Hindi Movie Songs With Humor

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It is the 4th of August again, i.e. Kishore Kumar’s 84th birth anniversary, and the time for rediscovering the old Hindi cinema music once more. How about smiling, grinning and laughing out loudly this time around at Kishoreda’s antics and that of his peers? Or appreciating the various shades of humor, they have always been lending us through their numbers?

We must go through a wide range of lyrics and playback from the B&W era to until recently, to examine this shade of the Hindi cinema music. Which shall obviously lead us to Rafi’s refined humor, Mukesh’s portrayal of a smiling yet gloomy protagonist, and last but not the least Kishore Kumar’s eleven thousand volts of direct fun! So let us enjoy the Bollywood humor of the various kinds since Kishoreda’s era. Most of the songs post-1990 – apart from a couple of numbers from the early-mid 90s – have been excluded, since they mostly seem to overindulge in their pursuance of a comic relief.

Hindi Movie Songs With Humor

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