Gujarati Movie Songs By Praful Dave

Gujarati Movie Songs No Longer Available

We are updating links to meet with Google’s AdSense Terms and Conditions, and since none of the following songs are listed on the legit music resources online, we will not be able to provide any links to the same for an indefinite period of time from henceforth.

I recently harvested more Gujarati movie songs by Praful Dave for you. Here we go. Did they compose “Jode Rahejo Raj” for movies a second time? The other recording, as per this link (LINK OBSOLETE NOW), belonged to Prafulbhai’s earlier days. I’d personally recommend the earlier version as against the recent one.

  • Bahuchar Mana Dera Pachhad
  • Chando Ugyo Chowkma
  • Ha Haare Ghaduliyo
  • Ha Haare Gokudni Govalan
  • Jhalawadi Dhol
  • Jode Rehjo Raaj
  • Kankunwar Halya (Duet)
  • Kankunwar Halya (Solo)
  • Mahi Saagarne Aare
  • Pethal Pur Ma Pavo Vagyo
  • Popat Jani Ne Main To
  • Saajan Ne Sathware
  • Saaybo Maro Gol Goto

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  1. Praful Dave, whom I always address as Prafulbhai is one of the most talented, verstile, gifted and natural artist that I have seen. To watch and listen to him on stage is an unforgettable experience. Prafulbhai devoted his entire life to keep Gujarati folk music alive and spread it beyond boundries of India and seven seas. His wife, Bharatiben is equally talented and gifted as well but she chose to provide a stable family setting for their children and remain behind the curtain. Thus, the combined sacrifice for the cause they chose is enormous.

  2. This was a great post uncle, I was wondering could you send me a much clearer version of sayabo maro gol goto to my email (


  3. since long time i was searching for prafulbhai’s songs..thanx a lot for providing it…and i m also looking for kasumbi no rang and the album gurjar prabhat…i will be highly thankful to u if u can provide it…bcoz i m in tanzania and i dont have any source to buy it

    thanks a lot

  4. i want to download ” ho raj mane lagyo kasumbi no rang ” is sung by Mr.prafulbhai dave
    so u fast send me

  5. hi,thanx
    we realy need this type of work for our gujrati song to spred across the world .best of luck keep work doing

  6. Hi, i want “ho raj mane lagyo kasumbi no rang” song, written by – zaverchand meghani and sang by – praful dave. Plz help me to get this song.

  7. I need the song ” maniyaaro te halo halo” by preful dave. Please send me this song as the earliest.

  8. Its really a very nice collection, I like Praful dave’s voice since my childhood.

    He is the person who has alive gujarati music

  9. hello uncle
    1st thanks for the upper stuff
    and still i am searching for the album name is GURJAR PRABHAAT
    unfortunatly album was released in only UK and USA..
    yes…. album wasnt released in india….. so if u have that album than plese contact me

  10. Thanks for this tremendous effort.
    Could you please also upload the poem for which Zaverchand Meghani got the Raj Kavi title from Gandhiji.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. ” ho raj mane lagyo kasumbi no rang ” could you please tell me the meaning of kasumbi? I guess it means patriotism but am not sure.

  12. You are right Nilu. Kasumbo is a flower and the deep saffron shade of color filtered from it, according to Gujarati Shabdkosh. Kasumbi also means deep saffron/ red/ crimson color, which indicates patriotism and a desire to sacrifice for one’s nation in the Indian context. As regards to your request for Meghani’s poem (in mp3 format, I suppose), I’ve stopped gathering the Gujarati Lok Sahitya, movie and folk songs due to the hassles involved in doing so. You can check out the following page to have the desired info about Zaverchand Meghani instead:

  13. I visited the website but unfortunately I cannot read gujarati. Anyway, thank you very much for taking the time to replying, I appreciate that.

  14. hey i have downloaded these songs from u and now will upload them on youtube..hope you won’t mind…

    cypher88888888 on youtube…

  15. Namaste Prafulbhai, hu gujarati geeto no ek nanakdo chahak chu, ane ema pan apda lok sangit na geeto mane bahu pasand che. Hu tamara dwara gavayelu Rashtriya shayar Zhaverchand Meghani likhit “Kasumbi no Rang” geet gana samay thi shodhu chu, pan madtu nathi. Jo aap kripa karine ae geet ahiya upload karso athwa mane mara email id par send karso to mane gano anand thase. Dhanyavad.

  16. i want to download song kasumbi no rang song written by javerchand meghani and sing by prafuldave please help me…………………………………..

  17. If who ever is interested in listening to this rendition of Kasumbi No Rang (I guess “Rang De Basanti” carries the contemporary message of this) …it’s the nearest I can find to a good one on the net..

  18. i want to download pidho kasumbi no rang sung by praful dave please


  19. i want to download song kasumbi no rang song written by javerchand meghani and sing by prafuldave please help me…

  20. Hi..

    please give me gujarati sone ” ho raj , aaj me lagyou kashumbi no range” or also give me gujarti film name.



  21. I want to download ” ho raj mane lagyo kashumbi no rang ” song sung by Praful Dave

    Pls Post it

    Request for the song is poted by Jigar Modi on September 3, 2009 at 2:17 pm. still it is not provided.


    MOB. 9925225920, 9712155888

  23. Jay Mataji

    please please please upload “kasumbino rang” and its my humble request to admin send me mail if possible….

    Hope for reply

  24. Namaste..i need kasumbi no rang by praful dave .searching since long long time. . me or send link. . Plz plz plz plz. . . . . . . . . .

  25. hi Praful bhai,
    ITS long long time I have heard from your side. how are you? how is life.Pi give my regards to Bharatiben and love to kid.
    with regard aruna.

  26. Namaskar.
    mare PAFULBHAI DAVE nu ” MARA NAKHANA PARAWALA JEVI CHUNDI……” GEET VEDIO ANE AUDIO joie che….. kayathi download karu? plz. help me..

    mob. 9374273690

  27. શ્રી પ્રફુલ્લભાઈ દવે, ઝવેરચંદ મેઘાનીનું ગીત “ઓ રાજ મને લાગ્યો કસુંબીનો રંગ ” આ ગીતની lyric રચના મારા ઈમેલ ઉપર મોકલશો. આ ગીત હું રોજ કમ્પ્યુટર ઉપર સાંભળું છુ.
    Lyrics of Gujarati song-O Raj Mane lagyo kasumbino rang

  28. સરોજબેન, જો પ્રફુલ્લભાઈએ ગયેલા ગીતમાં કોઈ પરિવર્તનો નાં હોય તો આ કવિતા તો ઓનલાઈન મેળવી શકાય છે – જોડે આપેલી લિંક ને તપાસો.

  29. Jay Mahakal

    please please please upload “kasumbino rang” and its my humble request to admin send me mail if possible….

    Hope for reply

  30. namste sir hu apna gujrati LOK geeto no bahuj moto kido chu pan mane tame gayelu song “ho raj mane lagyo kashumbi no rang”ane”apna malak na mayalu manvi”bas fakt Aa banee song mara ID par aplod kari dejo .

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