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3 responses to “Let The Outspoken Gujarati Speak Now!”

  1. I think ur voice is justified, in India everybody is busy with Muslim appeasement.

    I like ur blog specially discussion about Osho and I listed ur blog on my blog.

  2. May be the outspoken Gujarati should correct a few facts.


  3. Those eager to post nonsense about the so-called Gujarat riots atrocities should go elsewhere. Better try paying sympathy visits to Abu Salem and Abu Bashar’s homes in Aazamgarh. Outspoken Gujarati is not going to allow your blinkered vision into this page, neither the stale arguments it may lead to. He won’t provide any space for the RONAA-DHONAA of the white-colored pro-Muslim sympathizers here. A rational dialogue is unthinkable in your case….Congress wallahs, Lalus, Mulayams, (most of the) crooked social activists and the media outlets such as Tahelka and NDTV. Outspoken Gujju won’t be paying attention to your histrionics (enough already done since 2002…or even better since 1992). Have your own web-space to vent out your typical frustration. Stop visiting places, where none counts you for what you are.

    My concept behind “Outspoken Gujarati” is to have a dialogue within Gujjus over the issues arising after the 2002 events, specially the infamy thrust upon by the wicked secular brigade. Much water has flown down Sabarmati since that period. There is a limit to the white-colored aggression, elements from within media, Indian polity and the intelligentsia have shown over the years, specially disguising under democratic, secular and god knows which other saintly adjectives.

    Outspoken Gujju wants those non-Gujjus to join in as well, that may not have any sympathy for the aforementioned pseudos….pseudos that will always be sitting hand-in-glove with hardline Muslims and other dubious looking anti-national forces.

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