Who Was Big B’s ICU Mate During The 1982 Crisis?

Big B finally starts speaking about his heydays. Begins by recalling his fight from the jaws of death at the Breach Candy hospital in 1982. Brings out in the mind very familiar pictures for this author, whose both parents had to be shifted in the ICU at some point of time in the past, and whoes dad had to finally breathe his last in the same environs in 2006. Big B makes a tale-telling account as usual- quite narrative, stirring and laden with drama. His ability to visualize the events of past is amazing, and he could easily have been a great fiction writer or a movie director if not into acting.

Many images came to this author’s mind, and the whole 1982 crisis got revisited. How Indira Gandhi had flown to Mumbai to inquire about his health. How the complete absence of any commercial TV channels had still not prevented the entire country going totally hooked to this sole news for months on. How his life’s end would be rumored causing an instant outpouring of public sentiments. How fans would make journeys to temples, stand in huge numbers outside Breach Candy. How each of his ups and downs, as he finally started recovering would be made into major headlines in those days. This author could recall until his departure from Breach Candy, the rest is fuzzy now though. He went ahead to complete Coolie with Man Mohan Desai, which became an instant hit on its release in 1983.

Find Amitabh story-telling about his cheerleader in the ICU as he rose back to his recovery from ash. It may end you chock-a-block with emotions.

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  1. I remember how teams of expert docs were sent to Breach Candy from all over the country. This included Dr KK Shah from my home town Ahmedabad, who also used to treat my dad and even operated me once for my tonsillitis. 🙂

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