Madan Mohan Songs By Lata Mangeshkar

One of my priorities before I started blogging in Oct 2007 was to list all popular Kishore Kumar songs in my blog. Soon I deviated into Rafi, Lata, Asha and Mukesh genres as well. However, the endless hours spent on researching these song tracks has also made me appreciate composers and lyricists, and inspired to blog about them as well.

While trying to compile Lata Mangeshkar song lists, I came to know about the contribution by Madan Mohan in a large number of them. There is something special about their mutual effort. Madan Mohan, who basically wanted to act in Hindi movies, and who strangely had no Filmfare awards to showcase by the time he bid adieu to this world, enjoyed a great fusion of minds in Lata Tai. Pick any song by the duo, even the least played ones, and you might immediately be swayed by its enchanting romance, moods of dejection and refinement. Both had a great expertise in highlighting the female protagonist of the Hindi movies through Ghazals.

9 thoughts on “Madan Mohan Songs By Lata Mangeshkar”

  1. Truely , Ghazals sung by Lataji in the music of Madanmohan h’ve different impact on listeners than other all types of songs sung by her. Songs of Anpadh , adalat, ,jahanara,
    dastak, haqueeqat are the ones became so touchy in madanmohan’s composition.
    Add following ghazals to your list-
    Unko ye shikayaat hai ke hum kuchhe nahi kehte – adalat,
    Hai isee main pyar ki aabroo – anpadh,
    Mai ri main kase kahoo peed apne jiya ki – dastak,
    Haal-e-dil yun unhe sunaya gaya – Jahanara.

  2. really madan mohan ji jesa koi bhi music dene wala kabhi bhi ish dunia maine nahi aa peyega wo nahi hote to sayad lata ji bhi itna popular nahi pati

  3. i think there is now comparison against this match regarding the melodious -sad songs and in the field of ghazal(s)

  4. i am hearing madanmohans songs for the last 30 years and i feel that no music director can command respect as done by madanmohan , it is a prevelage to hear his composition and feel you are in out of this world

  5. Hi,
    Many thanks for putting this information(with Song List). Wonderful work.
    No words to express my self for creation of the Legend…

  6. hi , Madan mohan ji songs sung by lata ji ..really very touching ..olwyas like nd touched my heart such songs .. suman..

  7. Language is poor media to describe the singing and music composing. Salute !!! Salaam!!
    Hats Offf.

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