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10 thoughts on “Saffron Wins Back Gujarat!”

  1. The B.J.P today is the only credible party in India today. It certainly has the right credentials to govern the Union of India. Unfortunately the Congress conspiracy first by dividing states on linguistic grounds and then by vote bank politics have resulted in large number of regional parties being formed which does not allow a stable, majority goverment in the centre. This benefits the Congress the most, as it is the most traitorous of all parties in India. In any other country such a party would have been shut down long time ago.
    I have been a B.J.P voter and am proud of it.

  2. Those who can think without the caste and religious considerations, would definitely dislike the present-day state of Congress affairs. Obviously, the only strong support for the Congress comes either from the caste or minority driven vote banks or that from the extremely poor section, which btw happens to be quite mammoth in proportion. Congress has successfully made these people into bonded voters over the decades since 1947. This despite Congress’ failure to do any betterment for these sections.

  3. Dear Sir,

    My name is kunal jayeshbhai desai .
    From long time i have a warm feelings to do for my nation and specially for animalkind.I’ll seen you at net so, i deciaded to join your organization as fast as possible.so.please give me all detail and formalities to join you.

    1. Arrest the all killar of animalkind.
    2. arrest the all trustee who is currept the trust fund.
    3. Red on the spot regarding informer info.at anywhere at any time.
    4. Plann to trape the allkind of doughtfull person with confirm proof under laws and regulations.

    My E-Mail Id Is My Adress is;

    1. kunal_santi@rediffmail.com 24,shrinagar society
    2. kunal_sarvesh@rediffmail.com “matruchaya bunglow”
    Bavla -Dholkaroad

    3. kunal_azad@yahoomail.co.in
    I want to be a member and help our natural gift from god means all animalkind. with warm regards from bottom from my heart.

    Kind Regards,

    kunal desai. ( INDIAN )




  5. @ “if any body have any type of cow slaughter information then please contact me as fast as possible”

    And what will you do?

  6. Prasad,
    Your question raises more questions than the person you’ve quoted. Cow slaughter is illegal in Gujarat (I don’t know how far is this legit or followed elsewhere in India). Does it mean you are challenging to break this law? Think before making any such unmindful comments. The VHP guy, though overtly rhetoric, does not seem to be challenging the course of law in anyway. How does it make worth questioning him then?

  7. mr prasad
    animal is not for eat and wear anywher not only in gujarat o.k
    and dont ask me what will i do when i got info about cow slaughter, when i got i do my level best to stop cruelty and save animal kind by anyway but under the rules and regulations of gujarat government. till date myself arrested more then 123 slaughters and save more then 460 animals o.k.

    cow is my maa ubderstand and other animal is my family members.

    kunal desai.
    vande mataram.

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