Continuing With The Debate On Osho’s Controversies

osho_image.jpgI have started to believe of late, that one should try to keep away from the Osho communes and his followers. The master was so impressive that you start expecting his followers to match his virtuosity too, at least in some degree, which is too much of an expectation unfortunately. A majority of them could be found making stupid arguments and fighting amongst themselves at the gathering they organize. So much amazing to see them talk of spirituality, consciousness and love…yet providing no hint of any such experience, at all! Expect a mass of dry and barren souls, if you ever decided to meet the  ordinary Oshoites. Those knowing Osho better might not speak as well, fearing the onslaught of these chicken-less heads.

I have also noticed, how the old timers are increasingly complaining about the changes being infused into the Pune commune and the movement’s overall mood. The problem lies again in what I stated earlier. Osho was so omnipresent during his heydays, that nothing could diminish his aura. However, the commune started fading away somewhat as soon as his physical existence ceased to exist. This is why perhaps, the Pune Ashram has now been given the facelift of a meditation resort, since they know it is simply not possible to embody what Osho stood for. Nobody can, to be frank. The original was so vast and fulfilling that none of his substitutes, including the communes, can ever think of imitating his presence in any manner. (There is one so-called Rajneesh incarnation as well who is selling his books free online…lolz)

Obviously, it was only after Osho’s demise that the anti-Osho forces began to sniff their first ever chance, something the past and disgruntled Oshoites like Christopher Calder have flourished upon in the recent years. In my opinion, it is the rot of Sanyasins more than Osho’s so-called misconduct, is what we have been witnessing through Calder’s outburst recently. No doubt, the guru must have donned the role of Mulla Nasruddin (read shrewdness) he often spoke of to make this circus he presided manageable, but the more I see the variety of Oshoites I mentioned above, the more I appreciate him for his impeccable performance. These Sanyasins are no ordinary souls for sure. They must have vigorously fought for sex, trance and drugs in those days and later diverted all the frustrations on master.

Even though, the present Osho movement lacks in courage to face up to the challenge posed by Calder, it is the movement’s own incapacities that might see its downfall (if it was to happen ever) more than any of Calder’s arguments in my opinion. The whole opposition to Osho survives on his presence around. They are playing out his shadow, nothing more, and so would always keep following into his footsteps. The shadows (or negatives) make out Osho more insightful, interesting, colorful and rational sounding than what (the two-dimensional portrayals) his core followers might seem to portray about him.

Osho’s healing discourses and words are more significant for a majority of his well-wishers, and it is this treasure, which needs being preserved for the future generations. Let Osho’s communes and his stagnant followers dilute into the air…who cares. But, the guru’s discourses must be digitalized and made available to each and all of those that might need his healing prowess. Remember, whatever the wounded Calder might say, we know how magical and healing Osho was and would always be. And this means more than anything else  – which includes ongoing fights, claims and counterclaims by his supporters and detractors both – for a person like me.


To the regular Oshoites: Please don’t taken my criticism too seriously. Hope you keep on flourishing.

One Osho sympathizer, Anthony Thompson, has been refuting most of the anti-Osho propaganda being circulated around. Click here to look at it (also shared in my previous post on this issue).

Check out more by Mr Thompson on this issue here.

14 thoughts on “Continuing With The Debate On Osho’s Controversies”

  1. Osho’s healing discourses and words are more significant for a majority of his well-wishers, and it is this treasure, which needs being preserved for the future generations. Let Osho’s communes and his stagnant followers dilute into the air…who cares. But, the guru’s discourses must be digitalized and made available to each and all who might need to go through his healing experience.

    I absolutely agree with the above. Very well said.

  2. As many others preachers, words from Oshos must be taken with certain caution. In what concern to meditation first steps, no problem, for this is a universal teaching. But when Osho talks about history, in many instances, he makes many deep and wrong interpretations. In this case, he steals the beauty of the hsytory and gathers beautyful things just in one basket. Unfortunatley he wants to put his authority on this. History has its reasons and causes, good or bad and it evolves as the time goes. Buddha is more than he talks, Krishna and Jesus-Christ too. The reason for their existence in “our” world is not only our “nirvana” or to awaken us. Many things run parelled to this. But Osho´s refusal to history has made him incomplete. The issue is more deep than he could aprehend. Regards

  3. I think, it also depends on how and from which intellectual position you look at Osho. I distinctly divide Osho’s well-wishers and critics into two groups. The first one consists of those who might have personally known Osho or had been to his communes. They have a deeper understanding of him, and in some cases a lot more than they should be having.

    The other side mainly consists of a distant listener like me, who has no idea of the things taking place around Osho. This group too has many of his critics, with often funny reasons to look down on him. I won’t be delving into those aspects.

    But I believe, a large number of his well-wishers, including this blogger, would never want to bother about his history knowledge. They are content with Osho’s ability to read through the human minds. The rest has little significance. I could connect with Budhdha, Krishna and Meera more deeply than ever before, after listening to his ideas. I enhanced as a human being listening to his opinion. Whether this was complete or not in someone else’s opinion doesn’t matter. Neither could I generalize and enforce my own views onto the others. They should make their own mind up about Osho.

  4. That message was only intended to test you. Due to the answer, it will not be fruitful, for both sides, continuing. I deeply apoligise for giving you work on answering that. I do not have this right.

  5. Ricardo, you spoke more about yourself than testing me. From what I see, people often indulge in fruitless chatters regarding Osho. This includes some very serious-minded human beings. I’ve spent enough time observing this in the real and cyber domains, both. I’ve a very specific opinion about him, which takes the good and leaves the bad out of him. Those who spent years following him until the point of his demise – and my criticism, if any, is directed towards them – before starting to complain, hardly make any sense.

    I take the extra effort answering the -ve remarks to help those, who might be looking to have something good from Osho. it is futile IMHO to gauge the people online from their passing remarks, something you seem to do. My previous reference “from which intellectual position you opine” had an obvious suggestion.

  6. Once the master departs, there is nothing left but the business. I am not surprised that the Koregaon park one does not share bliss vibes. It is more like a resort now.

  7. Lol.. Trying Osho meditations will certainly provide some clues to what he is “really” trying to convey. But, if people are only interested in research and analysis meditations are not necessary; still they can make beautiful castles off of his words. Frankly, understanding Osho through logic is not a wise thing to do. Because, Osho himself will soon blew those castles away (without notice). Hey, but it is fun!

  8. What must happen so that people acknowledge that Osho did indeed use more N2O and Valium for his own good? Osho was fun to be around, but he was not “holy”, nor does his claim to “enlightenment” make much sense either. Whatever he meant by moving “beyond enlightenment” (no man has been there before, he claimed!), whatever he meant when he really seemed to have believed that he was “Buddha’s vehicle”, when he advised us to wear “radioactive belts” because they keep you young, his idea that he was poisoned (on the Ranch he claimed Sheela poisoned him, then it was the US Gouvernment) … I think it is pretty obvious, if a bit sad, that Osho was somewhat deluded towards the end, i.e. after the Rancho experiment.
    Still, he was charming, creative … and mad as hatter. What I don’t get, however, is why had to play the Guru game when in the end all of his teachings boil down to … vipassana. Some people claim that he ended the Guru game – but then, one brief look into the “Rajneesh Times”, or a cursory listening to the many Osho songs out there will tell you that he was so totally into it … Maybe he needed us to finance his life. That’s okay for me, we had much fun along the way with him. But why people defend him today? And why people like Anthony who have never met Osho … that’s quite beyond me. But then, every Christ needs a St. Paul, and Osho seems to have many of that. And as Osho was fond of pointing out, Jesus was mad. Well, Osho must have known …

  9. A better question to ask would be, why should anybody listen to the past Oshoites, more so the critics? The younger generations have Osho’s discourses and personal wisdom, apart from their own meditative experiences. Why should they bother about the “fun-seekers” of the yore?

  10. It was deja vu all the way for me as i started reading your blog forwarded to me by a friend. I read osho for two months before i visited one his most respected communes in north india in 2001. And i looked all of the sannyasins awestruck all the time, thinking and expecting so much of what osho had said from them. What followed was a complete catastrophe!! Poor them and poor me. My mistake ! I completely admit. Eventually i stopped going to these communes gradually just as gradually as osho’s words seeped into me and made me feel closer to him every passing day . Osho said once that he just wants to leave each one of us independent of everybody and in direct communion with the existence. From where i see it , his discourses and meditation techniques accomplish just that. At least for me it does. So the “only need ” highlighted in the article above i.e. that of preserving his discourses is enough to preserve whatever can be preserved of the remains of the greatest man who walked this planet ever. ( yeah i might be going overboard in saying that for many of the rationals , but please understand thats a disciple talking…and nothing to him / her is greater or more beautiful than his master …)

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