Lata Mangeshkar Hindi Movie Songs (A-L)

lata-mangeshkar-1Image courtesy of Bollywood section at You can download more Lata Mangeshkar photos and information on her songs and career at the aforementioned link.

A list of Lata Mangeshkar songs from the alphabet A to L, and the years spread out over the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. The remainder Hindi movie songs by Lata Mangeshkar (M-Z) to be listed later in a separate blog post.

25 thoughts on “Lata Mangeshkar Hindi Movie Songs (A-L)”

  1. Lovely songs ! Great collection .
    Great efforts. Congratulations.

    Please inform about one song.
    ” Lo Pyar ki ho gai jeet balam hum tere ho gaye,
    Hum tuj se lagakar prit nayee duniya me kho gaye,
    balam hum tere ho gaye.

    Can we hear it on line?

  2. i love all lata ji’s very very old black ad white song,,,,i will take other birth where lata ji will take birth,,,,its my wish to GOD.

  3. Ultimate songs are listed. Please include the mid 80’s songs of hers like films starring sharukh khan, Hrithik-Sharukh-Amithabh(i dont remember the movie name …it starts with ‘k’). Excellent effort which recalls old melodies where ever we are..evn in the office feels like singing

  4. dafli wale dafli baja
    jai ho maa saraswati ji
    apka name amar rhenga hmsha hmsha ke lie aap music ke pahli our akhiri fanka rahngi hsmha baki sb apke niche he me bahut bada bhgat hu apka our rafi sahab ka 9425944505

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