More Deewana Rafi Songs

mohammed-rafi4 Md Rafi with OP Nayyar. Image courtesy of Mohammed

Remembering Rafi Saaheb On His 29th Death Anniversary

Here is a list of some more romantic and playful Rafi songs recommended by regular blog readers, Meghna Parikh and Musharraf. Links have been taken as usual from,,, etc. More songs to be added soon.

4 thoughts on “More Deewana Rafi Songs”

  1. Remembering Rafi and O.P.Nayyar , giving u more Rafi songs from the film “Phir wahi dil laya hoon”-
    Aanchal main saja lena kaliya,
    Banda parwar,
    Lakhon hain nigah main.
    & Humdum mere maan bhi jaao Song from O.P’s film “Mere sanam”.

  2. Pl. replace the song – ‘tum kamseen ho nadan ho’ . There is a mistake in Dishant & it plays – ‘teri pyarri pyarri surat ko’. Video version of that song ,you have added is really good.

  3. Songs added. Thanks for noticing the mistake. I thought I’d taken it off. No other audio option available, hence the youtube link.

  4. Very good collection indeed! And best approch to remember Rafi sahab through the love of his love songs!

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