The Extempore Kishoreda

Check Out : Ek Chatur Nar Karke Sringar…. (Video courtesy of¬†Rajshri) My father once told me, “If you ever wrote kishoreda even a piece of appreciation in simple prose, there are chances he would go through rhyming it as if it was a song! Such was his sense of melody.” And most of Kishoreda’s fans … Continue reading The Extempore Kishoreda

Kishore Midas Kumar – The Rare Indian Voice!

He has enthralled three generations, of which the first two lived while he was still alive and calling shots in the Hindi playback. The third one has joined after his demise to applaud his musical legacy today, twenty years after he breathed his last. His voice was magical, his sense of melody unparalleled. Critics called … Continue reading Kishore Midas Kumar – The Rare Indian Voice!

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