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46 thoughts on “Gujarati Movie Songs By Mukesh”

  1. thank you .. I was Looking for these songs in MP3 for a long time as my father and i love to listen

  2. hav u got kishore kumar gujarati songs like hu amdavadano rikshavalo, garam masaledaar khaati meethi vaangi,Chalto rejhe etc…..

  3. You are doing a great service by placing these songs.

    I wonder if you have the following song by Mukesh:

    Mane Yaad Phari Phari Aawe film Nasibdar (1950)

    It is one of the old favorites sung by him.


  4. Dear Sir,
    I like the voice of Mukesh. I need above 18 Gujarati Songs of Mukesh.
    I am finding the same last from 25 years.

    Devendra Shah

  5. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for availing me such a rare songs of Mukesh … Keep up the good work …
    All the best …


    Amish Shah

  6. Dear Mukeshji’s true friend,

    Heartly congratulations for having such a nice collection.

    – Umesh halani

  7. Thanks for great Songs collection.
    Can you find or suggest me from where to get this song from ‘JIGAR ANE AMI’

  8. Thank you for posting such nice collection of Mukesh’s Gujarati Songs.
    Mukesh was the only Non-Gujarati singer (and perhaps Asha Bhosale) who sang maximum number of Gujarati songs and most of them were written and composed by Avinash Vyas.
    Like all other songs sung my Mukesh his Gujarati songs also were and are
    amongst most popular songs.
    Mukesh must have sung arround 900 odd songs and majority of them were and are (till today) liked by the people.
    He was just great singer and also a great person!

  9. i love to listen gujarati song very much. i want to listen song- tara roopni poonamno pagal hu aklo.

  10. Welcome Mr Desai. You should fill the Captcha text on top right of the page after having pressed the download button – this in case you didn’t wish listening to the streaming player. It will take you to another page showing various plans of the hosting site badongo.com. Press another download button, which shall appear beneath the table after a brief countdown. That should suffice. I just downloaded one track from there and it worked.

  11. Great sirji.. Still Old is Gold . So many peoples are searching this Gujarati “Yaadgaar” songs. Thanks a lot…

  12. i want to download the song ” gagan to mast chhe ” rom the gujarati film ” Ghar ni Shobha “. Can u help me….??

  13. I like sugamsangeet, Gazal,Folk Songs old gujaratisongs .I also like songs sing by Mukeshji & Rafiji

  14. thnx……………………….a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
    u r doing the greatest jovb ever.

  15. plese send me some more links for gujrati songs i want the following song


  16. Please can you tell me how or where to download these songs. I have tried right-click and
    save as but to no avail. it only save the link.

  17. Thank you for the golden voice and melody of mukesh.

    I have been looking for “Sajan Mari Pritadi” song from the movie Jigar ane Ami, for 3 years. If you have it, please please share it.

    Thank you.

  18. Hi, I’ve got most of the Mukesh’s Gujarati Songs including the above songs asked by other people like ‘Sajan mari pritdi’ and ‘Mane yadad fari fari aave’ plus more. I am great Mukesh fan with whom I had good chance to meet and talk. Out of his 941 songs, I’ve got 850 songs and looking for few to complete my data base.

  19. Dear Team,

    i am trying to find the song of mukeshji: Sajan mari pretdi chhe sadiyo purani from JIGAR ANE AMI.
    but there are not provider of share this song ever.

    kindly find this songs for mukesh fans.

    Hetan Pandya

  20. Dear Sir,
    I like the voice of Mukesh. I need above 18 Gujarati Songs of Mukesh.
    I am finding the same last from 10 years.

  21. undoubtly mukesh is one of the great voice of india… I am big fan of mukesh.. and was searching for mukesh’s gujrati songs. really thanks to this post i found it.. great knowledge share too…


  23. Awesome

    nice guj song……………

    I m not Eligible to appreciate to u.

    But want tell “Heats of U”

  24. The list of songs sung by mukesh in gujarati is good job and very nice effort but ,should have mention with movies
    please any body can tell me from which movie is this song
    Mara Bhola Dil No

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