Finally I Got My Payment – The AdSense And BlueDart Tale


This mainly concerns with the Indian AdSense publishers, who are yet to receive their first pay-check from Google Inc. Google sends its publishers money via BlueDart, and misses many a recipients in the due course. The reason of this waywardness could be traced in the chaotic urban growth that has taken place in the Indian cities.

For example, my present abode was surrounded by farming lands, when I landed here in 1991. Town-planners had not yet started finalizing maps for my vicinity, and hoards of cows, buffaloes and street dogs could be noticed wandering alongside the few housing colonies built by then. Eighteen years on, and how rapidly my locality has grown, with well-paved roads, mutli-stories, and commercial establishments strewn all over my neighborhood. While the postal department has not forgotten my location all these years, courier services have failed badly in this context.

The niggling issue here is, Google doesn’t allow AdSense publishers to describe their complete address. They would allow a limited space for street1 and street2 information, which does not help much in the Indian scenario. Neither does Google share the contact numbers of its clients with BlueDart, so that they can contact the recipient on failing to locate them. It is left on the AdSense user therefore to start actively pursuing BlueDart from the day payment was issued.

I decided to personally travel half the city away this time to receive my AdSense pay-check from BlueDart’s regional office, after having missed it on two previous occasions. I had to keep a watch on BlueDart’s website from the day my AdSense account added a Payment Issued link. You can remove the “0” from check (reference) number and use it to trace your shipment on BlueDart’s website. It takes several days before they will hand over the shipment to BlueDart. However, things can move pretty fast once the shipment is mentioned on BlueDart’s website . Unless, you were assured of the delivery by BlueDart at your place, you should start speaking with them by emailing your complete address and contact number, and even try dialing up their support line, if they did not respond you within 12-16 hours. You should then ask if you should personally visit one of their centers to receive the shipment, as it won’t cost you much in time and money in India. I paid roughly a dollar on travelling five kms to receive my 160 odd bucks, and the whole process from starting to speak with them to receiving my shipment took me hardly an hour.

The BlueDart itself is an efficient and competitive courier service and you can hope to get the best support from them. What newbie AdSense users should not do is to start blaming Google Inc. or BlueDart for undelivered shipments, and start actively pursuing the later instead, soon after their payment had been released.  Hope this would help a few stranded AdSense users from India.

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