hai to sunlo meri baat – Gumnaam,
    add this 2 songs in lata’s list also. Zindagi pyar ka geet hai ka happy version jo lataji ne gaya hai woh bhi add karna…Film Mother india(1957) ka woh famous gana jo lata, usha aur meena mangeshkar ne milke gaya tha – Duniya mein hum aaye hai to jeena hi padega, jeevan hai agar jahar to peena hi padega , bol likhe they shakeel badayuni ne aur music naushad ka, aaj bhi yaad kiya jata hai…

  3. More songs about Zindagi –
    Chal akela chal akela tera mela – Sambandh,
    kisi ki muskurahathon pe ho nisar – Anadi – sung by mukesh &
    Na munh chhupake jeo aur na sar jhuka ke jeo, gumon ka daur bhi aaye to muskurake jeo – sung by Mahendra Kapoor, picturised on Sunil Dutt from the film- Humraaz.

  4. Songs have been added. Strangely, Rafi hasn’t been aptly represented into this list until now, and my poor knowledge of all things other than Kishore Kumar won’t help me much either.

  5. Zindagi ke sabse jyada geet to Kishore kumar ne hi gaaye hai aur Kishore ke gaaye kai geeton mein positive mood paya gaya hai…jabki Rafi ne is par kum hi geet gaye hai jaise –
    Yeh Zindagi ke mele (Mela-1948) – jo list mein hai.
    Rafi ne ” Duniya ” par kai geet gaye hai, unmein mood negative banta hai aur in geeton mein Sahir Sahib ne duniya ke prati rosh dikhaya hai,
    Yeh Duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai – Pyassa (Guru Dutt),
    Yeh Duniya yeh mehphil mere kam ki nahin- Heer Ranjha(Raj Kumar). Dono hi Rafi ke us zamane ke popular geet rahen hai…
    Ek gaana jo is list mein samil kiya ja sakta hai – Aadmi mushafir hai, aata hai jaata hai (apnapan) , woh lata aur rafi ka duet song hai.

  6. A few more songs added including “Aadmi Musafir Hai.”

    So truly stated. Rafi sang fewer songs about life in general, it seems. At least, there is not much to choose from the ones I had a look for this category. He mostly had to sing the victim-hood, even while dealing with the life in general. Will await for the Rafi-ans to opine about this before making any further comments though.

  7. Kishore ka ye gaana hum kaise bhool sakte hain…. Rote hue aate hai sab, hasta hua jo jayega…..

  8. More songs of this thread –
    Aati rahengi baharen, jati rahengi baharen – Kasme Vaade [ Kishore, Amit Kumar, Asha ],
    Ek andhera , lakh sitaren – Aakhir Kyon [ Mohd. Aziz ].

  9. Several songs added, including the above ones. A few of them not too directly focussed on life, yet quite melodious to listen to.

  10. It is difficult to find Rafi’s song about life in a general approach. One that comes in my mind about life but not without melancholy is “Zindagi kya hai, gham ki dariah hai” sung by Rafi. I forget the name of the film which I think is of 50s. The second one is a flashback from my childhood memory the first line of which is”Jiyo to aise jiyo jaise” which is a positive advise towards life. I think it is a song sung by Rafi in early 60s. Unfortunately the name of the film I have forgotten.

  11. Both songs added.

    I think, older movies had a very strong social and familial background, thus making it very difficult to be philosophical, or talk about life in other words. Moreover, Rafi used to be the protagonist playing romance and tragedy and not necessarily somebody who would comment about the happenings (or life) from the sidelines. It was not before the 70s that roles started changing, and if the hero could romance and be a victim, then so could he play a comic role and be an authority over all things life.

  12. A very Good collection of Life songs.

    Thanks for the same.

    Have a nice day

    Nitn Khamitkar

  13. Very good collection of songs. One of the ghazal comes to mind by Talat “Zindgi dene wale sun teri duniya se dil bhar gaya” It is not about life but complaint against it.

  14. Great collection please see these also
    Sar Jo Tera Chakraye – Mohammad Rafi

  15. Thanks for this listing, where can i get lyrics of these songs only.
    ALso include song, “Sochana kya jobhi hoga dekha jayega, kal ke liye aaj ko na khona…”
    Film not known.
    Another song,
    “Chanda tare tod laau , saari duniya per me chaauu..” film- yes boss

  16. Both songs have been added now. Regarding lyrics, you can find each of them easily online. Plenty of resources available right now.

  17. Add “Aane wala pal, bas jaane wala hai… ho sake to isme zindagi bitado pal yeh jo jaane wala hai” from Golmal
    NILESH: Song is from Sunny Deol’s Ghayal, : “Sochana kya jobhi hoga dekha jayega, kal ke liye aaj ko na khona…”

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