Gujarati Movie Songs By Geeta Dutt

Gujarati Movie SongsĀ No Longer Available

We are updating links to meet with Google’s AdSense Terms and Conditions, and since none of the following songs are listed on the legit music resources online, we will not be able to provide any links to the same for an indefinite period of time from henceforth.

Here is a list of Gujarati movie songs by Geeta Dutt. Locate the mp3 player just below the top left corner on each of these linked pages. Let me know if you have any problems listening to these song tracks.

  • Aaj Mari Nandiye Mehnu Maryun
  • Anande Nache
  • Bhulun Bhutkal Toye
  • Chham Chham Payal Dhire Dhire
  • Ene Jeevava Dyo Ne Jari
  • Ganjifanu Chhe Ghar
  • Gokuliye Rang Ramva
  • Kanuda Tari Moraliye
  • Khovaine Kholva Prabhu
  • Mane Marya Nenana Baan
  • O Majham Ratni Tarli
  • Rakhna Ramakadan
  • Saji Shole Shangar
  • Taliona Tale
  • Tame Thoda Thoda Thaav Varnagi
  • Vanre Vagdane Mojar

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