Tales Of Brand Amitabh Bachchan

He denied having been paid by BigAdda, and we should accept his denial. But, one thing is sure, his blog is part of a major drive for strengthening brand Big B, in the face of some sinister anti-Bachchan and anti-north Indian campaigns by Raj Thakrey in Mumbai. Also, with Big B’s usual ability to hold audiences mesmerized, they might be trying to build the right momentum for his upcoming movie releases. Remember, SRK is blazing all guns from across the IPL perch these days (notwithstanding his Kolkata Riders’ failures). It is common sense, other major Bollywood players did also have their options reevaluated, hence Big B’s new found blogging love, my humble guess!

You could also notice how frequently Big B was blogging, which sounds strange, keeping in mind his movie and public life commitments. May be he was on a temporary drive before his website was launched (he recently spoke about it) with sections on his father’s literary works and his other family members. If you blogged and spent online time, you’d know it was not so simple doing it without compromising with your daily chores. Mr Bachchan might be getting aided by the BigAdaa people in this case. In fact, you could notice he was being indeed, if you regularly observed his blog entries. There are things only teachies and professionals will be able to do so cleanly and regularly and not any other lay computer user. For example, the following photos and listed names may not be asembled without either spending your precious time formatting and uploading them, or being aided by some junior techies:

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DAY 32 Post

DAY 33 Post

Whatever the truth behind Lamboo’s weblog, his fans are having a hey time these days keeping watch on his daily movements.

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