Things NAMO Can Do To Help Sports Grow


Having agreed to head the GCA, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi will now be expected to produce results. Here is a list of dos that we expect Shree Narendrabhai to live up to and help cricket and other sport disciplines grow in Gujarat.

1. There is a need of pumping in finance and advanced coaching methods to help the cricket improve its standard at the club and state levels in Gujarat. State level coaching should be of the highest order to help local players win  more IPL, ICL and Team India berths.

2. Local cricket tourneys should be organized keeping in mind the national schedule, so that teams have enough time to take part at the national level. I’ve been told this doesn’t take place often.

3. Notwithstanding the recent success of Dhoni’s boys, the over all competence in cricket may not improve until all sports in India improved. For this purpose, cricket infrastructure and money needs being utilized for other sport disciplines as well, and there is a need of developing newer sports complexes keeping this aspect in mind.

4. Another way to collectively develop sports in Gujarat would be to combine the Saurashtra and Vadodara cricket associations with the GCA and let them develop advanced sports facilities with private money.

5. Sports bodies need to usher in era of efficiency, transparency and democratic functioning. Why have Suresh Kalmadis at the helm for years on when none of the Indian athletes win medals at most international meets? The need of hour is to eradicate the influence of bureaucracy and politics from cricket and other sports. Narendrabhai should guide the nation by ensuring that GCA selected its next league of office bearers from apolitical backgrounds. There should be an amendment in the constitution of the GCA to make this possible.

6. The GCA should ensure only past cricketers, officials and cricket fans with a minimum period of club membership joined its top body. The GCA should further make the presidency a full-time job and ask those joining, including bureaucrats and politician, to quit all other responsibilities, including party positions and governmental jobs before doing so.

7. Apart from the GCA, Narendrabhai should also work to make sports a rewarding profession in general. Making sports a lesser governmental matter and calling in management gurus and corporate sector can be a way for path-breaking changes in various sport fields.

We sports lovers of Gujarat will hope for a defining improvement in sports during Shree Narendrabhai’s tenure at the GCA and Gandhinagar.

2 thoughts on “Things NAMO Can Do To Help Sports Grow”

  1. When there will be match arranged in SURAT . There in no proper cricket stadium in SURAT.SURAT is 2nd largest city in GUJARAT though there in proper ground. GCA should do something about this matter……………………………………………

  2. Respected Sir,
    There one proposal is there to lift and make popular among people. Sir like IPL there t20 tournament can be arrange in Ahmadabad city itself among the area of city. the format will remain same as IPL but it match can play among the various area of Ahmadabad. Sir Ah”d and Gujarat has celebration 600 and 50th year. So it can be very big event. If u r interested then i can sent proposal how can be arrange the event

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