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16 thoughts on “Osho Speaks About Ego-Less Minds”

  1. what osho is explaining it require an ego,,,,,simply we can say ego is nothing but I” ness present in us…..
    this “I” is one sylable word,an people misunderstood it with its appearance,,,,though I is one letter word it comprises in itself secret of almost everything in the world…we think we have understood ego,,what is it ,,its I….but we never go a step beyond,,,to ask ourselves that what in fact this I is all about…….this I is different for all,,,and changes with time directly dependend on time…..Mind is also sum total of time with reflection on changes,,,,,
    “so, egoless mind”,,in one sense means,,”Mindless Mind”….and what is mindless mind…the answer is………………its…………….

  2. little correction,,My first line….”what osho is explaining,,,,this explanation also require an ego,,to who it is explained,,is also, ego,,n who is explainging is also an ego”””…..
    so being in ego its an attaempt to explain what is not ego,,,,,,,,,its like in side water,,,a water creature that has never seen air is being explained what infact is no-water……”””
    If not water,what is it,,is it fire,air earth sky,,,or what ???no one know,,,,n if it is asked,,what it really is in our context what really egoless mind is…..answer would be it is………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  3. Hmm…who is there behind the veil of Natalie? And this is a question and not a continuation of the debate on ego. Are you Musharraf – an ardent Mohammed Rafi fan – by any chance? Have missed listening him for a very long time.

    Let us go back to Hindi song threads now. This isn’t the right place for our chatters. Have you ever tried meditating or sitting in total quiet for a while? Have you ever felt a desire to go beyond the periphery of the words you may choose to speak or write? The notion of ego is not a mathematical formula. Most of what Osho says can not be understood without first learning to meditate. Words and sounds might have their own limitations, a lack of the same may not have it. It is a conundrum that you can resolve only after having known how to be quiet….well I’m not saying you should just shut-up…lol….what I’m asking you to know the background of what Osho is all about and meditate before arriving to conclusions….it is a waste of time to derive the meaning of what Osho says, without practicing meditation.

  4. well, its rather Banarjeer Bhutto, being a lady and now a ghost,,,,,,for being Musarraf I`ll have to born again….with one mustache….and a Rifle…..
    but,,u attacked on my ego,,,,,but its an article on egolessness,,so not bothering on this ego imbimbed in self pride,,i would rather answer u,,,,,as u have not told me,,to go n shut up,,,LOL

  5. Sir,,,,Rafi sahab has gone beyond the realm of my ego,,it followed the wave of veneration and respect reached my soul…..the soul is place that I myself have not ever reached……so,,lets keep hin aside,,as argumentation is never a part of his life at any time,,such simple he was,,,but how argumantative I being extreme admirer of this person….But,,as far as music thread is concerned,,,,
    ,I see 9 u may see 6,,,,but neither am I wrong nor r u,,,,only we r standing opposite(a scene from one of amitabh Bachhan`s dauble rolled movie)
    I say one sided,yes its true because I`m original with it as if i`ll talk on other side that i`ll be artificial with flowery words because I don`t know about them,,,,its like,,Mere to girdhar Gopal””””,,,,,but if trust hold any place of vistors here,,u can trust me for my respect for KK n others,,,,but I talk standing on one side as I don`t want to be artificial,,plz understand,,and really I wanna discover more,,
    Now u may move my post any where,,,,but as far as I know,,osho would not mind,,,this worldy talks of mine,,,,he was so cool with everything worldy!!!

  6. Now,,,to ur attack over my ego,,,,,well well well,,,,,,,if u see water from distance it appears blue,,,,,but when we take in hand,,we can never comprehend,,whats its real colour is,,,,,similarly,,the sun when seen in morning appears different from noon n evening,,and also,,as go close to sun in altitude its colour changes,,,and (hypothetically) if we really reach the sun,,,we can never make what in fact really the sun is,,as our ego,,,our whole existence will get merged in ego of moon,,its like,,,,,salt merging in sea in sea water,,from distance to salt its sea,,all the big theories,,but when salt is in sea it can`t explain to himself or anyone what this sea is,,,,,its also like a drop of rain,,,comes from the sky with its friend drop,,,talk to them,,,have a great debate like we have now,,,on the topic as what in fact this rivers water is all about,,,one say it is rih in Iron other say it is rich in phosporous,,,but when the drops on e by one enter the river and becomes river forget all the theory and can never explain what it in fact really is…….

    What I meant by so many allegory is,,that,,,,,,,only difference is distance,,,,,what u objected about me is also because of distance,,,what I`m answering u is also because of distance,,,,,,everything is there because of distance,,,if they come close,,every particle of this universe will lost in something that can`t be ever explained,,,,what u called my mathematical formula,,,,I`m not going to defend as I`m not hre to satisfy or defend ego,,i`m rather here to contemplet on egolessness,,,,,,,,all the question that u asked,,n something that u warned me or suggested me,,,,,,I`ve nothing to say in defend of that,,,,,U read that with some imgaintaive image of my words on previous posts on other article,,,,,,,but if u wanna notice u can notice,,,,,how much Faith is there in my liking n how much concentration is there in wants no mater even if he is a singer,,,,,i`ve shared only one aspect with u,,,u can judge by that p[art only,,,,,,,,there may be other part as well,,,,,,but unless a person learn to love one ,,that person can`t love everyone,,,,If a person read anyone book of osho,,,the person would get wroing impression because of distance with osho,,,Osho had so much concentration,,that in his own word,,,””””IF a say on yes,,I never use no,,and vice versa”””,,,those who read Osho no on any topic may feel that Osho can never say yes for the same,,,and vice versa,,,,,,so to know osho one has to be patient and read or listen both yes and no of Osho to understand him,,,,,,,u have witnessed my love for one rafi sahab,,nevver botherd about to judge any more just declared ur judgment,,,,,,yes I agree with u that I require mediation and all that,,I really do as there is no limit of such practice,,but,,,what is the meaning of mediation and all kirtans,,if one doesn`t hold true love ,,faith,,chasteness and compassion,,,,,as there are many who live like parrot chants divine name but die cryiing kkkke kkee forgetting all the theories,,,,,,so true Love with compassion and chasteness is most important as it works like the foundation of highly spritual practice like meditation etc…..
    P.s…..I`m an outsider,,,I`m an critic,i`m an ….is for u only beacuse of distance not just physical but subtle ground,,,,,but when distance ends,differences ends,,,,,,,then .what remains no one can say…


  7. my words has got messed out over here,and went out of context with merging of two topics,music is okay,,,but spritrual topics should n`t be condered with mess counter discussion as it the subject of love ,realisation and feelings,,not of suspect,,and critisizm,,,rather leave my post unpublished,,thanx….

  8. Then only reason I wanted these messages moved was, most Oshoites who visit this place hardly speak anything. They can be found debating at length elsewhere, but they hardly do that here, since I know their nature…they need more (or rather right) time and space to conduct themselves. I may soon have a separate forum activated apart from these comments for various categories on my website for this purpose (also for Hindi songs etc). Would not move your messages though, and scuttle the effort you did in bringing your heart out.

  9. “”””Oshoites”””……………..I could find if osho wanted his follower to be known as this name or not,,,but from his words in the book we get hint he had his comune by the name rajnishpuram,,,,,,perhaps,,he wanted his follower to surrender his/her ego to him by using osho`s name,,,and live freely beyond the narrow realm of ego…….Osho could talk in any dimension,,and had ability to shatter materialist ego of any person,,,however,,he say about enlightened person that when such person meet there is no talk,,,a complete silence is there as there is no selfish ego there,,,,,and they r in state of egolessness…..
    Hance,,,,real oshoites always try to live beyond ego,,,they can appear externally in any colour,,,,,,osho told,,”my sanyasi would not be like the dogmatic ,orthodox one,he would live in world busiest place talk about most talked topic…….”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he meant,,,,,only conciousness is important,,,,and our ego mind remain indulged in rituals and forget the theme…….n thats why sometime real follower of osho is misread,,,,,people may see what the external topic a person is topic but can dicipher the real feeling towards the master!

  10. Buddha said……….in the end of self discovery what you will find …just void….nothingness..

  11. Well, I would not say I could understand the article in entirety. I have felt one with the Universe, but in a slightly different sense, i.e., when I thought how my body and the brain that harbors the ego are both made of the same matter and energy as the entire Universe, and how what they are composed of can never really cease to exist, thus simultaneously feeling one with the Universe, and realizing a kind of eternity of existence.

    I read your response to Natalie above, and I remember one instance of doing shavasana, the way it is prescribed, and I indeed felt my mind to be completely empty. It was a very powerful feeling. But still to acknowledge that emptiness a certain basal level consciousness was required. So am not sure, if what I experienced could be called an “ego-less” state or not.

    You can read my seemingly different take on the idea of “I”, here: http://ketanresponds.blogspot.com/2010/02/what-is-i.html

  12. after reading all ur comments ..i would like to say one thing first reach to some level and than discuss abt osho..its futile exercise…what i infer from ur discusions that everyone wants to prove that he knows more than the other ..first overcome this trait..

  13. (This is addressed to all apart from Sanjay)

    What is your own ‘level’ sanjay? You sound highly pessimistic and attention-seeking. I’ve allowed your comment only to show you the mirror. My own experience says, you are the least eligible soul to have commented about Osho in my blog until now. May be you are not even ankle-deep into this soul-searching business. Those that have traversed some length have either shown the magnanimity of sharing their opinions or gone completely silent (remember, silence is a strong language of the truly learned ones). You have none of those two traits.

    At the same time, you have attempted to sound better by quoting the word ‘level’ – hence denouncing that of the others – thus making a bad mockery of your own logic, the reason why I use stronger words against you.

    Be cautioned of a major upheaval in the immediate future, if you have developed any phony opinions about your intellectualism and spirituality. That is how the human mind works, and this is a friendly warning based on my personal experience.

    Btw, there is nothing worth reading above except for Osho’s quote, so why did you spend so much time reading comments (and that is how things would be at most Osho websites, since everything else gets dwarfed by Osho’s presence around)?


    To anyone visiting this and other Osho pages, don’t read my introductions – crappy in my own view, but an inevitable part anyway. Go straight to the colored/ quoted text. That is where you should be able to extract true value for your time spent here. 🙂

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