Kishore Kumar – The Undisputed King!

KK The Undisputed King
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A well-contested argument should always be expected between the Kishore Kumar and Rafi fan-blocks, if someone speaks their mind about who they thought was a better performer. I have myself spoken previously on this sensitive subject. Recently, I also came across the following article by Sandipan Deb in The Indian Express, which declares Kishoreda as the numero uno without any leverage to the Rafi-ans.

Sandipan says: “His (Kishore’s) voice could transport you, and he had many voices, depending on which actor he was singing for, but all of them maintained a virility and a realness that I have always found missing in singers like Mohammad Rafi: even Rafi’s happy songs have always sounded a tad mournful to me and — sorry — a bit effeminate, and there’s too much training, too much technique behind those high pitched notes. In contrast, Kishore Kumar’s voice and his singing are guileless and straight from the heart. But he was much more than the voice. If ever there was a man who was living life to the full without making any concessions to any perceived wisdom, it was him. And it showed in his best songs, whether joyous or melancholy.”

A bit harsh on the devoted Rafi-ians, one could say, but the author backs himself by providing some good examples, and therefore portrays a thoughtful analysis. Specially, if you recall how Rafi’s classical mold gave away to KK’s all-round performance after the success of Aradhana, i.e. with the onset of the 1970s. The Hindi Cinema was bracing for a major transformation during this period, which required more versatile singers and composers like Kishoreda, RD Burman and Asha Bhonsle. These three gave us some of the best Hindi cinema music that we could ever come across.

While Gujarat and West Bengal may seem to be poles apart in many areas, including the ideological beliefs and the governance they vouch for, Kishoreda’s virtuosity is something no one disputes about!

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  1. Oh…so you think of this article…a piece of crap… a thoughtful analysis??? An economist who happens to be involved with Indian Express group in some capacity and gets to write in it about his WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE about MUSIC!!!

    Here is another piece of analysis about Kishore Kumar as a singer !!! Yes as a “singer”…if it pleases you !

    Rest assured that there NEVER EVER will be ANOTHER like him. A bathroom singer (that too when at his best!) with such an inferior voice who also became popular. His voice could irritate you like a noise, and he had many noises, depending on which actor he was singing for (or rather which composer…he was truly the best with the greatest of them all…BAPPI LAHIRI), but all of them ALWAYS had his stamp…roughness, screaming, monkey noises, hoarseness (isn’t that MANLY?), lack of training, lack of polishness (isn’t that REALNESS? He could make anyone think – “If Kishore Kumar could be a singer then why should I be far behind?” How much more real can you get?). All these qualities are indeed sorely missing in singers like Mohammed Rafi: his Yahoo! song was so mournful…He was a tragedy king every time he sang for Shammi Kapoor. His “Kar chale hum fida” was so effeminate. There is too much training, too much technique making him the first choice for big bores like Naushad, SJ, SDB, LP and Madan Mohan. All big bores! In contrast are Kishore Kumar’s NOISE and his efforts to sing! Unpolished, straight from the bathroom and so much more REAL. And he was much more than a mere noise. He was ALSO an eccentric man with a sharp noise as his voice. And it showed every time he tried to sing.

  2. Lol at BeAware! So, you are a Rafian. Welcome to my weblog. Welcome to Manoj as well. There will be plenty to read on about Rafi later. This is just the beginning, and since I’m a hardcore KK fan, it should tell you why I thought Sandipan made sense. 🙂

  3. If anyone thinks rafi is better than kk he must go to the mental hospital.i will pay the expenses

  4. kk is the besr ever singer in this universe.mohammad rafi is like a bright shining bulb of 200 watts whereas kk is like sun.

  5. I personally never felt connected with Rafi’s voice as much as KK’s. And the reasons for the same have quite aptly been stated by Sandipan Deb in his Indian Express story. It doesn’t mean one was looking down at Rafi’s caliber. It depends on one’s personal choice, nothing else. Both were alive during my early childhood days. Rafi died earlier, and may be since I had more chance to listen to KK’s voice while growing up (I even saw him perform live on Doordarshan before he passed away), my loyalties have always remained with him.

    Thanks Vinod & kulcha for your comments.

  6. hi advin , u seem to have a greate knowledge of music.moreover u are lucky to have a glimpse of kk.thanks

  7. i vote for kishire kumar as a better singer than md rafi.his range is much higher than any other singers.he really deserves the Bharat ratna award.

  8. Hi Guys ,
    I have been singing and listening to kishoreji’s songs since my childhood, I have seen him singing on doordarshan when he was alive, he still is ,in his fans’ memories. I was shell shocked after reading Manoj’s comments. I understand he is Rafiji’s fan but he shouldn’t have used the adjectives he did for Kishoreji. And a person who loves music can never use those kind of words. So I doubt if Manhoj knows what music is all about.
    I have never found the voice clarity kishore ji had when it came to Ha, Na, amd Ma sounds in any other singer’s voice. Manna dey had that clarity too but Kihore ji’s voice quality is unmatched.The depth in his voice in songs like dheere se jana khatiyan mein, o maanjhi re, mere naina sawan bhaado, chingarhi koi bhadke …,the list is long, is unmatched. I like to listen to Rafi ji’s songs too. But I have observed that many singers have gone very close to Rafi ji’s style of singing viz. Debashish, sonu nigam but I have never seen anybody doing that as far as Kishore ji’s voice quality is concerned. His voice was the first and last gift to humankind from the Almighty as far as singing is concerned. PERIOD.

  9. “I have never found the voice clarity kishore ji had when it came to Ha, Na, amd Ma sounds in any other singer’s voice.”

    Great observation there, Rakesh! I have also thought about it, and even tried to pronounce those words the way KK did, but always missed him by several miles. 🙂

    Vinod, we have got one more witness in Rakesh now of having seen KK perform live on Doordarshan.

  10. Btw, somebody is attempting to make a documentary on KK. He is just like one of us, a hardcore KK fan, and no film maker. But, he is determined to do something serious on KK and leave it behind for the next generation, and my sincere wish is he succeeds. We shall have more about it and other stories on KK very soon. Right now I’m very busy…but will have something more to post on within a week. Keep visiting friends. Thanks for your continued support!

  11. @ Abhimanyu, whose comments were deleted.

    Please keep decorum. Unless done so, I’ll have to delete your messages, no other option. I don’t wish moderating comments on this website, so hoping that you’ll make a better use of this facility in the future.

    At the same time, read to what BeAware stated in the beginning (unless you are the same person), and see how he does it without inviting sanctions.

  12. please send that beware to a mental aylum asap..he can cause harm to our society with his nonsense.

    Man if u dnt know music dnt blabber like a monkey [EDITED]. and yes after listening to kishoreda dnt sing in bathroom cos from ur crap bullshit its very well understood wat kinda voice u will hav [EDITED] dnt even try ur vocal chords.

    Rafi was a great singer no doubt but using such words for a legend like Kishoreda shows ur knowledge of things esp music so dnt post in public forums henceforth cos no one is interested in ur craps.

    And yea all those who found his idiotic comments funny can consult a psychatriast too.

    Bware ur review

    attempt at humor 0/10
    knowledge of music 0/10
    grey matter nil

  13. @xyz, the anonymous…

    Asking the whole world to be sent to a mental asylum … you are a nutcase yourself. Mate, this is the era of the Internet and the best way out is to laugh and move on. With scores of the BeAwares lurking around, it might only get you distressed, none others.

    Btw, I have had a few bare abuses removed for KK by this time as well, and wonder how could the Rafi-ans, who knowing fully how refined their idol was, resort to such lowly behavior?!

  14. @ Manmohan Srivastav aka Imtiaz, whose message was deleted for the sheer abusive language he used for KK:

    At least be man-enough to use your real name. It just shows the cowardice in you. The true Rafi-ans, a majority of whom are Hindus, would be ashamed to have you in their extended family.

    To the other Rafi-ans, who might be visiting, but feeling hesitant to comment on a KK-centric site: Try being civil and non-abusive and your anti-KK outburst won’t be removed or moderated.

  15. Hi Guys,
    You people love kishore ji , so do I . I have uploaded some kishoreji gems sung by me on ..hope u people love to sing as well . Please join muziboo and have an audience listening to you and commenting and giving feedbacks on your’s a lovely site for music lovers like us. My songs are kind of tribute to Kishore ji
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  16. hi Guys.
    Both Rafi saab n kishore da r great singers infact legends…. n we would be really minnows to judge these two stalwarts….
    But having said that i would consider Rafi the greatest ever…. Because …….
    kishore himself being a legend once said
    “It is even very stupid even to compare any other singer to Rafi Sahab” when he was questioned by a journalist comparing him wid Rafi sahaab.
    and moreover Kishoreda himself was a great fan of Rafi sahaab… Its said that Kishore da had only one photo framed in his bungalow that was Rafi Sahaabs….. so the point that Rafi Sahaab reigns supreme prevails……. N who could have been a better judje in this case than very own Kishore da….

  17. please tell me from which movie is this song sung by kishore kumar

  18. I feel pity for these so called Rafi fans…….actually both Rafi n Kishor are legends… but as for as versatility is concerned…Kishor ka jawab nahin…

  19. To me Rafi is the greatest Singer in the domain of Indian Film music. Manna Dey said about Rafi in an interview with “Shananda”, a bengali magazine ” Such a big artist was not born in the last hundred years, neither will be be born in the coming hundred years”. Rafi, the undisputed King of the film songs completely dominated Bollywood music for twenty years. Although the pattern of songs in the seventies was mostly suited to the voice of Kishore and during post seventies Kishores songs were more popular, Rafi again made a come back with ” Tere galiyon mey”,” Kya hua tera wada’ etc. Surely Kishore was a very talented singer and brought a new style in singing but he can not be compared to the versatile Rafi whose golden melodious and high pitched voice took us to heavens in whether romantic, sad, relegious or patriotic songs. Rafi has passed the test the test of time whose songs will remain immortal in the hearts of millions of peiple.

  20. Conversation moved from The Kishore Kumar Vs Mohammed Rafi Saga as it goes more with the mood here.

    31|Aug|2008 10

    The article tends to potrait Rafi and Kishore to be representatives of two eras,Rafi
    belonging to the old and Kishore to the new and also relects at attempt to bring them
    on an equal plane in terms of singing. The first contention is partially true since Rafi was
    the undisputed King of Indian Film Music world of 50s and 60s. During 70s people’s taste
    of music underwent a change and a good number started to bend towards lighter songs
    with less classical background. Kishore’s voice was more suited to this new type of
    songs but I differ with the writer when he says that the industry needed more versatile
    response like Kishore, Asha and R.D. Burman. I don’t think Kishore and Asha could
    surpass Rafi and Lata in versatility. Rafi was always far ahead of Kishore.


    01|Sep|2008 11

    Musharraf, it depends on how you define terms like versatile. Each to their own views. Sometimes, two differing views can have equal measure of significance, in their own ways. But on other occasions, it becomes funny to keep chatting on such matters….Rafi vs Kishore, Lara vs Sachin. One way to gauge any musician’s caliber is to trace their legacy after their demise. I’m into my late thirties now, and I find 20 some newbies playing Kishoreda’s songs in their ipods. The same could not be stated about Rafi Saab though. His legacy has not affected the generation next the way Kishoreda did. Same about RDB and Asha.

    The noted Indian painter MF Hussain recently commented in a BBC (Hindi Service) interview, that MS Subbulaxmi was a more able singer compared to Lata. How many of us would agree with that? Hussain may think whatever he may wish to; up to him. He is a good painter. But, not supposed to decide which singer one should listen to. Who cares how classical or non-classical a singer was or not. Lata is more praiseworthy for the common man, since she could entertain fans of all ages, hues and moods. That shows her mastery, her caliber.


    01|Sep|2008 12

    Admin, I am a Rafian but when I make a comparison, I try to become objective to uphold the truth and give due respect and value to all who deserve. For 20 years Rafi was the number one play back singer in Bollywood among all whether male or female, whether in solo or in duet. If you wish I can cite many examples. Kishore was undoubtedly a very talented singer with a golden voice but could he reign like Rafi for that long period or dominate his female counter parts in duets as Rafi did? Rafi’s God gifted voice with classical training enabled him to sing high pitched song to soft romantic songs from ghazals to hilarious songs. Even during the 70s he made a come back with ” Kya hua tera wada” or “Tere Galiyon mey”. You may be right that nowadays a group of new generation may prefer Kishore to Rafi due to his style suited to light songs but it is also true that Rafi’s songs are stilled being played at thousands of places on the globe. However, my point is not to glorify Rafi at the expense of Kishore. Kishore was a great singer and his contributions will be remembered long but Rafi went to the highest peak of dominance.


    01|Sep|2008 13

    My last message should have ended this debate, at least between you and me. You repeated it all using the word “truth”. Truth is the most misused term in mankind’s history. There is nothing objective in what you say about Rafi vs Kishore. In fact, one could even prove Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan as the greatest, if they wished (a few post 1990-born do think they are!)…this is the fallacy of human logic. If you can’t understand KK’s legacy past his demise and call it light music, this and that, then I strongly doubt your sincerity to debate this issue. You may just be one of those Rafi fans trying to raise his banner, just like many KK fans do it here.

    I have been through this debate before. It’s a waste of time beyond a certain degree; each to their own views.

    PS – I personally regard KK above others by a huge huge margin. But, it’s not just about KK or Rafi…Mukesh too had his magical moments. It boils down to one’s personal opinion in any case. Who was the greatest will be decided by whose fan-following outnumbered the others. I know a Rafi fan who may admire Kishore, but who – according to himself – finds Mukesh unbearable. This sounds harsh and strange, but, that is how opinions are…so learn to live with it. I’ve on my my part!


    16|Sep|2008 15

    I lost the website and could not respond to your last post. I believe that we all discuss or debate any theory in good spirits and any article, if posted in public forum may invite responses from some who may agree and some who may differ. This is the charm of the democratic principle, “Freedom of Expression”. But at the end we all enlighten ourselves through the interchange of ideas. So your article or any part of it may be questioned by the readers who hold a different view on any issue. As you regard Kishore over others by a huge margin I too regard Rafi over others by a similar margin if not more and never loose a chance to highlight Rafi, notwithstanding how cleverely it is done, when I observe any attempt to place any playback singer of Bollywood whether male or female above Rafi.

  21. Both were Fabulous & i think they should remain undisputed. As i am seeing that in reviews exact picture is not being depicted by anybody. Personal liking is something different & i am watching some biasness in reviews.
    I am here try to portray exact picture what i came to know through the mouth of Famous Music director RD Burman, one of the Closest friend of KK. RD BURMAN Gave big hits for KK.

     Rafi Sahib Was a genuine singer, & such a big star rehearsed song several times before recording song to eliminate the chances of even minor errors in singing. (RD BURMAN)

     KK was a GOD Gifted Singer having good voice & versatile, but he was copier. One song “Meray naina Sawan Bha doo” KK copied Lata DIDI & song was little bit amended for KK to suits his voice. (RD BURMAN)

     Rafi Sahib’s had a quality to sing any type of song, Qawali, Hamd-o-Naat, bhajan, etc.

     KK himself admitted that he didn’t know “Sa Ray Gaa Maa Paa” Raag, Ragni etc & he further added if I tell this to people they will not admit. (KK)

    I personally liked KK but as I grew up & come to know about some know how of music I felt & admitted that M. Rafi Sahib is Great Singer & has edge on other singers till the singers of this era.
    Few songs I would like to mention here of Rafi Sahib “Tu Hi Woh Haseen Hey’ looks very simple but in singing it is very difficult song. Aaj Purani Rahoon Sey Koi Mujey Awaz Naa Dey” Ae Mohabat Zinda baad” Tum ney mujhey Dekha, these songs seems to be simple but in reality difficult songs & Rafi Sahib song very beautifully & justified.

    Daily I hear KK’s songs more than Rafi’s Songs. We can notice KK’s songs are straight & little bit easy.

    “Eik Larki Mera Hath Pakar Ker Boli”
    “Do pardesi Anjaney Say”
    “Kharishu Varishu” duet song with Asha JI.

    But his voice was no doubt outstanding & can admire once heart in seconds.

    But here we are discussing Music & Singing so we should keep in mind the opinion of Music directors this is one example of music director but there is chain of MD who admired M. Rafi Sb. We should be rationale & unbiased, there are several singers of this era who admitted that Rafi is their teacher in singing as they learned singing from the songs of Rafi.

    Music Director’s opinion has more worth than ours as they look into all the aspects of singing in more professional ways than us as they direct music & we are only listeners.

    As per all the fields of singing is concerned M. Rafi Sb is big singer.

    To say the Rafi is 200Watt Bulb & KK is SUN its wrong both are good on their Places.

    I saw one reviewer commenting that who says that Rafi is big singer should go Hospital on his expense. RD Burman is not with us he also falls in this category who should be admitted in hospital as per our reviewer comments.

    So be rational & what I have written hurt any body’s feeling sorry for that.

    Both are shining diamonds & several new comers will learn singing from their songs.

  22. Thanks Raja. I must say, despite the tilt for Rafi, yours was one of the most unbiased reviews until now. Thanks for taking up so much time. My support for Sandipan Deb’s article and my own title to this post will remain as it is though. 🙂

  23. Recently Sonu Nigam has staged a concert in London singing songs of Mohd. Rafi.It was also broadcasted in Sony TV. Unfortunately I missed the program. Can anyone enlighten me whether any CD is available in India of that concert in London? Also I would like to hear valued comments from the co-visitors of this website as to how successful Sonu Nigam was in singing the songs of Rafi Saab.

  24. I really feel this Rafi KK war is endless as there are countless admirers of both these great singers.

    I myself listen to both these singers and recently started compiling MP3 Cds of both. To my utter amazement I could not find more than 100 popular songs of Kishore includind the rubbish he sung for AB and I have already downloaded more than 1200 songs of Rafi and remember all are gems of pre 70s era.

    I rue my stupidity of treating both singers at par. There is no comparision at all.

  25. @Abhas,
    Your personal choice is not the benchmark of popularity. This is the biggest illusion Rafi fans may have – confusing personal opinions with general norms. Kishore fans do not think on those lines. And why they should? Their master is so omnipresent and his fan-following so obvious, the rest obviously becomes inconsequential!

    Where have Kishoreda fans gone? I find more Rafi fans answering this thread nowadays. Some from across the border. Shows the reach of my blog, something I should be proud of. But who would answer, apart from me, these RAFI KE CHAAHNEVAALE? They have been getting bolder with each passed on comment, as you might see it here…lol!

  26. Moved from The Kishore Kumar Vs Mohammed Rafi Saga

    KK a purna avatar!! what a joke!! a singer who has limited reach cannot be called Purna. A singer cannnot be purna without having sung bhajans, ghazals, thumri, quawwali etc.

    Kishore should better be compared with Talat, Mukesh, Udit and Sonu and not with Someone like Rafi who is in a different league.

  27. As I have mentioned in the other page, Kishore Kumar was unmatched. I don’t think another Kishore Kumar will ver come.

  28. one person said “KISHORE KUMAR IS GOD,HE IS GREATEST,RAFI IS LIKE CHILD ……….” i think he or she should probably keep in mind that this GOD itself was fan of this child, agar aaj kishoreda jinda hote to apne ek FAN ke aise statement se apne CHILD se mafi mangate…..
    if you like someone’s voice it doesn’t mean that all other are nothing in front of him, it is more about personal choice.
    I am a fan of rafi shaab, but i can’t say that kishoreda was not a great singer…. I know KK ne indian music ko ek new definition di thi… but RAFI ka jawab Nahi……….

  29. Md Rafi is the greatest Male playback singer ever. Let us not forget all great MDs preferred Rafi to all other singers in 50s and
    60s. In 70s, when Kishore hogged the limelight, it was becasuse Rafi voice suffered one operation and it was down compared to
    his best times. Secondly, the test of music took a turn in those days. But those who have listened to them minutely would agree that
    Rafi’s voice was far too musical and melodious, if compared to that of kishore Kumar.Let us not forget in the late 50s, when Talat,
    Manna Dey, Mukesh,Kishore and Hemant Kumar were at their best, music directors preferred Rafi to all of them.In his own state, WB, in Bengali songs also, Kishore was never considered to be the best voice, when compared to Hemant Kumar or Debabrata Biswas. There is’nt any speck of doubt that he was a great singer with his sonorous voice, but why should we put him in equal plane with someone like Rafi sahab, is just beyond my ken. In the realm of sad and classical songs, where the real test of the singer
    can be perceived, Kishore had to face his waterloo there.


  30. Go here to read more about how I look at this Rafi vs Kishore debate and those doing it now. I have stopped arguing with Rafians for the reasons stated therein. It is futile to do, since Kishore and Rafi fans belong to two distinct psychological orders that can’t be made to know each other appreciate it.

  31. Moved from The Kishore Kumar Vs Mohammed Rafi Saga:

    Rafi was a versatile singer, his tone from base to top used to remain the same. at the same time there was no cavity in his voice and was very clear in his pronounciation. Be it belly, chest, throat, nasal etc. he could sing anything with the best expression. Otherwise also, if you listen to his songs you will feel more improvisation, feeling and delicacies. Kishore on the other hand had a class of his own and had a powerfull voice. He did have limitations when it came to versatility. songs of his style was his cup of tea. Like Talat, Mukesh, Hemant, Yasudhas, all had equally good voices and were best when the songs were composed to their liking. Technically, Manaday was unique and the best, his only problem was that his voice did not match the heros of that era and secondly more classical and lacked plainness. He was my very favourite but cannot snatch credit from Rafi for being the all time best.

  32. Moved from The Kishore Kumar Vs Mohammed Rafi Saga:

    I was first kishore kumar’s fan, and i had heard rafi just a few times and didnt like it, but once i bought a dvd that sonu nigam paid tribute to rafi, after that i downloaded some of his songs, and he took my breath away. Rafi’s range is bigger than any other singer ever existed for instance the highest range to umm lets say yelling -its a range- is rafi’s and his romantic songs has a intoxication in them for instance “ye jo chilman hay, baharoon pool barsawoo” and heaps more. kishore kumar’s voice is like he has a golden throat and u dont get voices like that often. some of kk’s sad songs shows his heavy and extra ordinary capability. My dad whos a singer and is a fan of rafi and when i asked him that tell me which one is better cause he’s got musical knowledge, he said he cant make that decision they are both good singers and i agree to that. just a suggestion to music lovers, listen to mehdi hasan late songs and ull all enjoy him too thank u.

  33. Hey guys,
    pls do not insult any of these great singers.They r all once in a life time geniuses. Whether it is rafi,kk,mukesh,manna dey,mahendra kapoor,hemant kumar or saigal. each of these singers had their own distinct voice,personality and enigma. do u think any of the present so called singers even get near the heights they achieved, forget surpassing them. the songs sung by them r remembered and will continue to be remembered till this world comes to an end. Do not compare them.but listen and enjoy their evergreen voice,whereever or whatever mood u r in. That will be the most memorable homage one can give to these grt souls.

  34. Comment moved from: The Kishore Kumar Vs Mohammed Rafi Saga


    It is crap that kk is more popular than rafi..
    in a poll conducted by stardust and hero honda , mohd rafi got votes from 70% of the readers in male and females it was lata with 45%..

    kk was no 1 undisputed from 71 to 76, after that he sang a few good numbers but he was not number 1 undisputed, unlike rafi who for abt 20 yrs was number 1!

    rafi forever will be the greatest and most versatile singer ever. acting and making movies dont make u a versatile singer, sorry.

  35. Comments moved from Kishore Vs Rafi Debate – What Does It Say About You? to keep that thread from slipping off its course.


    Submitted by Ashish Ambasta on 2009/09/13 at 10:46pm

    Your choice of Rafi Saab’s songs is pathetic. Where are some of the gems like
    1. Abhi naa jaao chhod kar
    2. songs of guide
    3. Naushad’s compositions
    4. Rafi’s rendition of OP Nayyar’s compositions
    5. Madan mohan’s composition.
    6. SD burman’s compositions


    Submitted by admin on 2009/09/14 at 1:27am

    Pathetic is your IQ, Ashish Ambasta. This thread is not about best Kishore and Rafi songs. Stick to the continuing debate here. But, some Rafians won’t stop from not disappointing me by making wayward comments and prove my observations of the above blog post right.


    Submitted by Ashish Ambasta on 2009/09/24 at 1:19am

    You missed the point. If you say that the songs listed in your article are Rafi’s some of the best song, I can well imagine your knowledge of hindi film music. Probably this is reason for your choice of your favourite singer.


    Submitted by admin on 2009/09/24 at 1:40pm

    Ashish Ambasta Said: “you say that the songs listed in your article are Rafi’s some of the best song”

    This shall be your last allowed post on this subject. I had pardoned your previous personal attack only to keep my promise to good Rafians like Sneha, to not be rude in addressing the foolish ones. There is a continuing story about this one. But, Sneha should know unless I verbally slapped the foolish tightly, they won’t stop from littering this and similar other threads with their ineptitude (Ek Gandee Machhalee Poore Taalaab Ko Gandaa Kar Detee Hai). And the irony: This idiot tries to look-down my understanding of music and my choice of favorite singer by citing reasons that bare down his own incompetence.

    This guy read things (quoted above), I never wrote directly or indirectly. At the same time, he also thought listed songs in my above blog post (by his own admission) were pathetic ones by Rafi – amazing, a Rafian can be so foolish by his own admission. However much unnecessary this justification may sound, let me remind the Rafians like Sneha for record, being a Kishore Kumar fan, I’d declared it well in advance to my regular blog readers that my Rafi song collections may not come out as good, neat, and well-categorized as they might expect of my Rafi-writings, since I never followed Rafi as keenly as I do KK. But, only an intellectual weed like the one I treat with utter contempt now may think of placing a contradictory suggestion….I strongly feel against the people who can resort to lying for the sake of it and even have guts to intellectually challenge you. On which ground do you do so “little brain”?

    This behavior is similar to attention seeking beggars. I say this, because my blog has had more space for Rafians to carry on with themselves than what they might think of sharing with the KK side in return, still a few of them can go to the cheap extent this individual went seeking attention.

    Sneha, this message won’t be deleted! (is there any guarantee, there won’t be another jerk of this nature to respond to, if I did so)…And (to others:) neither would any new attempt to divert this debate be tolerated, which means, any future off-topic comment shall be removed instantly in pre-mod. The spoilers should not mistake the freedom of expression for granted if they did not know how to make use of that in a positive manner. At the same time, the saner should continue on with the debate here!

  36. Comment moved from: The Kishore Kumar Vs Mohammed Rafi Saga

    Submitted on 2009/10/01 at 8:05pm

    Hi ,

    please check tribute to Mohd Rafi by Kishore:
    compare the same with original voice of Mohd Rafi:
    Apple to apple comparison.
    Pateintly listen to both. Just see the antara sung by both “is jeevan ki chadthi dhalathi…” Even if you have small music judgement you can understand where KK missed to match the perfection. The devoutional songs sung by mohd Rafi can not even be sung by great pundits.
    I like all romatic songs by kishore. But I am not convinced that the scale at which Rafi could sing with ease KK would ever attempt.
    The famous singer of south India SP Balasubramanium, also mentions the greatness of Mohd Rafi. Rafi sahab was also preferred singer in Telugu film industry, and often very classical and difficult songs will be given to Mohd Rafi

  37. To sid and phani,

    I get amused looking you guys do the effort in locating these funny evidences. And thereafter reading you say “if you have small music judgement”, only makes it more hilarious. Those who started this and other music threads have much better understanding of not just music, but even that of Rafi’s caliber compared to you guys (leave alone KK). Better learn from Sandipan Deb, who uses positives of Kishore Kumar to praise him and not necessarily negatives about Rafi (his lone negative remark about Rafi being, “he was too technical and a tad mournful and effeminate” for Deb’s taste…his emphasis on “to me” (i.e. his opinion) stands apart, unlike most other comments here, which is crucial in my opinion for debates like this one.)

    He has aptly summed up the reason for admiring KK by stating the below, which does not necessarily seek despising Rafi : “In contrast, Kishore Kumar’s voice and his singing are guileless and straight from the heart. But he was much more than the voice. If ever there was a man who was living life to the full without making any concessions to any perceived wisdom, it was him. And it showed in his best songs, whether joyous or melancholy.”

  38. When we compare Rafi Saab with Kishore Da we should consider they in two different category of singers .Rafi Saab was an orthodox singer ,a classic singer a text book definition of a singer .But on the other hand Kishore Da was in the category of stylish singers .In classic singers category other sings also come Like KJ Yesudas But SPB comes under stylish singers .When we sing kisgore songs we should a have Kishore style or else people wont like that .But the ture caliber of a singer can be known when he sings Rafs songs or any other classic singers .Kishore da because of this style had a mass fan following .Because he can fill emotions left right in song .The song “Tum Bin Jaao kaha” was sung by both Kishore Da and Rafi Saab Because of the emotions Kishore had filled in that song Kishore’s version is more popular till now .But Rafi saab has sung it in a plane fashion . Indian music is major made for Films which play with human emotions that why we prefer at time Kishore voice .But if we go to Hindustani or classical songs where there is no emotional string Rafi saab rules all the way ! So guys please don’t compare them. Hope i put a full stop to this nasty debate !

  39. SAM, agree with most of what you say except for the last sentence. Neither is this debate “nasty” nor can any single individual define it ever. This debate can be good or bad, depending on the type of responses made here. Your contribution belongs to the informative part, the good one.

    Besides, there is more to such debates – a psychological aspect – apart from blind worshiping of one’s favorite singer, that needs being examined. Some believe classical singers were the salt of this earth, others do not. And there lies the difference of opinions about music (and all other things in life). You can examine the psychological aspect here.

    I had two objects in mind while starting this particular thread. The first being, to take on those Rafians and make them see through reality, that looked down KK, Mukesh and others to applaud Rafi (I wouldn’t be titling this thread in the blatant manner I did, otherwise). The other being, to have informative chat about music, and I think I’ve succeeded on both accounts.

  40. Reference to Santanu Banerjee’s post on January 15, 2009. He wrote that Mohd.Rafi underwent an operation in his throat that affected his voice. I never heard about any throat operation that Rafi Saab went through. Can any one be kind enough to enlighten me whether this information is authentic or not?

  41. SAM, firstly I would like to say that Rafi, though trained in classical music can not be branded as a classical singer only. He was an all-rounder and could sing all type of songs a characteristic typical of Rafi. The reason why he was above others was whatever Rafi sang created a tremendous impact that marked him as outstanding. As regards emotions in songs are concerned, Rafi’s emotional delivery stands unmatched whether it is a father’s emotion for his daughter”Babul ki duayen leti jaa” or a lover’s emotion at love at first sight “Zindagi bhar nahin bhulenge woh barsaat ki raat” or a patriot’s feeling”Kar chale hum fida jan tan satrhion”, or a devotional outburst” O duniyan ke rakhwale”. It will take a few pages if we attempt to make a detailed analysis of Rafi’s versatility.
    A fan is a fan whether he or she is a Rafian or a Kishorian. Being a Rafian I will naturally highlight Rafi without depriving other singers their due share of compliments they deserve in my judgment.In my eyes Rafi is the greatest playback singer Bollywood has ever produced. Kishorians may think in a different way. However the comments of the musical experts are more important than of fans because those will be counted more when the actual history of the Indian Bollywood music will be written someday.

  42. “In my eyes Rafi is the greatest playback singer Bollywood has ever produced”

    How many more times will you say it Musharraf? Repeating the same won’t dilute this thread’s title. Neither does my title make any final statement. Let us give credit where it is due, and SAM did his impartial best.

    “It will take a few pages if we attempt to make a detailed analysis of Rafi’s versatility.”

    And that for KK as well. And that’s the main issue. Who has that amount of time? And why bother so much anyway?

    However I may dislike it, I’ve to keep popping up time and again, for the simple reason, KK fans simply don’t ping me as much as Rafians do….I’ve started wondering about my own assumption, if KK was indeed more popular!

    Btw, I’m open to what I had offered earlier. Get an article published from the Rafian perspective, and I won’t be intruding in there.

  43. Admin, I believe that you have created this thread as an open platform to allow free flow of opinions from both Rafi and Kishore fans relating to Rafi-Kishore saga. So being a Rafian what do you expect me to do? I have seen Kishore Kumar’s fan comparing him to God as well in your blog. I do not mind at all. And also I do not wish to comment on such stray statements based on pure emotion and which is not substantiated by analysis and concrete examples. So why my comments about Rafi is bothering you ? If I feel that Rafi is the greatest I may say so as many times I wish without any intention to dilute the title of this thread. A title of a thread if based on pure logic and analysis shall never run the risk of being diluted. So if you are quite sure about the merit of the title why are you so alarmed? Lastly, if you do not like pro-Rafi comments in your blog please tell it directly without pretending to be open and democratic and I shall cease to post my comments in your blog any further.

  44. Musharraf,
    Calm down mate. My previous comment says it enough. Please, do not repeat the same arguments just for the sake of doing it. Most of what you say now has previously been written by you (and responded to as well). Being a KK fan, that finds very few KK-ans responding here for various reasons, I’ve to respond to your one-liners, which I find a bit taxing. You seem to be a valuable debater for any blog sans the same “Rafi in my opinion is the greatest of all time” rhetoric. How many times could you repeat that? If I allowed it time and again, be assured to read harsh language from KK-ans here, and that can be additional headache for me. Why don’t you analyse Rafi at more length each time you write, otherwise yours too can be termed “emotionally stray statements” just like that from the KK-ans here. Why not help the casual visitor of this thread with more useful comments about Rafi? I’ve asked another Rafian, if I should close these threads for comments, as they seem to have gone past their expire with enough having been spoken from both sides (it will also spare me from tackling some very nasty Rafians occasionally….ooops…hope Sneha doesn’t see this one). At the same time, you would be the last person I might ask to stop visiting my blog. I might prefer quiting myself and handing over this domain to Rafians, instead.

  45. Ok, I’ll won’t make anymore comments on your future comments, including those “Rafi the greatest” part. So, please carry on.

    PS – Being democratic is a human trait. Otherwise my bias towards KK is but open. I never pretend being what I can’t, just like you can’t be anything but a Rafian, as you know.

  46. Thanks Admin. Actually I like reading your comments and so have the pleasure to share my thoughts with you. I love Rafi being a Rafian but also have a great respect for KK. Both have made tremendous contribution in the world of play-back music.A healthy debate between the fans is always desirable through which we can enrich ourselves by exchanging ideas.I look forward to that. I also write my comments in the Rafian’s’ camp. But sometimes that appears to me like”Carrying coal to new castle”. But to discuss and debate in the KK domain is very enjoyable to me. I do not want to do that just for arguments sake but to be sincere in my beliefs.These discussions also should not jeopardize rapport and harmony amongst all although we may have different ideas and convictions. This is the essence of democracy that I believe in. And if we can remain tolerant to others’ opinions we shall progress at the day’s end.

  47. Comment moved from: The Kishore Kumar Vs Mohammed Rafi Saga


    @N@$ Submitted on 2009/12/25 at 7:31pm

    I am very disappointed with the above article because i am a die hard fan of MOHD RAFI SAAB and if u dont like mohd rafi’s style and even a single song then u r not a music lover i can say. and i dont know how u have write that full article.

    I am a teenager with 18 year of age i am going college regulary although i am listening all songs of RAFI SAAB including O DUNIYA KE RAKHWALE 1952 KOI SAAGAR DIL KO BEHLAATA NAHIN, etc how u can say that RAFI SAAB is not famous in Youngster.

    Lastly I am very disappointed with the above article.


    My response: Read more before posting anything on this weblog. I hope you also developed enough keenness along with a craving for Rafi’s soothing voice to understand what, where and when you should be writing while pouring out your heart. No worries, since the future is always yours at the age of 18.

  48. agni,
    Your comments won’t be allowed since you seemingly are trying to hide yourself (though I’ve access to your IP). Remember, follows a very strict anti-spamming attitude. At the same time, I must appreciate for the kind of civic and exhaustive comments you made. Accept my apology, in case you feel your effort had gone wasted due to my moderation. I may change my stand and publish your comments later, in case I deem it right.

    For the record, all you said was Rafi was the greatest singer and not KK. Also, you stated the following: “AND ONE, WHO HAS LITTLE SENSE OF MUSIC ALSO SAY THE SAME. KISHORE IS GREAT BUT RAFI IS GREATEST.”



    agni, you have been moved to junk section for having attempted to hide yourself time and again, so none of your comments will get through anymore. Btw, there is nothing logical in the kind of arguments you make to prove Rafi the greatest. KK fans have better things to do than answering your childish remarks.

  49. Admin, I have a question with reference to your correspondence with agni. Is it really important to disclose the real identity? And further how will you really determine whether it is real or fake? Hypothetically speaking, you know me by my name musharraf, but it may be that my real identity may be different. It my be anil, shushil, or javed. It is easy to open an e-mail account in any name. But does it make any difference?

  50. Musharraf,
    You should start blogging to understand this. Two main points: First, I can’t allow anyone to keep on posting from different nicks to influence the same debate, and the moment someone tries to hide their browsing information (emails don’t matter, what counts is if they have allowed my web-stats code on their browsers or not), I’ve all the reason to doubt their intention.

    Secondly, and more significantly, junk messages are a major headache for all blog owners. Though, Akismet helps in filtering most of them, it is a nuisance to scan and delete hundreds of them everyday. Most of these spammers never happen to be visiting my pages. They directly post comments using scripts, and never show up in my usual webstats. I’ve never been able to understand their methods. Some of them even seem to make valid comments (this is how they try to bypass the Akismet filter) only to be proven spammers on a little more digging. Agni should have clarified on his/ her method of browsing/ posting. People should at least know, unless they are deliberately trying to hide themselves, what browser settings they have on their side, and inform me, specially if they are posting extensively. I’ve six comments lying in this blog’s trash from agni with his/ her email and ip addresses, but my primary webstats don’t tell me anything about his/ her visits, which raises concerns.

    Finally, blame it on the lack of popularity of this blog, which allows me to closely follow all of my traffic. Will keep on using my moderating rights until and unless forced to do otherwise.

  51. There are sites/blogs or youtube/metacafe where people create newer identities and post nonsense about these two great singers specifically with the intention of ruining the topic.

    Firstly, after collecting around eleven thousand vinyls of several Bollywood film music, i must confirm that kishore kumar is by far the finest male vocalist born in India. If Rafi sahab’s reign is of 20 years (earlier stated in the blog), Kishore Kumar ruled the industry for 18 years, from film Aradhana (1969) to Waqt ki Aawaz (1987). He was so in demand, that the last song was recorded on October 12, 1987, the day before he died.

    Secondly, there are singers like ‘Manna Dey’, ‘Anup Jalota’, ‘Chandrashekhar Gadgil’ who are neither ‘pundits’ of classical singing, nor consistent bollywood artists like Kishore Kumar or Rafi. Manna Dey, after Rafi’s death said ‘Rafi was the greatest.’ and after Kishore Kumar’s death said ‘Kishore was a legend of all legends’ – which i think is confusing. Be rational!

    Thirdly, I don’t feel comfortable listing to Rafi because of his voice texture. To me, even glad songs sounds sad. Numbers like ”suku suku” sounds terrible compared to Bappi Lahiri’s non-musical eighties. Had it not been Kishore Kumar rendering those numbers, Bappi’s so-called compositions would have failed miserably. They have become super-hits.

    I want to end my comment quoting Dhananjoy Bhattacharya, the true classical singing legend of the 50 – 60 when Rafi ruled, ”If you bypass Kishore’s voice through a hollow metal pipe of 5ft with a diameter of 5ft, you will have no space left to put any worldly object. The whole pipe is filled with the genius of his voice.”

  52. dear rafians , theres no point in debating at a stage where the moderator himself is biased moving up the rafi supporting articles to the JUNK. And like a good rafian i would only say
    “yahan Badla Wafa Ka Bewafai K siva Kya Hai” the same holds true for our beloved RAFI SAHAB

  53. Somebody has been trashed yet again after having attempted at introducing regionalism into this debate (someone had used a 3K (racist) reference yesterday). The same argument may then invite religious discourse into this music debate as well. Whoever is doing this (and several comments have come in the recent days/ weeks) trying to pose as Rafian(s) should be ashamed of their conduct.

  54. Comment moved from: The Kishore Kumar Vs Mohammed Rafi Saga


    Fubar Submitted on 2010/02/12 at 2:19am

    Strangely, from year 1946 to year 1966 kishore kumar sang 157 songs in total which includes 154 hindi film songs,two ghazals (non-film) and one patriotic song (non-film) which i find absolutely brilliant compared to the later phase when he was labeled as No.1 singer of hindi film industry. Perhaps, suddenly I’m not so young or maybe it’s just the weather.

    Mohabbat ka chota sa ek ashiyana (Pyar)
    Husn bhi hain udas udas (Fareb)
    yeh kaali ghata (Najariya)
    Chota sa ghar hoga (Naukri)
    Kaale kaale taron wali (Joru Ka Bhai)
    Dil ho gaya Shantee flat (Sheesham)
    Chan chan Baje rupaiya (Char Paise)
    Araram Tararam (Awaaz)
    Paise ka mantar, Paise ka jantar (Paisa Hi Paisa)
    Aaj na jane pagal manwa (Begunah)
    Permit permit (Apna Hath Jagannath)
    Madam ‘O come Come (Girlfriend)

    My point is, yes, there is no logic in comparing the greatness of Kishore kumar with Rafi. I shall rather observe and analyze the tonal property of kishore kumar’s voice of the 50s with kishore kumar of 80’s. Well, thats a different story.

  55. Fubar, Firstly, Rafi’s twenty years’ rule was totaly uninterrupted. If you look at the award list then you will see that till 1969 Kishore did not get a single award whereas Rafi got innumerable awards(Details unnecessary). Even rafi sang playback in Kishore’s lips.

    Secondly,Kishore’s eighteen years era was not uninterrupted. In mid seventioes Rafi staged a come back and became a leading singer once again after singing “Kya hua tera wada” and “Tere galiyon mey na rakkhenge qadam’ for which rafi got Filmfare and national awards. Apart from that Rafi’s many post 70 songs to quote a few” Aadmi musafir hai’, “chura lia hai”, “Parda hai parda”, “chand mera dil’ (the list may be longer) became immensely popular.In 2001 Rafi got the award “Singer of the Millinium”. by “Hero Honda” and “Stardust” magazine. Manna Dey also commented about Rafi in an interview with the bengali magazine “Shananda” which was”Such a big artist was not born in the last 100 years and shall not be born in the coming 100 years.”

    Thirdly I do not agree with your contention that rafi’s glad numbers sounds sad. Do the songs “Aye gulbadan”, “Chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe” or “Badan pe sitarein lapete hue” seem sad”?

    In the end I like to say that versatility and greatness Mohammed Rafi is now a historical truth which can not be refuted or twisted.

  56. no comparison . both are genious. Kishore’s voice was full of expressions.He used to sing with different voice to suit emotions . I get more pleasure from Kishore’s voice. Listener goes completely into the song . When I listen to Kishore ,I feel like he is giving something to me and when I listen other singer’s I feel like they are asking for something from me

  57. kishor was god of playback singing kishor was far far better then rafii. rafi was good sin ger b ut kishorda was dono ke beech main koi tulna nahi hai kishor hamesha best rahenge.log live in our heart kishor da.

  58. 1994 mai filmfare ne ek poll kiya tha who is the most popular singer ? result ye raha—–kishor kumar=56% rafi=26% sanu=9% mukesh=7% kishorda phir winner. mirch masala poll ==== kishorda=55% rafi=28% kishorda phir winner. koi mukabla nahi kishorda ka koi jawab nahi

  59. Dear Music Lovers,
    I think without going into further comparison between these two great artists let us enjoy their artistry. Both were great singers. Rafi had his time during the 50s and 60s. Kishore during 70s and 80s. Both had their individuality and originality in their renditions. However, in the south there was another great talent in the telegu film world. His name is Ghantasala. He had tremendous classical ability. He ruled the telegu playback music forum undisputed for nearly three decades. He is not very much known in the north due to his regional background. But he was also a great singer. Specially his classical based songs are unmatched.

  60. Rafi sahab was more versatile and a better singer than kishore kumar. His range and pitch was and is unmatchable. Kishore also was a great singer…but kishore had mentioned in one interview that rafi sahab cannot be compared to anyone. he is the greatest singer. Rafi sahab has also sang for kishore kumar in some movies and in the movie raaghini when OP Nayyar had offered the song..mann mora baawra…(watch on youtube) that song kishore couldnt sing despite several rehersals….then ultimately rafi had to sing the song… reality rafi sahab has sung all the difficult songs which require very high range and pitch….there r many examples…

  61. Aditya,
    Were you there when kishore rehearsed and could not sing 🙂 🙂 ???? all fabricated story from few anti kishore people.
    Pls. metione few diffcilut songs of Rafi…I know you are going to mention which songs…After songs selection just answer one questions as below.
    1. Is this songs so difficult that nobody could have sung. i.e. Manna dey, Mukesh, Kishore etc.
    b- Na koi dil me samaya, na koi pehlu me aaya
    – Zindagi ek safar
    – tune ahi dekha nahi dekha hai to jaana nahi
    – Jaane ja dhoondata

    Waiting for reply.. be genuine

  62. At firt Musharaf isnot consistent with your analysis . Whereas comparison is concern let’s see the difference of awards ;Kishore Kumar was 20 times nominated for film fare awards and 8 times winner of film fare awards . Where as Rafi Sb won this award 6 times and nominated 10 to 14 times . This is award comparison
    Let’s see songs : who can sing like kishoreda sang the songs , no body every singer trys to sing the kk songs but no one has had the voice like KK . These songs in 70s was not awarded : chingari koi burkay , adami jo kehta hai , humay tum se piyar kitna , even very beautiful songs were not awarded no one knows these reason . KK was banned for not singing in political rally so he was real artist who refused to sing in this kind of rally but accepted unofficial ban. I think in industry kishoreda was not very strong to win awards otherwise kk should have won 15 awards or more . Make the list of kk songs that are heart touching ; this is endless . I think in some respect KK is underestimated . Some people say he was untrained ; What nonsense . He was a genius and genius require no training . We can teach Taan Sain or Shakespare but we can not produce genius by giving simply training . As Kishoreda was untrained so this shows that kk was a genius and genius needs no training .
    KK genius Singer others only University graduated singers.This is difference if somebody understand.


  64. A two-edged sword, Farrukh. So, what if Rafians began alleging the KK fans of the same religious bias? Yes, some fans could be prioritizing things other-than music on both sides, but that should not decide the course of this debate. Rafi’s influence surpassed religions that I could vouch for myself as a moderator of this blog and a pukka KK fan.

    PS – Checked my website stats to confirm that Farrukh did arrive from Pakistan.

  65. Please put the religion one side .Farrukh if you change the opinion with a different agruement then you are again right . This is fact that Rafi is well known in Pakistan than Kishore Kumar . I don’t know the reason but might be the people here are more biased than people in India. or the lack of information . “Lack of information” is better suited word.When I was child I thought Rafi is only singer in India . I listened so many songs of KK in my childhood . But I didn’t know this is KK . In 1995 in my college Life I come to know these are KK songs and KK is ver verstile singer . After that I become fan of kk. So,
    Rafi was overadvertised in Pakistan Why I don’t know .

  66. Rafi + Points are = Technique, High Range, Versatility in genre of music: Classical, Bhajan, Ghazals, Qawalis
    Kishore + Points are = Feelings, Great Expressions, Versatility in various moods: Romantic, Sad, Fun, Philosophical

    At the level of playback singer, it is well accepted that Technique/Sur is a basic minimum factor, but what really matters beyond that is feelings and expressions, where kishoreda took an undeniable march against rafi sahab, due to his excellence command over expressions.

  67. RECORDS reveal, HISTORY proves, and PERFORMANCE justifies that who is the greatest singer than why to be get panic or jealous. RAFI & KISHOR both are great as artiste. But the truth is that GOD has created universe and next important thing He made is RAFI’S VOICE. KISHORE stands nowhere when sweetness of the voice is the subject of debate. When we measure SWEETNESS & MELODY of the voice of Rafi, it is infinite like this galaxy. No comparison of his sweetness. Ok in other field like expressions, sur, romance and talent we can compare Kishor with Rafi. Even than to be fare, we put RAFI far ahead in GAZZALS, CLASSICAL, QAWWALLI, ROMANTIC MOOD, FAREWELL SONGS, PATRIOTIC SONGS, VIDAYEE SONGS ETC. KK cannot sing these type of songs with as perfection as RAFI sung these and records and history is proof of all that.KK is great but when quality of voice is concerned, his voice has some harshness elements and sounds very hard rather in fact other singers like yesudass, mukesh, kumar sanu has more better voice than KISHOR. so it is not fare to compare RAFI not only with KISHOR but nothing in this world.

  68. kishore was just very unique and miles ahead of rafi be it happines like zindagi ik safar, philospohy like zindagi ka safr, soothing like yeh jeevan hai, gazal like mere mehboob, the hummable like pyar diwana, kawwali lkie ‘salame ishk”, romantic like “pal pal”, the sad like “mera jeevan ” , the grief like “koi hota jisko apna”, the bhajan like “dekho o diwano”, he masti like “mai hu zumroo”, the nature praiser like hawaon pe likh do” , the classical like “mere naina”, extreme sadness like “chingari”, the unique “aane wala pal”, the teenage love like “il kya kare” , the dual mode like ” wo shyam kuch jeb thi”

  69. Dear all,

    Just MUKESH and Rafi are the main and original singers of bolywood. Kishore is worh respecting but not as mush as M. Rafi and Mukesh Ji. they were the main leading singers of Golden Era. Espacialy MUKESH JI. i have a great respect for him. his voice a magic as well as his singing style. have anyone of you ever listened to his first song (Dil Hi Bhuja Hua Ho Tu Fasle Bahar Kya)? what a souf ful song and none has rendered such masterpiece yet. all deserve to be respected as they were great beings. just leave the chain of comparing one over other. everyone of them has a unique place in the hearts of thier fans.

  70. Dont think there is any song which can make you as lonely and sad as “Koi hota jisko apna”. and comic as “Meri pyaari bindu”. If there is third dimension of music (apart from sur and taal) – feelings/emotions, kishoreda was miles ahead of others. The magic of these god gifted capabilities create a greater impact/connect with people rather than any technical complexities (like sargam/alaps), earned through classical training.

  71. After reading so many comments of persons (who all are not musicians), I also would like to share my knowledge on this topic. Rafi has sung approx 26000 songs in various languages while kishore has sung only 11000 songs. If anyone has correct figue, please update me.Rafi has chosen to sing songs with number of great composers like Naushad,S.D.Burman, Shankar Jaikishan,O.P.Naiyyar,Roshan,Ravi, Sonic Omi,R.D.Burman, Laxmikant pyarelal,Bappi lahiri,Kalyanjianandji, Jaidev, Madanmohan.Rafi was first choice to sing their songs even R.D.Burman who was responsible to push carrier of kishore (in Aaradhna) had started his carrier with Rafi (Teesri manzil). These well known musicians could not find any error is Rafi voice. While on the other hand kishor has selected by few musicians specially R.D.Burman,Laxmikant pyarelal,Bappi lahiri,Kalyanjianandji etc. If we categorize the singing verstality, then
    Rafi has sung uncountable romantic songs (Mere mehboob tujhe,abhi na jaao cchodkar, cchoo lene do, teri pyaari..& many more), classical songs (O Duniya ke rakhwale, Madhuban mein raadhika, nache man mora, Bichchde sabhi, Ye mehlo ye takhto.., chali aa, Zindabaad, ajhu naa aaye baalma, ) Bhajans (Sukh ke sab saathi, Man tarpat hari, Sabse bada tera naam o shero waali,) Qawwali (Parda hai, ye ishq ishq, Hai agar dushman, pal do pal ka, ye maana meri jaan, shirdi wale sai baba), Naat (Shahe madina..) Sikh’s Sabad (Mitri piya renu), Patriotic songs (Kar chale hum fida, Apni aazadi ko hum, Watan pe jo fida hoga, Ai watan Ai watan), Bidai geet (Babul ki duwaein, Ghar se dola chala) & so many other category of songs .I invite persons, who say kishore is the best in singing, to please share their details in these category. Rafi has sung for Dileep Kumar/Rajendra Kumar/Dharmendra/Pradeep kumar/Bharat bhushan/Dev Anand/Rajesh khanna & many more actors in a different singing catogory. His voice texture is different on gurudutt, different with jhony wolker, different with shammi kapoor, different with rishi kapoor. I respect people who like kishore voice but records say different story. Just like if a person like cricketer Yuvraj singh for his attacking batting skills but that can not be overpassed with Sachin great records.I also fan of kishore kumar but am so much impressed with Rafi singing verstality. At last, I conclude that Jo kishore ne gaaya, wo sab rafi ne bhi gaaya, but jo rafi ne gaaya wo kishore ko gaane ka mauqa hi nahi mila. Waiting for somments

  72. I too can not avoid temptation to compare KK and Rafi . Kishore said to gave his voice to two superstar Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan . Success of Rajesh Khanna credited to KK . He sung superbly for him and phenomenal success of RK is due to KK. But when Amitabh Bacchan overthrown RK his success is due to his angry young man image and music of film play very little role in it. On the other hand we can not imagine the success of Shammi kapoor , RajendraKumar , Pradip kumar without the song by Rafi. He also gave his voice to Dilip kumar , Dev Anand ,
    Dharmendra and other actor. Voice of Rafi can make Bharat Bhushan to hit film . Imagine can person like Bharat Bhushan ever be survive as actor without the support of song of Rafi. And by the way after 1980 indian film music continue to deteriorated and neither KK can gave any credible song after 1980. It all indicate that Rafi is really superior singer than KK although KK was versatile personality; actor, singer, music director etc.

  73. Dear Music Lovers,

    only one sample question? IS KISHORE KUMAR A LEGEND??? i do not want anyone to get annoyed by this question. because till yesterday whenever there was any discussion regarding indian music only tow names would be mentioned RAFI AND MUKESH. indeed these tow are deserved all kinds of praise and favor as they are the sole singers of golden era. i don’t like kishore kumar and mana dey at all. so never compare them to the above mentioned legends, they both are/were representing indian filmi music.

  74. Kishore kumar no doubt was a talented artiste who could do many things apart from
    singing. I used to be a big kishore kumar fan when i was much younger.

    As i matured as a music lover and began to understand the finer points of singing
    especially aspects like feel, expression and modulation I like many others who understand and appreciate true singing realized how talented rafi was. Mohd.Rafi was and will remain
    the best ever Indian singer(male or female) when it comes to singing. No wonder greats
    like yesudas and S.P.B have acknowledged that their ido is Rafi

  75. @Abdul Majeed,

    Kindly stop spamming with the same messages time and again. At least come out with something new and original the next time you decided to stop by this thread. As regards to your question about KK being a legend or not, he is a ‘Maha’ legend for his fans, and talked in realms that none of his contemporaries could ever dream of with the boring fans of your ilk.

  76. My Dear Music lovers,

    I have no problem with KK. but when he is compared to the likes of MUKESH and Rafi, then i lose my temper. so kindly never ever compare him to the above musical giants. That’s it.


  77. @Abdul Majeed,
    Who gives a damn about the attention-seekers/ online beggars like you? You are utterly insignificant! …. “Lose my temper”? …. Do you even have that choice, Mr Non-Entity? I find it appalling to see the Rafians spamming for attention, but not having enough guts and motivation to start their own blogs and websites about Rafi. That will obviously require some intelligence and effort! And who will read your single-eyed opinions, once you do it, but apart from your own delusional self?

    Just for the record, the comparison between KK and Rafi is purely academic – none possible in KK’s parlance, otherwise. The former is leaps and bounds better than the latter, as already told in the above blog post, and the article quoted therein. You don’t necessarily have to agree with it or keep whining about nonstop.

    Will now close this thread for any further comments, as previously decided. If this is how the Rafians wanted this thread to end finally, then so be it!


    PS – I’d also make sure not to invite/ allow the Rafians to comment about the non-Rafi threads in future, since 1) most of you are unable to debate logically & 2) some of you seemingly don’t even have the basic etiquette for debating.


    Abdul Majeed has responded since then, which I shall reproduce for the sake of record. I find nothing new/ worth responding therein. This thread won’t accept anymore comments, as previously decided.

    Abdul Majeed
    Submitted on 2012/02/12 at 12:24 pm


    i am not talking about ordinary singers that you get annoyed to that extent. my favor ism of Mukeshji and Rafi Sahib is not something ordinary, actually as i mentioned before they were, are and will remain the NO 1 as long as the this chain of music continues. i like and respect all singers at any level, but when it comes to comparison then there i see no one ahead of the legends like MUKESHJI AND RAFI SAHIB. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and one thing more, i visited this website accidentally and got appalled to see some articles criticizing the Legends like Rafi Sahib and Mukesh Sahib.


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