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2 thoughts on “Hindi Movie Songs Featuring Shammi Kapoor (1)”

  1. shammiji is super duper hero he is all in all love u sweet heart u r so darling to me u r a unique personality in this world no one no one is like u u r my love u r my life u r my soul u r my heart beat my every breathe is of ur name u i will wait 4 u in every birth unless i will not found u as life partner i will take rebirth and rebirth per mai aapko paaker he rahongi yeah mera vishwaas hai love u sweetu my darling my jaan

  2. I am not sure if a better compilation can be made. This is a great tribute to my one and only film hero Mr Shammi Kapoor. He has been my hero since I first saw him in the movie Teesri Manzil. Since then I have seen and also have many of his movies in my collection. I am constantly looking for ones that I do not have. It would be fantastic if someone who has the capabilities to restore his movies in Blue Ray format.
    My tribute to him is an ongoing wake where I have been watching one of his movies every week since his passing. I still many more to go.
    Mr Kapoor thanks for making a difference in my every day life, it’s too bad I did not get a chance to meet you personally. You continue to live on in your movies and I know you will continue to have a profound effect on many people.

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