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49 responses to “Praful Dave – The Lord Of Gujarati Cinema And Folk Music!”

  1. this is good website for any songs.

  2. FIRST iWOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT praful DAVES DUHAS ARE OF TOP QUALITY AND HE IS VERY ENTERTAINING AND HE IS ONLY dayro artist who can take the audience to crecendo.IWOULD LIKE TO HAVE HIS ADDRESS AND PHONE NO. PLEASE. also please tell me where I an purchase Dayro video cassets in Rajkot. I regularly watch dayros programmes on Door darshan gujarati.Thank you.

  3. this site is great
    becouse praful dave is my mamujaan

  4. The gujrati lenguage is loosing her identety,day by day,in the position the PRAFUL DAVE is the only person who can save the culture of GUJRAT with fully support of real gujrati’s.


    jai gujrat.

  5. Praful dave is the only Gujarati singer who keeps Gujarati Lok Sangeet Alive.

  6. Praful dave fans.
    If you like any CD of the praful dave send me email vipusim@yahoo.com
    We want to keep Gujarati songs of Praful dave live

  7. hi

  8. hiiiii
    thanks ishaniii
    this site is very nice because we all are never forgot our gujarat but we are more miss than u all guys because we are not with our “”DHARTI MAA””but we r in australia.
    pan sache mane ane pradip ne to DAYRO buvj game che after all jo darbaro dayra nai jove to kon jose we like this too much…..this site spread our GUJARATI CULTURE in all over the world……..
    pan tu tara dady ne kyare kais k aiya australia ma aavine DAYRO karo tame ame pan enjoy kariaene ho…tu mara vati puchis ne aemne??? bol???ane ha mane reply aapvanu na bhulti hoooo

  9. This site is very nice to keep in touch so quickly with all of our Gujarati friends. Praful Dave is always has been and always will be my favorite Gujarati singer and always wanted to meet him in person when I was in India. But my dream came true when I met him in person in Atlanta Georgia at the Navratri time 6 years ago.

  10. wah
    jay hoooooooooooooooooooooo

  11. hi you all,
    some one can post the gujarati bhajan…PARVATI NA PRAN NATH,NACHE SADASHIV BUM BUM BHOLE….
    i dont know the name of singer..but its Shiv-bhajan..
    Plsease post mp3 bhajan of that..
    If not than where i can find it..

  12. Can you find a old Gujarati folk song ‘”Haaji kasam Taari Veejali”
    and post it.

  13. hello mr.dodia…….parvatina pran nath song is from bum bu bhole t rax company.ahmedabad……praful dave is singer of that song…if u want that c.d i’ll give the number of produser of that cd.

    contact him……thnk u…..

  14. mr.vijay u can also call mr.raj

    number is here…so……

    thnk u

  15. hey admins if u want to contact prafull dave………..

    here is his id-pdevmani@yahoo.com

  16. hi mr.ramesh

    i no prafull dave’s address

    f-108,sterling city,behind shivashish school.bplal.ahmedabad.

  17. thanks ishani!!!!!!!!!

  18. hi,

    I am thankful to the owner for bringing Prafulbhai nearer to large number of audience who miss him. He is one of the Gujarati Legendary singer who has taken Gujarati Folk Music to next possible level and even today after so many years is still active with his magical and true-to-heart voice. I am eager to meet him because I’ve only seen him once during Navaratri festival way back in my college days.

    Thanks buddies.

  19. jay hoooooooooooo
    jay mataji

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    Let’s also show the Mightiness of Gujaratis by coming together on http://www.gujaratijunction.com

  21. does anyone know where can i get songs of jesal toral.

  22. hey jann…..
    u can get songs of jesal toral from mr.bhimani
    his num is -9825479562
    thnk u….

  23. Hello Ishani, the email id you earlier gave to speak with Prafulbhai doesn’t work.

  24. good

  25. does anyone know where can i get songs of jesal toral


  27. peaful please give me a chance with you in singing hindi/ gujrati i have tallent for all type of songs.

  28. To,Shree Praful Dave
    Dear Sir,

    Praful Dave Is FullStop. of the gujrati sangeet thank god Ke Tamne ame Sambhdya (liston)

    Bijal Pathak

  29. Pruful dave is realy good voice.

    temna bhajne ” Santno Updesh” mane kya malse pls.
    rabari samaj vati ghani shubhkamna.


  30. jeno shur jaadu bharyo,
    khara anand ni khaan.
    saral khub swbhav no,
    praful amaro pran

  31. praful bhai
    ane ishani ben
    sarve ne jaymataji 9898360102

  32. i am very big fan of Prafulbhai please help me to get what ever information you have abot him i want to creat blog for him…..this is great and what is your relation to him…Pragnaji

  33. pragnaji, Have never spoken with Prafulbhai in person. Just one of his so many fans, nothing apart from that. In fact, due to my lack of understanding about Gujarati Lok Sahitya (am basically a UP-born living in A’bad since my childhood, hence am unable to understand the deviations/ dialects of Gujarati as neatly as I should), I never had the courage to approach Prafulbhai, otherwise he is the kind of singer/ musician/ artist/ Kalaakaar that one should never miss an opportunity of meeting with them in person. Specially when he is based in my own city, Ahmedabad.

    But I guess, one can start blogging about Praful Dave even from the amount of info and videos that are available online, and later try to personally speak with him. So why don’t you start right away now?!

  34. i can not find the song pidho kasumbi no rang in praful dave’s voice.

  35. somebody can send me the great gujarati folk song ” ola kadiya re… maro ghaludio fodyo yashoda ne kahi dau chhu ” Please send me this folk song i m waiting

  36. dear bharti kunchala,vyas.i want to meeet you from forty years.could you give me your phone number or add.or mobile? I am your childhood friend of junagadh.regards,rekha.

  37. Thanks Ishani for giving address of prafulbhai. If anyone can give me his cont. no. I will be thankful to him.

  38. Hi Ishaani,

    Remember me??????
    Can u contact me plz?

  39. hi,

    please give me a link for gujarati dayaro of bhikhudan gadhavi, ishardan gadhavi, kirtidan gadhavi & praful dave any of them or if possible all of them. i want to download it. in any format video or audio. please help me.
    my mail address is EDITED pls mail me link or web address for download dayaro


    Kindly be advised not to post your contact information, including your email ids on a public forum like this (unless you really didn’t care about them), since spammers would like to pick up exactly what you are providing them with – admin.

  40. i’m ur biggest fan dude…. u have the most beautiful voice…..
    i had seen u 1st at my village Aakru, Dhandhuka.
    i have ur largest & largest collection of songs….keep ROCK!NG…!!!

  41. i want the mp3 song of jay somnath, jay dwarkesh, jay jay garvi gujarat sung by praful dave and gujarati thai gujarati thai gujarati koi bole nahi barabar song at the earliest

  42. pankhida ne a pinjaru junu junu LAGE sambharvu chhe shashtriya sangita ma te albam nu nam apso

  43. vah mara valida..prafuldave jevo avaj have pacchi kyarey malse nahi.. i love praful dave

  44. prafulbhai is great singar of gujrati fock musik….like this hemu gadhvi….he is owner of kasumbal kanth

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