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2 thoughts on “Hilarious Kishoreda Interview”

  1. Yes I`ve already read it but what I liked best is that the way had named his friends(trees)Janardhan; Raghunandan; Gangadhar; Jagannath; Buddhuram;
    Jhatpatajhatpatpat…………………..The last name ,”Jhatpatajhatpatpat”,, only kishore da can say…..great!!!
    but Whenever I read this interviews,Years after I read it again today,,I feel great sadness n lonelyness behind smile of this comedy king,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I don`t know kishore kumar much nor have I heard him much like I have felt Rafi sahab but,,,I don`t know why,something unantural with me whenever I read his interview I can feel a sadness under all laughters………..

  2. I suspect, all those who are extremely talented in lives would be lonely in some or the other respect. They would find it hard to fully mingle with the world around due to their own inner qualities.

    Kishore Kumar’s hidden sadness – his inability to cope with the cine world and the three of his four life partners – is more than evident from his words. But then it was a blessing in disguise, one could say. His fans were lucky to be on the receiving end of his melodious outcry.

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