Apex Court Does The Balancing Media Failed Since 2002


I laughed reading this TOI story, the home of all perverted ‘sickularists’ in this country. The TOI has done Gujarat bashing unopposed since the 2002 episode. I unsubscribed it in 2007 –  five years after Godhra’s infamous train burning – when its one-sided commentary about the riots following the Godhra attack became unbearable. It was a difficult decision, having grown reading the TOI as one of the two newspapers at my home since my childhood in the 1970s. The other being either Gujarat Samachar or Sandesh, the Gujarati stuff. But the English media began losing its credibility after the BJP’s rise in power, which almost coincided with the Babri Mosque demolition in 1992. The questions raised by the BJP have since mostly not been answered by the ‘sickularists’, resulting into a widening gap between the two contrasting political beliefs, viz. the Hindu nationalist right and the secularism.

The more were they pressurized by the Hindutva blokes, the more illogical they started sounding, and finally became completely incoherent in the Godhra aftermath. There were two massacres in 2002, first the burning of a train bogey in Godhra and the subsequent riots, both mindless in nature, yet the ‘sickularists’ only got incensed about the latter, which suited them the best. I’ve never seen the mainstream media questioning the Muslims and their sympathizers about the kind of ghetto-ism and the resulting communalism, which are so much prevalent in that community. The whole Godhra carnage simply became a law and order issue for them, while the riots following it a ‘pogrom’. The Muslims have simply been condoned of any wrongdoing as a community.

The ‘sickularists’ started patronizing the Kashmiri terror groups, once the Hindus became aware of their rights in Jammu. They don’t mind blaming the Babri Mosque demolition and the Gujarat riots for having invited the various kinds of Muslims terror attacks we have been living with, including the 26/11 Mumbai carnage. This sounds maddening …. truly maddening! What right do the Pakistanis have of poking into this country’s Hindu-Muslim affairs? By that argument, the state of Pakistan should be nuked instantly for having exported a macabre Jehad since its inception.

The recent discovery of the Hindu terror outfits is frightening in this context, but I don’t think they would go much beyond what they have been caught red-handed with. The Pakistanis have been demonstrating where you could end up by allowing a majority-driven terror. Nobody would like to tread that path from within the various Hindu outfits espousing the cause of Hindutva, one rightfully hopes.

So finally, it is heartening to see an Epex Cort judge refusing to be part of the usual Gujarat bashing that goes around at the behest of the ‘sickularists’. It might just be symbolic, but signifiacnt enough not to be overlooked and perhaps indicative of the future awaiting the ‘sickularists’.

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