Asha Bhonsle Mohammed Rafi Duets


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Asha Bhonsle and Mohammed Rafi duets. The nostalgia is back again!!

We now present a collection of Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi duets from the 1950s onwards, until Rafi had his last few releases in the early 1980s.

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  1. Songs like “Diwana hua badal” and Isharon Isharon mein dil” from Kashmir ki Kali, “Abhi na jao chhodkar” from Ek musafir ek hasina(I am not quite sure of the film’s name), “Sawan aye ya na aye” from the film “Dil dia dard liya may be included. These are super hit romantic songs and treasure of the musical renaissance of India. Ashajee is a great versatile singer. Although the music directors in the old days utilized her more for playing dancing songs and qawalis, Ashajee proved that she was capable of singing romantic songs too which were mostly allotted to Latajee in those days due to the extra sweetness of the voice with which she was born. .Ashajee also had an edge in ghazals that she proved in “Umraojaan”. However, when ii came to the era of post 70s Asha became incomparable because her voice was a perfect for RD songs and a perfect match for Kishoreda too.

  2. I forgot to mention a few more Rafi-Asha duets those were very popular and I recommend to include these in the above list too. ” Aap yun hi agar ham se milte rahen”,” Yeh pardah hata do, zara mukhda dikha do”, “Ham se na puchho ham kahan chale” and ” Roka kai bar maine dil ki umang ko”.

  3. Thank you Musharraf and Rafi. Songs have been added now. Some truly great numbers there. I mostly have to rely on for my lists, which is insufficient.

  4. Very nice collection and u have done a good job and efforts for the rafi-Asha duets songs lovers.Thanks. Keep it up

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