Pritish Nandy’s Take On Kishore Kumar


Kishore Kumar, the only Genius I ever knew – Pritish Nandy

I thought this article by Pritish Nandy, who knew Kishore Kumar closely during his last years, needed to be shared with you all. If you liked reading the other one, viz. Hilarious Kishoreda Interview, a piece from the mid-80s, then you should also be reading this latest article. And how familiar it all sounds with KK’s trademark humor and all that underlying creative surge throughout the story.

Besides, read this one by Lata Mangeshkar as well:

Kishoreda, please let me sing: Lata

Btw, I was saddened for the first time to learn about the pan-world audience Kishoreda desired – which I believe he thoroughly deserved since the yodeling in “Main Hoon Zumroo” – but couldn’t have it fulfilled. I’ve argued it for long, how the music lovers from elsewhere have missed not only listening to Kishore Kumar, but also several other greats from the 30s onwards. This was the reason I was not fully appreciative about the recent Oscars to Gulzar and Rehman, even though they fully deserved it. Yes, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has to follow norms before gifting Oscars, but equally stark should also be the fact that not only the above duo did not deserve to be the first Indian composure and lyricist to be there – there is a long list of past masters who fit that bill – neither were they awarded for their best works – they have done far better things in the past.

I must stop whining now and let you read Nandy’s take on Kishore Kumar … 🙂

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