Amitabh Bachchan Under Fire From His Own Fan-Base

Amitabh came under fire from his own fan quarters for the first time. He recently challenged a couple of posters who were continuing to harass him on non-issues, and won overwhelming support from all sections of his fan-base. There is nothing to be surprised about this though, since he has always won unconditional support from his movie fans post his megastardom. So, what went against him this time? Well, the following ill fated article by Rajdeep Sardesai, it seems, in which Amar Singh was showered with praise and AB too seemed to approve of it.

A majority of Big B fans do not approve of Amar Singh’s existence around him, it appears now. They visualize Singh from a fairly different angle than what Mr Bachchan may like to believe in. There was a constant barrage of anti-Amar Singh rhetoric since Bachchan posted the above article last night. The Hindi movie doyen went unusually silent after reading the reactions. Bachchan is a seasoned public figure (and well beyond the small fries like Amar Singh and his ilk), who can handle such glitches with utmost diplomacy, one knows that well.

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