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I wanted to start speaking about Rafi having had posted so much on Kishore in the last few months. Let us begin with the following song list, the first in a series of many similar to come on Rafi and others. Rafi was the original playback maestro. All others only followed him. While Sehgal fans may not agree with my notion, I can choose to ignore them since they are hardly any force to make a hue and cry on this issue…lol. A list of mostly romantic solos by Rafi is displayed here. Remember, I’m no pucca Rafi listener, so bear with whatever I could produce now.

My childhood went in listening to an exploding Kishore Kumar. This happened from mid-70s onwards. He was alive till I became 18 in 1987. Rafi passed away when I must have been around 11. Mukesh a couple of years earlier. I clearly remember them having a sway over my elder generation. I carried the word of appreciation from thereon. Rafi’s voice thus became an integral part of my upbringing. Vividh Bharati and All India Radio Urdu Service would air Hindi movie songs in those days. Megaphones in Navaratri Pandals and weddings would also play them aloud.

There were times, I won’t listen to KK’s numbers for months on (mostly having overlistened him). I did not enjoy it, unless I could sing along too. And this was not easy to accomplish in KK’s case. You could follow Rafi in all weathers though, if you desired so. His genre bore a simplicity, despite his vastness as a singer, that may not easily be found in any other singer’s style. I used to switch over to Rafi’s camp for this reason, whenever tired of listening KK.

Rafi Saab In Aashiqana Mood!

7 thoughts on “Romantic Mohammed Rafi Songs”

  1. I may add a few master pieces: Mere mehboob tujhe, Aye husn zara jaag, Tere husn
    rahe mera ishq, Tarif karun kya uski, Ruk se zara nikaab, Ayse to na dekho, Jab Jab
    Bahar aye, Hum intzaar karenge, Yeh hi hai tamanna, Tumse izhhare haal kar, Main nigahein
    tere cheherese etc.etc.

  2. Mohd. Rafi was undoubtably a singing mastero and today is a day to remember a great
    singer , a great soul Rafi. 31st july 1980 -a day when he passed away ,29 years back and leave a heritage of hindi songs for us. His songs are unforgettable and touchy.
    Whether it is romantic song, sad song, gazal, bhajan,desh bhakti song,classical song or kawali , he tried each shed so effortlessly.
    His voice association with shammi kapoor was so popular that when he passed away, shammi kapoor said – “today i lost my voice”.
    Apart from shammi kapoor, he had given playback to all famous actors of past era -rajendra kumar,jitendra, dilip kumar,,joy mukherji ,devanand and gurudutt -his contribution is so wide . Your attempt to put all popular rafi songs in one stop is appreciatable for all his fans.

  3. Hence some of the Rafi’s romantic songs that r not included , r stated below
    Shammi Kapoor- Aai aai aa karun main kya sukoo sukoo -Junglee,
    Lal chaddi – Janwaar,
    Joy mukherji- Duniya pagal hai- shagird,
    Dharmendra – Dekha hai teri aankho main pyar hi pyar be-sumar- Pyar hi pyar,
    Rajendra kumar- Tum Kamseen ho, nadan ho -Aayee milan ki bela.

  4. many songs of Rafi saab are not include,like a songs of saaz aur aawaaz,aakri dao,chhaila babu(LP’s first recording with rafi),haqueeqat,akalmand,yehdil kisko du,robin hood,shikari etc etc.

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