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Check Out : Ek Chatur Nar Karke Sringar…. (Video courtesy of Rajshri)

My father once told me, “If you ever wrote kishoreda even a piece of appreciation in simple prose, there are chances he would go through rhyming it as if it was a song! Such was his sense of melody.” And most of Kishoreda’s fans would agree with my dad’s observation. He was so unorthodox as a singer and so virtuosic in terms of music that it would be hard for anybody to speak about him in mere words. One could only make mortal attempts to describe the immortal virtuosos that are born in the league of Kishoreda!

I’d quote Manne Dey’s following observations on Kishore Kumar in The Indian Express to carry across my point:

I’m a very big Kishore fan. Kishore was a natural singer. He never learnt music, but he had the natural talent and what a voice he had. I have always rated him as one of the great entertainers in the field of music. You know we started that song (Ek chatur naar karke shringaar/ Padosan) in the morning at 9 o’ clock and finished in the evening at 9 o’ clock. Twelve hours of recording.

With Kishore, many times we have sung together, in Sholay we sang Ye dosti, it was like a picnic. Pancham (R D Burman) was such a lively fellow. We three used to make a hell of a lot of noise on the sets. And in that kind of noise, good things used to be born, jaise ki ‘Ek chatur naar’ mein ‘Naach na jaane aangan tedha’. Udhar Kishore singing ‘Oh tedhe, oh tedhe’….It was all impromptu and it was not there in the beginning. His brain used to wander about all the time.

And then the song goes into Tu to hai Mathura ka peda. It was all made up?…..All of it was made up by him.

It was this sense of generating music out of zero which had made him “a must have” entity for all the music directors since the success of “Aradhna”. That is why one leading music director had stated after Kishoreda’s demise why they will have to work harder to compose music. “Earlier we used to only worry about the half of the whole compositions, the rest would be taken care of by Kishore Kumar during the course of recordings,” he had disclosed.

Similar views could be noticed in one of Bappi Lahiri’s recent interviews (link missing now). My compositions were only 60 percent, they turned 100 percent only after Kishore mama (uncle) lent his voice to them. Kishore Kumar will never be born again. He is immortal and an irreplaceable singer, claimed an emotional Bappi at Kishoreda’s 78th birth anniversary this year.

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