Car Overturns Next To My Home, Occupants Flee Away!

Date: 9/18/2008     Time: 01:14:47

Ha! Just watched an overturned car next to my home. Huge dragging sound and a couple of loud thumps. Past midnight, very few around, rushed to help the victims out. But they made it on their own. Car front destroyed due to its sheer tumbling, yet the windscreen stayed together, saving lives. Shows the positive of the modern craftsmanship. Also, walking/ driving in A’bad lanes at the dead of night dangerous now. The city is fast transforming into another Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore due to sheer, explosive growth. Take care in whatever way you can.

Date: 9/18/2008     Time: 01:18:48

Car still drivable. And the guys flee away without informing the police.

I sent these cellphone messages tonight after watching a bizarre car accident next to my home. It was past midnight and being at the end of a rainy day, hardly anybody seemed around to help those occupying the vehicle. I rushed out in my balcony to confirm first it was a crash, and a major one to that, and then ran out fearing someone may need to be rescued. The car looked funny upside down with its front lights on. No smoke or fire seemed to be coming out though, the first crisis over. The front was destroyed, so was the windscreen. But the glass still seemed to holding up together by a whisker. A couple of major body parts could be seen dislocated and flung across the street.

The driver, hardly into his late teens or early 20s, was unhurt and trying to cellphone someone in a corner. Didn’t seem drunk, rather was quiet and full in control, as if this was his usual way of retiring each night. Then his fellow passenger straightened up the car with the help of those half a dozen who had made there by that time. I made a quick turn back to home, seeing nothing seemed to be needed out of me, but kept watching from my balcony, since this was a major crash and one expected them to call police and initiate due legal procedures. Nothing happened of this sort though.

I could have clicked a couple of cellphone photos, didn’t suspecting they may dislike it. Made the right move, for it would have prompted them to confront me, as things later turned out. They disappeared from the scene soon afterwards taking each nut, bolt and broken body parts of the vehicle along with them. The car was drivable of course, despite the damage suffered, and they didn’t seem interested in facing a police investigation at the crash site. They may now script a fake story  sitting at home with their lawyer making it sound like a foolproof insurance case.

The bottomline: Ahmedabad is fast growing out into another Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, a nightmare for walking and driving around (remember some of the recent highprofile BMW and celebrity crashes). Take extra care to safegaurd you therefore, when strolling out in the wee hours. I fear some drankard may crash in my boundary wall someday, for my home is located in a lane with an odd curve and with an endless stream of neo-rich and rash drivers sitting inside their expensive and powerful vehicles.

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