Kishore Midas Kumar

The modern-day India may normally be dubbed as a land of mediocrity, where you shall either fall in line with the hopeless standards in place, introduced by the hardened successful mediocres around, or you could be hounded in your career and life to the hilt by those same below average performers. Unless of course, you were in a different league of your own and a truly marvelous talent, whom no self-loathing of the parent society could harm anymore. The masses love to see such talents, of course… since they have been systematically deprived of the same in a country of myriad drawbacks. That is why a rare talent gets applauded by them, specially, when it belongs to the popular Indian cinema and its music. A name that defies this brand of modern Indian mediocrity more than any other, is that of the Hindi Cine Legend Kishore Kumar. This page will be dedicated to his life, music and all that you might be wishing to learn about him.

Kishore Kumar Movie Songs

Kishore Kumar’s Persona And Life

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