Pankhioye Kal Shor Karyo (Manna Dey)

I came across several Gujarati Gazals and old movie songs by Rafi, Talat Mahmood, Hemant Kumar, Meena Kapoor and Manna Dey. But some of you might fall asleep, if I presented all of them here. The only exception was this one by Manna Dey (no external links available anymore):

Pankhioye Kal Shor Karyo

Also check out the following Hindi song by Rafi, and compare it with the tune of Pal Do Pal Ka Saath Hamara from The Burning Train (1980). Don’t the two Mukhada’s sound similar despite the various other dissimilarities?

Kahun Chhun Jawani Ne Paachhi Vali Ja

The songs I hesitated hyper-linking to are being listed below. Anybody interested about them should inform me.

Talat Mahmood

  • Chadhyan Anmol Kishti Par
  • Javab Dene Kyan Chhe Tun
  • Shane Guman Karto
  • Sukani Ja Tun

Manna Dey

  • Lagi Re Lagan Piya Tori
  • Raheshe Mane Aa Maari
  • Sapna Rupey Aap Na Aavo

Meena Kapoor

  • Kaho Koi Chandne Dubi Mare
  • Mane Eklun Eklun Lage

Mohammed Rafi

  • Divso Judaina Jaay Chhe

Hemant Kumar

  • Tamara Ahin Aaj Pagala Thavana

12 thoughts on “Pankhioye Kal Shor Karyo (Manna Dey)”

  1. By any chance, if you have the Manna Dey’s “Hu tu tu tu”, I would like to get it either from you or from any other source/album.


    Hu tu tu tu tu…chali ramat ni rutu
    (forgot the second line)
    Tej ne timir rame hu tu tu tu hu tu tu tu
    Pani ne samir rame hu tu tu tu hu tu tu tu

  2. Hello,

    Both songs are one of the best, please download song “Tamara ahi aaj pagla thwana” from Hemant kumar.


  3. I would appreciate your uploading Meena Kapoor songs – the copies I have are rather poor. Also I am looking for Mukesh’s song ” Mane yaad phari phari aave” from film Nasibdar – any chance you have it?


  4. Hi,

    There are many links are not active, could you please activate them.

    Thanks for sharing these great songs.

  5. from where can I download ‘pankhioye kalshore karyo ne dharti a suraj chumyo’ and ‘Hu tu tu tu’
    Please help me…i desperately need this songs..and one more… ‘ Lili odhani odhi dharti jhoome rum jhum..”

  6. Chadhyan Anmol Kishti Par….. આ રચના કોની છે? અને કોણે સંગીતબધ્ધ કરેલ છે? કોઇ માહિતી મળતી નથી. કૃપા કરી જણાવશો? છેલ્લા ઘણા સમયથી તલત મહેમૂદ નાં ગાયેલ આ ગીતનાં નશામાં છું. અદ્ભૂત રચના છે.

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