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About Song Links…

The following are my song compilations created since 2007. The list will subsequently be updated as and when required. All hyperlinks from these compilations have been removed since 2017, though, as it was becoming impossible to keep them updated. I’ll keep posting my playlists from and other resources, in the meanwhile, to keep visiters of this website entertained.

The Copyrights Issue…

I’ve been posting images from known and unknown sources. Copyright owners have been acknowledged wherever possible, but it’s almost impossible to do so on many occasions, as some images are shared by many sources online. Any copyrights violations on this website should be reported for redressal at myselfATproaudienceDOTcom.

Kishore Kumar Movie Songs

Mohammed Rafi Movie Songs

Mukesh Hindi Movie Songs

Gujarati Movie Songs No Longer Available

We are updating links to meet with Google’s AdSense Terms and Conditions, and since none of the following songs are listed on the legit music resources online, we will not be able to provide any links to the same for an indefinite period of time from henceforth.

Gujarati Movie Songs

Asha Bhonsle Movie Songs

Lata Mangeshkar Movie Songs

Madan Mohan Songs

RD Burman  Songs

Other Song Compilations

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