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61 responses to “Lata Mangeshkar Kishore Kumar Duets”

  1. Song Collection is good but there should be a download link also.

  2. Can’t provide download link, since these are external files. You can make use of a freeware such as audacity to record any live stream, including the above songs.

  3. More Lata-Kishore duets to add..
    Kahin na ja – Bade Dilwala
    Tujme kya hai diwane – Bade dilwala
    Tuj sang preet lagai sajna – Kamchor
    Tum aa gaye ho – Aandhi
    Tere mere milan ki ye raina – Abhimaan

  4. Songs added, and it makes me wonder how I missed those popular ones earlier!

  5. More Lata-Kishore duets to add..
    Ek Maine Kasam Lee – Tere Mere Sapne
    Aaj Ke sawan main bhi – Jaise ko Taisa

  6. Songs added. Thanks for reminding these two, Sekhar.

  7. More duet songs of Lata – Kishore with magical music of R D Burman –
    Gulmahor gar tumhara naam hota – Devta,
    Jogi o Jogi are pyar main – Lakhon main ek,
    Panna ki tamnna hai – Herrapanna,
    Bheegi Bheegi Raton main – Ajnabee,
    Wada karo nahi chhodogi – Aa gale lag ja.

  8. Songs added.

  9. Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please, I need a Kishoreda song,

    I have searched the whole of internet, but didnt even fing the lyrics of the song. Can anyone please please email me the link of this PERFECT Song.

  10. Where this song go? Please if you find it please mail me —shivdetail@gmail.com


  11. All songs of kishore & lata between 1970 & 1980

  12. I am also searching this song
    can somebody mail me the name of this film,

  13. Friends,
    I am also searching this song ‘ITNA HASEEN CHEHRA TERA BAS MAIN NAHIN DIL YE MERA’ (ITNA HASEEN AND NOT KITNA HASEEN) picturised on Jackie Shroff and Farah movie named PAALEKHAN. If anybody find kindly send a link to my mail id neelbin2001@gmail.com.


  14. Dear Friends,
    ‘Pyar ki jab koi baat chali tum yaad aaye …itna haseen chehra tera bas main nahin dil hi mera maaf karna jo bhool ho jaye.’
    I have find this song in mp3 format on the net. If anybody interested then kindly mail me.


  15. sar give downlode side and yesudas song

  16. hai

  17. dude u missed an amazing song ,chingari koi

  18. searched internet for this song too much but could not find.
    Please help .
    ” Man pukare eee eee ee…. din tere bin beete naa. gin gin ke jhilmil taare ye birhan rain guzare…!…yaad teri aati hai….
    kyun aag dil mein lagati hai …….
    preetam pyare eee eee ….”

  19. i like all song of kishor kumar and lataji

  20. i like ” apki ankho mei kush ” it’s my faourait song

  21. The best Lata Kishore duet from Ek Larki Badnam si, Rahen na rahen chahe hum aur tum charche jahan mein hamarey rahengay is missing and I am looking for this song, cannot find it on internet, can anybody please send link to download this song.

  22. The best duet from these singers rahen na rahen chahe hum aur tum from the movies Ek Larki Badnaam si is missing and I am looking for this song can anybody send the MP3 download of this song Please.

  23. i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulata mangeshkar jiiiiii and i m biggggggggggggg fan of u and ur songssssssss

  24. searched internet this song but could not find, this is kishore da song
    ye raate ye mausam nadi ka kinara ye chanchal hawa
    plz if u can send this song to me


    That song is apparently listed in Kishore-Aasha (L-Z) thread:

    Yeh Raatein Ye Mausam Nadi Ka

  26. i want to download these songs

  27. I want to download all these songs

  28. create a option for download the songs

  29. kya hua

  30. Add 2 Lata – Kishore duets from ‘Teen Deviyan’ -1965 [ S.D.Burman ] in this thead.
    Likha hai teri aankhon mein
    Uff kitni thandi hai rut.

  31. Both songs added.

  32. nice collection

  33. Oh….. Lovely Collections.
    Those all Songs are Evergreen Songs in Hindi Movie.

  34. Other songs:

    Hum Chupp Hai ki Dil Sun Rahe Hain – Faasle
    Humain Aur Jeene Ki Chaahat Na Hoti – Agar Tum Na Hote
    Main Pyaasa Tum Saawan – Faraar
    Bhool Gaya Sab Kuch – Julie
    Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Abhinetri

    These are the ones I can think of now.

    PP Nair

  35. For those who wanted itna haseen chehra bas main nahin may check this url http://www.radioreloaded.com/download/?17910
    movie- diljalaa

  36. hai……………………………..

  37. excellent collection

  38. Yaar, there’s one song, i even forgot the lyrics !!! Only thing left is I can hum and send the recording to you.. can u search and let me know?

  39. lata-kishor song

  40. please add if possible

    Yeh mausam aya hai, kitne saalon mein – film Akarman

  41. @Rajinder Singh,
    A very melodious one, indeed. Many thanks. The song has been added now.

  42. Please add the following song to the list:

    Dil teray bin kakeen lagta naheen,
    Waqt guzarta naheen,
    Kaya yehi pyar hai (film “Rocky”)

  43. Thanks Sajjad Kamran. The following two songs have been added from the movie ‘Rocky’ : (1) Hum Tumse Mile … and (2) Kya Yehi Pyar Hai …

  44. I love this song very much.Specially its music.

  45. How gud singer

  46. karwate badlte rehe…. song is great song in music.

  47. hi thanks for song list , i ‘m finding these from very long time

  48. u will find most of these songs on 4shared.com search there and enjoy

  49. provide download faciity please…………

  50. nice…….thnks a lot,,,,

  51. i wanted a song but i dont know start but few word are like khila gulab ki tarah badan mera, mein nikhar nikhar gayi ,sawar sawar gayi somthing like this.dis song is sung by lata di.plz make me available searching from long time

  52. Na Jaane Kyaa Hua from movie Dard (1981). It is already listed in Lata Mangeshkar Hindi Movie Songs (M-Z). You can watch the same here.

  53. Wonderful collection! All the unforgettable numbers from my childhood! Good work Pankaj! God bless you!

  54. @Kishore Chandra Das,
    Thanks a lot for your kind words and support.

  55. Good Compilation friend … i have few more songs of lata kishore to suggest you .. as below
    1. Jab Jab Dekhon Main – takkar (1980)
    2. Tumhi dil main band kar lu dariya main phek du chabi – Aas paar (1980)
    3. Ankhon main kajal hian – Doosra Admi
    4. Kahi na ja – Dade dil wala
    5. hum tumse mile – Rocky
    6. kya yahi pyar hian – Rocky


  56. Thanks Pramod Survase. The bottom four of your suggested songs have already been listed there. I’ve added the rest other two.

  57. Sara pyar tumara maine bandh lyahai anchalme

  58. That is an Asha Bhonsle-Kishore Kumar song from Anand Ashram (1977) : Sara Pyar Tumhara

  59. Friends,
    I am also searching this song ‘ITNA HASEEN CHEHRA TERA BAS MAIN NAHIN DIL YE MERA’ ( Lata and Kishore) picturised on Jackie Shroff and Farah movie named PAALEKHAN. If anybody find kindly send a link to my mail id rinabag2011@gmail.com


  60. Please add:
    1. Nainon mein darpan hai from Aarop.
    2. Jab bhi koi kangna from Shaukeen

  61. “Nainon Mein Darpan Hai” added. “Jab Bhi Koi Kangna Bole” added in a different thread >> Deewana Kishoreda Songs

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