Mukesh Hindi Movie Songs (A-J)

Mukesh And Raj KapoorGolden Era Gems From Mukeshji!

Time to remember the other golden era legend Mukesh Chand Mathur now. Critics say he sang substantially fewer Hindi movie songs than the other two greats – roughly 900 – however, most of these became immensely popular, and going through the following list may just remind that once again. You could find a string of bygone era hits here, song-after-song. I’ve taken all these tracks mostly from, and, implying the well-being of these compilations would depend on those sites as well.

Let me add this more before winding this introduction up. The more I look into the 50s, 60s and the early 70s, the more I find Rafi and Mukesh having a better poetry to enthrall us. It came down to a fairly average lyrics during KK’s tenure, more so before his demise – of course, his genius apart from Lata, Asha and RD Burman’s presence ensured that the level of interest among the Hindi music lovers did not die down . But where is the poetry these days? What are they trying to suggest by writing “Bhootni Key” and “Teli Ka Tel” (respect to Gulzar Saheb though, he has adopted to the times very well). You would find , on the other hand, a whole range of human stories and emotions filtering out through the following tracks.

A Collection Of Mukesh Songs

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