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2 thoughts on “Creating Ubuntu Pen-Drives With Persistence”

  1. Excellent work, thank you! The only thing to note is that you should replace the smart quotes with straight ones, in the grub.cfg listings, for the peace of mind of those poor souls who copy-paste it. And I wonder why the bug that calls for such a painful fix is left unsolved for such a long time.

  2. Thank you Passiday for your comment, and glad to know this is helping out others as well. It’s surprising indeed, why this bug has been allowed to continue for so long. I myself had given up on creating a larger ‘casper-rw’ file for several months before finally deciding to do some trial and error kind of hard work (based on some remotely – if not directly – related observations, of course).

    The smart quotes issue does not seem to be that easier in this case. I added several solutions in functions.php to stop it’s forced implementation, but in vain on each occasion. So, I’m adding a friendly warning about this in the above blog post, till I can find a workable solution with other means.

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