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DAY 37(ii) Post (Link removed)

On the sets of ‘Aladin’ again and a song !!

Petrified ! Songs have always been a nightmare for me. But more of that later.

Dear Amitji,
I have quoted the above two sentences from your previous post. It leaves many of us surprised, since your songs have always played a key role in your success. Kindly, grant me the permission to make the following observations in this regard.

1. This blog seems to be carrying out a two-way communication: Helping you know us (the audiences) better and vice-versa. You recently mentioned how tired and doubtful you were feeling the morning you had a shoot, and suddenly somebody’s positive sms made up your day….seems like a familiar story, since most of us have to go through the same, in one or the other way. This blog is, therefore, helping us know you as much as you might do about us!

2. When you have finally spoken and shared enough about your current projects and your close ones (we are enjoying it, no doubt), kindly, look back into your past and let us know once again about your past associates. Allow us to read the “not-so-diplomatic” version of that era. Let us know about your working with Hrishida, his movies like Mili, Abhiman Chupke Chupke and Namak Haram. This author recently watched Namak Haram (doesn’t know if it was produced before or after Zanjeer) and noticed how you had this “angry young man” character flowing out of your (on-screen) persona by that period.

This explosive energy, which would then devastate your on-screen adversaries, and your ability to act it so fabulously, proved out a crucial aspect for your later career, and may not be reenacted by anybody else, however hard they may try at it. Allow us to know more about this on-screen transformation – going into the top of aggression (Zanjeer and Deewar) from the earlier works. How did you realize you could/ should do it? Didn’t this aggressiveness suit the actor that was lying inside you? Or was it also a nightmarish experience just like songs?

3. An interview that you gave after the success of Abhiman was re-aired by the BBC Hindi service a few years ago. They sounded as if you had reached at your pinnacle by then. You also seemed to agree with them, forcing this author to be amused. You did not have the idea of the rise you were yet to see in the Hindi cinema…did you have really?!

4. Let us also know things about Prakash Mehra, MM Desai and Yash Chopra, with whom you gave so many major hits. You, Mehra and Desai seem to come out of the same age group…almost! Did this help in making your association bloom, in anyway?

5. Being an ardent Kishoreda fan, let me ask you this. How was it acting, when you knew, you had his voice to rely on? The two of you together gave so many great numbers….this despite of you saying songs were nightmarish!

It wasn’t a piece of cake for everybody to act on Kishoreda’s voice – he used to sing with so much energy and passion – yet you succeeded in reciprocating his brilliance on-screen. How challenging was it to shoot on KK numbers? And where do you see today’s playback guys? Do you still feel the same charge and excitement that KK (along with RDB, Ashadi, Latadi and other singers and composures of that era) provided you in those days? You had some kind of misunderstanding with him during the mid 80s. It left us short of a few more milestone numbers!

More later…
Warm Regards,
Pankaj Mohan

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