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internet-explorerI’ve been busy resolving my blogging niggles since I posted the last about a month earlier. Firstly, I needed to look into my server side concerns, chiefly  security related ones that had kept me on my toes for a while. Then, my blog’s outlook needed to be overhauled urgently. The last one seemed to have become outdated, from a graphical and WordPress compatibility realms, both. So, I spent a good while learning myself what I could do with the WP themes, before zeroing in on theme hybrid, the one I use now. There is no other way but to learn it yourself, if you desired digging in for a longer journey.

The result: I’ve a completely overhauled front-page apart from the reformed header, footer and sidebar stuffs as of today. My blog layout seems to be settled by this stage, the graphics will require being styled a hell lot in the weeks to come though. The bad news: It doesn’t look anywhere near being adjudged OK for the IE users, a fact discovered only last night. I’ve attempted several remedial ways, without any ray of hope until now. It looks perfectly fine in Firefox, but not in IE.

And this issue won’t be going away easily, so please bear with the arising inconvenience, while viewing through Internet Explorer 6 and above. I’ll try to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

One thought on “This Blog May Not Rightly Display In IE”

  1. Problem resolved after having spent countless hours! A small oversight on my part while readjusting various widths, and I ended up learning the whole of CSS web-designing to sort it out! How satisfying finally, being able to pin down that missing needle in the haystack. 😀

    I have also discovered, how incorrectly did my previous blog-theme display in the IE, and nobody ever alerted me about that. Neither did I suspect the ability of the theme designer and try having a cross-browser assessment of his work.

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