Mihir Bose Being Heckled At The BBC

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If you would like to read something about the British manners that does not exactly sound like British in taste, then you should visit Mihir Bose’s blog at the BBC. Mihir Bose, the BBC’s sports editor of Indian origin, is facing an arguably very hostile white British audience these days. His fault: he pokes his nose in the British sports affairs, which is what his job is anyway, and hurts one or the other group of sports followers, who then start questioning his journalistic credence.

The tirade against him became more vicious since the recent reporting about Stanford’s wrongdoings in the USA. Obviously, the controversy has hit the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) ethically and financially both. Now Bose keeps them reminding, (in his own words) first of all, why they shouldn’t have jumped into bed with an individual, not even a board, who was discarded by other cricketing bodies, and secondly and more importantly, Bose opens the Pandora’s box by asking the ECB to live on with the IPL’s success and BCCI’s monopoly in world cricket. And this is enough to hurt an already fragile British identity, in cricketing terms in particular.

Now, the Brits have always had this great admiration for etiquette in public life, which also suggests they wouldn’t call Bose any names either targeting his skin color or indicating his place of birth, both. Definitely not so at a forum like the BBC. Neither would the leading broadcasting corporation allow it, even if they desired. So what they do instead, is to target Bose with more acceptable other names, such a shoddy writer, shame for the BBC and a waste of taxpayer’s money etc. These accusations often take an alarming proportion, and start sounding monotonous and boring. You would get the hint of whatever annoyed them in truth though, all along. A small group of readers follows Mihir whatever he decides to write about, be it cricket, football or rugby. Very few try to intervene, since that would mean spending hours responding back and forth to Mihir bashers. On offenders’ part, they seem to be prepared for playing long innings with plenty of time and purpose behind their devious effort.

I remember watching and admiring English cricket in the 80s, as a kid and teenager, and the fact that British players came across as the most gentlemanly in those days. With a shift taking place in the world cricket and world order both, during the last three decades, British etiquette may have also vanished, one assumes. Some English fans are going overboard, as a result, watching an Indian state them the obvious about their sports. The language and the game the British invented may not be entirely British anymore today, the players they patronized so proudly may not be entirely native anymore today; a brand of the stature of Jaguar may not be their own entity anymore now, neither may the Commonwealth they were the chief patrons of, till recently. Yet, some of them can be found stating their opinions publicly in a manner that is nothing else but pure colonial in nature, as witnessed in the above weblog.

Either the BBC has goofed up in allowing a worthless journo like Bose to where he may be now, difficult to assume it might be the case though, or those moaning against him can safely be assumed to be racially driven in their actions. The BBC should make its stand pretty clear at least, by stating whom they saw as the chief culprit here, Bose for his alleged poor writing or his accusers for continuing to harasse him without any principled stand?

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  1. Well well well – some British blogreaders criticise an Indian sportswriter and it must be racism! You perfectly demonstrate that there are few people more arrogant and condesending than the Indian chattering classes, whose tactic is to accuse others of racial intolerance while trying to advance their own sense of racial superiority.

    Get over it. Bose is a biased and shoddy writer, who ought to be criticising the way that the IPL and BCCI has….EDITED….the game, promoting the slogfest that is 20/20 in pursuit of greed.

  2. And the nonsense reaches out to my weblog now and starts calling me names as well….hmm…do I need to explain any further why I called these posters REMOVED and boring. I wasn’t at ease while doing it though, neither for targeting their intelligence, nor for charging them with racism. Both were harsh, no doubt. But what will you do, if somebody started targeting someone with the kind of ferocity and intent Mihir has lately been with, and which also fails to make any logical sense. And one of them now notices “me the poor” in the same course. I just can’t stop laughing at his/ her attempt (this ain’t the BBC)! If you recently visited Mihir’s weblog, you might have noticed as well the strong disapproval many show towards this erring bunch. The most absorbing thing about the BBC (online) is, that it is read by readers from all over world, and not just those from the UK, and this relentless blabber against one of their top journos annoys a majority of them. If he writes, the BBC will have to provide it with prime space. And then you might knowingly/ unknowingly hit that link only to end up reading this non-stop anti-Mihir blabber. There can not be anymore suitable word than racism for such uncouth behavior.

    I’ve approved the above comment by Mandrake only to show what they are capable of. Notice the edited section? All comments have to go through premod at Mihir’s weblog, and that should speak volumes about their unruly behavior. There is a lot of South Asian junk residing at the BBC forums, as well. But, this can easily surpass them. I won’t be spending my time and energy in moderating and answering such outrighly abusive comments in future (the edited section again). So, if you were unable to resist the temptation, please spare me of your opinions. My weblog’s title may bear a name proaudience, but that does not mean allowing uncivil behavior.

  3. Something more for record. My objection against the anti-Mihir tirade should not be deemed as my support for the BCCI. This author will be the happiest fan, the day BCCI gets bulldozed and a better cricketing body emerges out of its ruins. I support the ICL and Kapil Dev for the same reason. It was BCCI’s undemocratic and corrupt practices that saw India lag behind in world cricket for such a long period. The money they recently earned, somehow made them be more professional in their approach though, and we could see a better Team India, as a result, under Ganguly, Dravid and Dhoni in the last few years. However, BCCI’s ill-doings can not be made the sole excuse for bashing Mihir Bose non-stop.

  4. Well done for exposing this.
    I have argued many times on BBC 606 itself with these REMOVED.
    They not only do this to Bose but to the boxer Amir Khan. The racism is clear to see. They think that by not saying something directly racist that nobody would realise. Britain is becoming an increasingly racist country but most of the racism is just closet racism. Brits are terrified that they are no longer some colonial superpower and that all the countries they took pride in ruling are now overhauling them fast.

  5. I am an avid India fan, and do not believe that the Mihir bose bashing is unfounded. He produces pointless, confusing articles on a regular basis. He constantly claims “exclusivity” over other journalists, but says nothing of value with this in mind.
    The BBC are wasting their time with him. Get a decent Sports reporter please.

    ugk is a disgrace, Britain is NOT an increasingly racist country, its one of the few to have embraced those from all cultures and countries. Bashing an Indian journalist doesnt automatcally mean its racism, stop talking nonsense.

    NB The BCCI have far less power than they appear to have in cricket, and they clearly do not take priority in India either.

  6. This is nonsense. I have not found one single piece of evidence to support your accusation of racism in comments made on Mihir Bose’s blog. In saying there is, you are also implying that the BBC moderators are not doing their job.

    Just to be clear, in the comments section of his blog, there are no racist terms, offensive remarks or suggestions that Mihir is not a good journalist due to his race. The comments are made in response to his style of writing, what he writes about and whether people agree with him. People are not REMOVED for using the comments function to either agree, disagree or criticise. That’s the point isnt it? Or maybe, judging by your attitude to people who spend the time to provide comments on your blog, anyone you disagree with is a member of the REMOVED.

  7. I’ve removed the offending term from my above blog post and the subsequent comments to stop its cascading effect. I usually do not subscribe to making use of such words in my weblog, and I shouldn’t have started that in the first place. But, I did not know so many BBC posters will come looking to read my own take on this matter. Yeah…until ugk visited and gave me additional traffic and headache both…lol.

    Anyway, my accusation about racism shall remain as it is. Some obvious questions need being answered, even before I can start to rethink about it. How did Bose reach to such a senior position in sports journalism? Was there a goof-up on the BBC’s part, in this case? Journos often make silly arguments in the electronic and print media, irrespective of the time-zone you may look at. But, rarely will you find them being targeted in a way Bose has been made to fend of late. One can assume, therefore, that a racial discontent may be in play here (political disagreements?…well, the amount of derision denies its role). And from what I have been able to make of the recent threads at Mihir’s weblog, there is a growing disagreement among posters about the usual Mihir bashing there.

  8. I really don’t think there is any skin-colour related issue which has anything to do with Mihir Bose’s hecklers’ motivations.

    Generally, he gets most stick because he writes thinly-reasoned and provocative opinion pieces. That’s plenty enough to explain why, without needing to bring racism into it.

    He probably gets a bit more criticism now, though, because of being a well-known Tottenham fan who wrote a whole string of articles about how bad Arsenal are, and how their new stadium would never be built/send them into bankruptcy/etc etc. Arsenal fans tend to read his latest pieces with a view of ‘what’s the idiot writing this time?’

    I don’t think you’re wrong to ask the question about racism, but I know that as far as I’m concerned, the question of Mihir’s origins had never occurred to me. Mihir is quite a common name in the UK these days, and Bose is a German name anyway 🙂

  9. Backing Josh on this one. Mihir is asking for it, especially being an avowed Tottenham fan and making the comments that he did about Arsenal’s new ground at what would have been a sensitive time with regard to raising finance and share pricing. Remember football is a very big money commercial game. Footy fans can and do harbour bitter grudges against those they think have slighted them, often for years and for far less than Mihir has done (and if he is an expert footy fan, never mind journalist, he should have known what to expect).

    I’m sure that some of those who give Mr Bose a hard time, do so partly because of the fact he is of Asian extraction and has a bit of an accent. Britain has it’s share of racists, but most are ashamed to admit this anywhere in public in the UK, because of the opprobrium that would be heaped on them by most British people – and that by itself shows the progress made in this country over the last few decades.
    Admin, you will know that overt racism is still accepted in public in many other countries around the world, including some on the Indian sub-continent, and remember also that there are many flavours of bigotry, not just white on black or white on Asian, but also Asian on black, Asian on Asian, caste against caste, this list, sadly goes on and on.

    But I’m also sure that most of those Brits who are critical of Mihir have nothing against him personally, but are justifiably critical of some of his sports writing and commentary.

    Some will recall the halcyon days when the BBC had specialist journalists for at least each one of the main sports, and certainly for cricket, football, rugby, motor and horse racing (and usually one each for radio and tv). These people were called on whenever in depth commentary or analysis was required in a particular sporting area, and also when some particularly newsworthy sporting related event merited inclusion in the main news broadcasts of the day.

    Mihir now seems to be wheeled out as the BBC expert on every kind of sport on every occasion, for every media, from tiddly winks to Formula One, Baseball to Uneven Bars. This is patently unfair of the BBC, as Mihir is bound to fail in this role, and his presentation by the BBC as the expert on every aspect of every sport is justly resented by the many critics, who just want some of the insights that can usually only be delivered by a specialist in a particular sport.

    Sport in the 21st century is a multi billion dollar international industry. So much happens in the “big” sports, there is more than enough news to keep a good journo busy full time just on eg football, without having to cover everything else as well. There are many good candidates available, of all races, creeds and colours who specialise in one sport or another and who already do some great work for the BBC, but who just do not get a look-in with Mihir around . A good example is Manish Bhasin, a young journalist who just covers football and cricket, and has done the donkey work rising through regional sports reporting duties. He is articulate and intelligent, and has obviously done his homework. There are many like him who don’t get the airtime they deserve.

    When it comes to sports news via any media, most Brits, like most people anywhere, really do not care what race or religion, sexual preference, leg-length or whatever the journalist is. They only want well informed and reasoned comment, preferably backed up by direct and long term day to day involvement in the sport in question.

    Except for cricket, where most would acknowledge his grip on what’s happening internationally, Mihir’s problem is that he often fails to deliver much more than anyone with a superficial sports knowledge (granted he does present his stories in a very articulate manner) and an Internet connection could glean for themselves.

    This is what really bugs people, and I happen to think this is mostly the BBC’s fault, not Mihir’s. You can be a jack-of all trades in today’s sporting news arena, but you can only be master of one or two.

  10. Adrian, I think you make some good points there. And the hidden racist overtures you also admit could fractionally be responsible (though, I feel it must be on a larger scale) for the dirt thrown at Mihir, is what I mainly speak of. At the same time, I’d concede, overt racism, regionalism, caste-ism and religious abuse is more prevalent in the Indian sub-continent than the whole of Western Society. In fact, I personally find it difficult to chat on Indian forums for the same reason, as you’ll find no-bar exchanges taking place more often than not among various faiths, classes, languages and regions.

    Having said that, I also understand now, Mihir may have not fully adopted to the English way of articulation – specially on issues that could arouse strong debates – despite having had an impressive UK stint. I’m the least eligible to decide about it, though. I can see a Sonia Gandhi correlation here, who is one of India’s strongest politicos today. She often gets deride for her lack of understanding the Indian way of living, its sensitivities and people. Her Italian origin often gets publicly denounced. Perhaps, Mihir should try to hold back his most critical views, if he didn’t fully know how to say it without hurting the respective local opinions on those issues.

  11. Please, enough! Mihir Bose is yet another irritant who has somehow ‘worked’ his way into a position where he can foist his misinformed views on the general public. It is irrelevent whether he is black, brown, white, or green. Why do you not write a piece about the invective that Alan Green receives for his commentary (justifiable criticism may I add). You are probably unaware of the degree to which the narrow-mindedness of these so-called pundits– and lack of substantiation of their arguments — riles us and offends our British sensibilities. We call foul, not because we are virulently xenophobic (although we can be), but because we see their exposes (I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to produce the ‘e acute’ on your page) for what they are — distortion of facts and self-aggrandisement. Mr Bose previously worked for such bastions of veracity and consistency as The Telegraph and The Sunday Times. Let me assist you here; you might find that their journalistic integrity is held in the same esteem as that of the Dainik Jagran. There, that is a true revelation for you, and it is infinitely more sincere than Mr Bose.

    For the record, Mihir Bose is a man whose ‘personal mission statement’ appears to be something like the following: court controversy; attain maximum exposure; base one’s allegations on unnamed sources; wait for the reaction of those who may have sources within the sport; take said comments and produce a new blog based upon those ‘revelations’ (citing ‘unnamed sources’ as the foundation of his new expose — (again, I apologise for the omission of the ‘acute e’); procede to ‘print’ and claim that Mr Mihir Bose, ‘the undercover reporter’, has exposed the ‘truth’. I’m unsure whether Mr Bose could uncover his ego without significant assistance from heavy machinery, but such is the nature of his arguments.

    Here lies the rub. You can cry racism all you like (God knows, I lived and worked in India for six years with my brown-skinned wife (non-Indian (acually Peruvian), but ‘Indian’ as far as Indians were concerned with all the attendant problems – try that for racist tendencies), but you cannot assign the tag of racism to those who attack Mr Bose for his attempts to perpetuate his position as an informative and objective journalist. He is neither. On the contrary, he is a conflation of all that is wrong with the present form of dissemination of information and ‘opinion’. Much as is your blog.

  12. This is not only badly written gibberish and nonsense, but also based entirely on false assumptions.

    The first false assumption is that Bose’s critics on the blogs are white. How can the author demonstrate this, since the blog commenters do not give their racial background?

    The second false assumption is that because people state that Bose is a fool, they must therefore be racist.

    Bose is just not very good. It has got nothing to do with his background, and everything to do with his sloppy and self-indulgent journalism.

    There is an anecdote famous among Bose’s journalistic colleagues about an occasion after Bose, then with the Sunday Times, had covered an English football match and was travelling home with another journalist, also of sub-continental background. Bose claimed to have been abused on his way from the ground.

    “Mihir,” his anglo-Indian colleague said, “it is not because you are an Indian EDITED. They said it because you are a EDITED,”

    It was Bose who back in October last year wrote what a wonderful chap Stanford was – without any journalistic integrity or digging, he made a judgment which will haunt him forever more. His lack of any journalistic acumen then means he is in no position to criticise the ECB for its similar lack of judgment now.

    Was it Kipling who said that the first refuge of the scoundrel was nationalism? It seems that the first refuge of the second-rate journalist now is to accuse his critics of racism.

  13. @The Chopper,

    You have been compelled to go on offensive, having had sensed the seriousness of my charge. What more would they expect me, a small-time blogger in India, to do anyway? Your first sentence describes your own wickedness in this respect. This is what Mihir bashers can usually be found indulging against him on his weblog as well – sheer, mindless targeting.

    I’ve lately observed, the BBC has started initiating tougher measures against the anti-Mihir tirade, so you start complaining about “bad writing” and calling me names now. Even though, there are some reasonable minds within your rank, your own style indicates of their true ailment, their true face. You did not check out some ground realities before making a complaint about bad writing against me, which thoroughly exposes your own intelligence. This blog is neither written by any BBC journalist nor meant for the ethnic UK, US and Aussie audiences. It meets the priorities, it was planned keeping in mind, well. Nobody gives a hoot to what you may think of the level of commentary or writing here. Go back to the BBC and be kicked out by the moderators there. That’s the best remedy for your kind of trash. I wouldn’t allow overtly excited blabbers or your kind of garbage to continue here.

    This is a personal web-space, where due care is taken to take into account all opinions, unless they started overstepping civility and began reading one-sided EDITED (the same offending term I used in my blog post earlier). I wouldn’t allow the anti-Mihir frustrations to overwhelm this blog-thread, be reminded. I’ve accused the ethnic UK audience of a racist behavior (I’ve also accepted counter-remarks at my own observation)….no great skills required to understand who could be targeting Mihir unreasonably, if they were to. Yes, (at least) Indians do also frown upon him, but you could make of their non-hostile presence easily. They have never been found targeting Mihir the way “poor writing” moaners do. Hopefully, people would make use of their heads before opening mouths here.

    As regards to the scoundrel and second-rate journalism quotes….take care of the sewage filth that runs through your mind. The rest will subsequently die down on its own!

  14. I first found this in March, and have subsequently rediscovered it now. Interesting that people are still finding it.

    There have been some bold and well-argued opinions put forward here. Racism is not a charge to be levelled lightly, and while a fair share of idiots exist, I think a far larger issue is that the author in question produces insipid work, presented arrogantly, and regularly shown to be either false or flawed in the comments section, with which he has very rarely if ever engaged.

    The idea that he covers too much is an interesting one, and perhaps to a certain degree he is being set up to fail. I would counter that by saying that he writes almost nothing (literally almost nothing) that isn’t to do with money, football, cricket or the Olympics.

    I think you’re wrong about the reaction to him being a question of his skin colour, and you must bear in mind what a heavy charge that is to pronounce. If he’s the victim of racism, it’s unequivocally wrong. That said, I don’t think it is – I think many resent him being in what for many would be a dream job, while appearing to misunderstand or misrepresent the key stories that he’s supposed to be elucidating.

  15. @ John,

    “Racism is not a charge to be levelled lightly, and while a fair share of idiots exist…..”

    I brought into focus the same idiots. They are not difficult to be noticed, since their presence under various pretexts is universal. A fair bit of them reside in India as well. You can smell them from their overacting and repetitiveness. This doesn’t absolve Mihir of the “poor writing” accusations some of you make by reminding of his obvious flaws. But, having spent a good deal of years observing people from various nationalities in the real and cyber worlds both, I do not feel hesitant in pointing fingers towards the real culprits now.

    Having said this, I’d also love to know what the BBC thinks of this whole affair, given this url can easily be found by anyone. I shall remove it, if they asked me to do it ever. The show must carry on as it is, till then!

  16. Whoa whoa whoa, back off with the prejudice about “the British”, ok? While there’s certainly a nasty current of bigotry swishing around at the moment (much of it disguised as “anti-political correctness”) we have a strong and sizable liberal strain and the majority of us are rightly disgusted at racism.

  17. It seems a tad harsh to criticise all of Bose’s critics as racists

    I am not a cricket fan, nor do I know anything about Stanford – yet I find Bose a poor journalist – I would hope I’ve never been particularly offensive, but he rarely writes anything insightful, and his broadcasts have always been dull – I think this is partly down to not knowing what his role is at the BBC – bringing in a journalist who specialised in the business and politics of sports in the newly made-up position of ‘sports editor’ – I don’t think he, or the BBC, quite knew what he should be doing, so it seemed like he contributed little – dipping into a variety of sports from various angles doesn’t seem to have worked – perhaps he would’ve been better titled as ‘BBC sport business editor’, the ‘sports editor’ never seemed to be the same as the other editors at the Beeb and maybe people expected something else

    For what it’s worth, most of my football-fan friends also felt Bose was useless – we haven’t ‘attacked’ him, but we certainly never liked him or paid much attention to him, I don’t attribute that to racism, not a lot of us like McNutty either, and he’s a scouser

  18. He had coloured skin – simple. A white writer would not have been criticised the way Bose was.

    The white man has racism in his DNA. It is because of this that he does not even notice his racism sometimes. Just look around the world and you will see that every nation that is allowed to prosper, is white.

    Have you ever seen a coloured master and a white slave if you look back in history? No. Racism is the invention of the white man.

  19. This is possibly the worst blog I have ever read (even including Mr Bose!). It is poorly thought out, terribly presented, and clearly lacking in basic English grammar. The author, without a shred of proof, launches into a tirade against bloggers on the BBC accusing them of racism. How he or she can reach this conclucion is beyond me particularly given the poor quality of Mihir’s blogs. What I also find very frustrating is the author’s writing style which, attempts to be sophisticated and instead, is littered with errors. Now I accept that the person in question may not have English as their first language, however, perhaps it would be better trying to write in a more basic style and making fewer mistakes than trying to come across as superior and condescending but ending up just looking foolish. I wish Mihir all the best in the future and I am just glad that now there is a chance that more sensible and well thought out blogs may appear on the BBC.

  20. Bob, you reminded me of the saying, canine tails can never be straightened up. The accusation about my “bad English and writing” indicated your own mental filth. I wouldn’t have chosen to address you without profanities, but could not break my own house rules. Your attempt to divert attention from this debate is stupid. But, since I wanted to twist your ears publicly, I’ve allowed your comment to go online. Let this be clear though, I do not wish to receive comments from the weeds like you in future. You should seek mental counseling before it gets too late.

    And to all those who try to sabotage the debate by accusing the language part, well….I had originally used the term “British idiocy” for Mihir bashers in my above post, which was gross generalization, and I had to remove it. Would like to reintroduce the reference to “idiocy” part for Bob’s sake though. That augurs well for morons like him, and also makes my job of moderating this blog easier by removing my civil facade. (unfortunately, can’t tread beyond this incivility either)!

    To others,

    I was amused at some of the keywords you have chosen to land here. It gave an indication of the insecurities you might have.

    @ Tarquin and James,

    “It seems a tad harsh to criticise all of Bose’s critics as racists” – Tarquin

    Tarquin, I didn’t accuse everyone. I accused only those who had a sickening habit of following Bose everywhere just to remind him of how poorly he wrote. One wonders how much spare time did they have to do this job! It indicated the ailment, I wrote about above, they had been suffering from. Ironically, my interest in Bose grew only after having noticed this drama by his readers. Otherwise, he could be a good or a bad writer/ reporter, who cares about that.

    James, I don’t necessarily see it that way, and mind you, I thought a great deal about it before coming up with the hidden-racism charge. I know, it is a serious charge in the UK. But, I live in a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic society that has its own racist, communal and hateful overtures to be concerned of, and I think I caught very rightly the subtle racist overtures in Mihir bashing this time.


    PS – For “bad English” moaners…. English is spoken by a multi-ethnic world due to its practical usefulness and not because of any love for it. Besides, this isn’t the BBC funded by your tax-money, as previously stated, and this should get through your thick heads, which I doubt will happen though, looking at your sickening track record.

  21. Your points taken. But, that is not how I visualize it, and mind you, I thought a great deal about it before coming up with the hidden-racism charge. I know, it is a serious charge in the UK. But, I live in a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic society that has its own racist, communal and hateful overtures to be concerned about, and I think I caught very rightly the subtle racist overtures in Mihir bashing this time.

    I’d be intrigued as to what made you come to this decision, you say it became worse after the Stanford affair – I know that was pretty recent, and I also know that the criticism of Bose was going on long before this, I was doing it myself back in 2007 – have you got evidence of any increase in the insults since then?

    Why exactly people would attack Mihir because of his race puzzles me – if indeed, you say they are attacking him because he stuck his nose into the cricket world it seems odd for them to pick on him for his race – why not just pick on him for sticking his nose in, as a journalist, why is race suddenly brought into it?

    Also if this is true, it is somewhat unfair to label a large part of the British population racist because a few dozen people on the net attacked him – for one, cricket is not a huge issue in Britain, you may not understand this as in India it’s massive – and I know a fair few commentators on there are football fans who happened across his blogs and didn’t like them – not a lot of average brits would be very interested in someone’s investigation into cricket – a better theory would perhaps be a conspiracy by the cricket boards in question, a few anonymous posts on a blog would hardly be difficult to set up…

    There seems to be little grounding to base this racism charge on – this is a well-respected journalist who has been writing about cricket and sport for over 30 years in Britain, he is well-known and there are many Indian (and Australian) cricket pundits in our country – has he ever felt particularly abused?

    I just don’t get the reasoning behind this racism charge – have you ever been to Britain? Is there a huge racism issue I am not aware of? You seem to say attacking him is racist because of your experiences in a foreign country, which seems a little unfair to those people – if you’ve read pretty much any BBC blog you will see a lot of negative comments, you might as well be saying attacks on Nick Robinson are because he wears glasses

  22. Submitted on 2009/08/05 at 4:39pm


    I hadn’t finished yet, continued to add several responses to my own comment, and it wasn’t meant for you. But, it is relevant, so would reply back to your points.

    1- “have you got evidence of any increase in the insults since then”

    This is not what I meant by my Stanford reference. You might be true here. But, a continuation of the anti-Mihir sentiments from 2007 does not absolve it of the charges I made. I noticed this drama only a few weeks before my original post.

    2- “Why exactly people would attack Mihir because of his race puzzles me.”

    On the contrary, the amount of tirade against him puzzled this author and the rest others. Check this out from the way many spoke against the regular moaners on his weblog.

    3- “it is somewhat unfair to label a large part of the British population racist because a few dozen people on the net attacked him……….A better theory would perhaps be a conspiracy by the cricket boards in question, a few anonymous posts on a blog would hardly be difficult to set up…”

    I did not mean to generalize, I’ve spoken in my last comment. You picked up my quote, before I could edit and respond to you separately. Regarding cricket boards setting up the anti-Mihir posters….I had thought about this and several other factors, including that of a political bias as against the racist one. But, the way Mihir was increasingly being hooted down by some posters did not augur well.

    4- “There seems to be little grounding to base this racism charge on – this is a well-respected journalist who has been writing about cricket and sport for over 30 years in Britain”

    I read him speak about the racism he had to face on British football grounds, while describing how meager that was compared to the Polish one.

    5- “I just don’t get the reasoning behind this racism charge – have you ever been to Britain? Is there a huge racism issue I am not aware of? You seem to say attacking him is racist because of your experiences in a foreign country, which seems a little unfair to those people”

    Racism is not a huge issue in the UK, but it could not be ignored either. Take a look at any online forum with a sizable Non Resident Indian membership from the UK, and you will know more about it.

    To others,
    Kindly, keep it simple. 🙂 Your presence is valued by this blogger, despite the controversy surrounding this subject.

  23. The most blandest, boring, unexcitable, finger-off-the-pulse sports reporter gets heckled and apparently its because he’s Indian, despite the fact this is never mentioned in any of his criticisms. Its like the opposite of the Daily Mail

  24. “despite the fact this is never mentioned in any of his criticisms”

    Neither was any rationale for their criticisms that could convince others.

  25. “Neither was any rationale for their criticisms that could convince others.”

    So basically you say he’s not a bad journalist, therefore them saying he is a bad one is a mask to hide their racism?

    Like I said, I and plenty of my friends regarded him as bad (while at the BBC at least) – are we allowed an opinion or are we simply racists? Just because it hasn’t convinced you, doesn’t mean no-one else agrees

    I think somebody has a chip on their shoulder

  26. “So basically you say he’s not a bad journalist, therefore them saying he is a bad one is a mask to hide their racism?”

    The BBC was the only significant resource of the news from outside world since my childhood in the late 70s, and I’ve followed it since then. In my opinion Bose is no different than most other BBC journos. Yes, he looks and sounds different in that crowd, and makes pompous statements without elaborating the reasons at times. But, so do most journos universally. May be his age had started speaking up in this case. Sixty is regarded crucial and often ridiculed at in India.

    “Like I said, I and plenty of my friends regarded him as bad (while at the BBC at least) – are we allowed an opinion or are we simply racists? Just because it hasn’t convinced you, doesn’t mean no-one else agrees
    I think somebody has a chip on their shoulder”

    How much and how far would you opposition him (I’ve never accused all Mihir bashers of racism, I remind again)? It is the manner Bose was hounded that prompted me to write this blog post. I didn’t take his views on Team India’s numerous face-offs with the ICC seriously, in the recent years. But, I did agree when he spoke about the BCCI and its ills. The anti-Mihir vitriol has taken epidemic proportions in this particular case. I can even now find posters writing very badly about him (and drowning those disagreeing with them) in various UK forums.

    At least, I do not have any chip on my shoulder, which I can assure you. I’ve taken a stand based on my observations and “due-diligence” (not necessarily à la Mihir way 🙂 )

  27. Let me first state – I’m British – born here from parents who arrived from India in 1967 (i popped onto the scene a year later). The criticism of Mihir Bose was NOT racially motivated in the slightest. He was bloody awful. If there is any racial element, it’s the point that, whyever he was appointed through whatever monumental lapse in judgement on the part of the interview panel, his appointment has really highlighted the downside of potential positive discrimination. I don’t know if that played a part in his getting the job, but if it did, then all I can say is that it hasdn’t made life easier for those people who believe in truly meritocratic principles. And if it didn’t, then the BBC HR manager/Director involved should have been hung out to dry. Metaphorically, that is. Mihir Bose – good riddance!

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